Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Blog World.................

I hear a sweet little boy in the other room coughing a bit which means this post may or may not ever actually make it to the term published, but we are going to give it an attempt at least. I wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you to all of you who have prayed us through these past few months and really years. It has been a wild ride and never a dull moment around here, but we have been beyond blessed all the same. Our Jesus, who even this morning was gracious enough to give me a personal word to encourage me to truck on one more day, is so much more giving and gracious and patient than I ever deserve. I feel like a slacker in blog land, especially in pictures of the fam (mainly your concern being Cross land) but just know that despite that he is being well taken care of (relatively speaking) here in real life. I feel like every day I am trying to soak him in because I know once there is another tot to trot it will be different, not bad by any means, just different. I want to enjoy his sweet only childness every last second that I can.

We just came off of an amazing get-a-way to Disney. We often feel like the only people on earth who are blessed with such amazing gifts during such hard financial times. My sweet mom blessed her family with a once in a life time kind of trip to Disney and my sweet man made sure we did it 110% all the way. You need a man at an amusement park to make sure you don't just give up and prop your feet up by the pool. Cross rocked and rolled like a champ. We were able to spend time with my precious nephew and sister and my mom who I have so many similarities to that is darn near scary. She and I chatted the morning after we returned at 8:00 a.m. and sure enough we both had our laundry a going. She was nearly 2 loads ahead of me and 37ish years my senior. If you ever wonder where my a.m. personality comes from, the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree. But ask us to do something after say 5 p.m. and we'll bow out without the blink of an eye, but we are southern so we will try to do it politely. I love my mom so. I think as you grow as a mom yourself you forget all of your parent's mistakes and really know that any you don't make yourself will simply be a miracle of Jesus. Mom was ready to start planning a beach trip this summer with Mercy girl and when she said that I stopped for a bit in my tracks. Like this is really happening you guys. We are really adopting a little girl and SOON!

Well, that sweet door just cracked. Mom's ears can tell noises and what they are and what they are not from miles away and I love (most days, ones when coffee and Jesus time have already occurred) the sound of that door a crackin. It means "it's show time" as another early bird hops out of bed. I must go grab him because some certain someone in our house doesn't share the same love for the a.m. and I don't mean Snicker girl. So long blog world and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Shop till ya drop......................

Hey gang, ok this is our last big official batch of goodies for our fundraising! Just to give you an idea of where we are in our journey called fundraising, thanks to some glorious friends my entire first trip is paid in FULL! We have heard a little back from our grants so we are starting now to work heavily on the $15,800.00 bill to the agency and then we will end things out with raising the funds for our final destination, pick up that sweet baby girl time!

I have a VERY cool announcement to make as you begin shopping - we have been approved for a matching grant which means as long as one is found, ALL of the funds we raise through these sales will be MATCHED! You heard correctly deal lovers, so shop til ya drop and know that we are BEYOND thankful for your blessings!!!!!!!


Up first are the beautiful Uganda Beads. These can be worn as necklaces or bracelets (my personal favorite with a kiddo). Here are a few photos (modeled by my dear friend) to highlight. They are $25 a piece and come beautifully tagged to make a great Christmas or whatever occasion gift! They are ALL different, but ALL beautiful. They make the most boring sweater look like a fancy new outfit. That is probably my favorite part, how they change an entire outfit and match almost everything. I literally wear mine every day!

Up next we have the Cow Horn Earrings being flown over this week from Ethiopia! They too are all different, but all so fun and you will love knowing you are supporting someone who has been able to use their trade in Ethiopia as well as an adoption. The Cow Horn Earrings are $15 a pair.
If you purchase a Set of Beads and Earrings you will get the most bang for your buck at the discounted price of $35.00 for the set.

And finally, we have what I am calling the Mercy Girl Tee! We were planning to make t-shirts for Mercy's homecoming at the airport and then they were so cute we just had to make sure they were available to whomever might want to partake, even out of towners that will be there in spirit! Let me begin by telling you about the t-shirt itself because the design will speak for itself. The shirt we got for our trip to Africa was the softest shirt EVER so I specifically requested this same kind of t-shirt, they are a little more expensive but worth every single penny because you will actually wear this shirt all the time. I probably wear my Africa one a few times a week (as often as it is clean at least). They are even great for working out because they breath and they are true to size for certain. I bought a medium and could even really do a small. They are NOT the girl cut so they don't cling in to all the things you don't want them clinging into, but because of their material make up they look so much cuter than a boring ol' Tee. Another detail about the t-shirt is that we are doing pre-orders only for this item. We just want to make sure we are wise with our money and that we order just enough in each size to make sure that we are making the most funds possible. As soon as we get to the minimum order for the bulk rate we will order so if you need some for Christmas that may very well be possible, but I probably can't guarantee it until I see how they sell. I also don't have one made up yet so I am just showing you a picture of the design and then a link to the tee so that you can get an idea, but neither will do it justice I know! These shirts are $20 for adult sizes (S, M, L, XL) and youth (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) and there may be a small upcharge for larger sizes (2XL and up). A link for the shirts themselves is
*Please excuse the models! You will see what I am talking about! The shirt will be the Athletic Grey.

And finally, how to place an order, just shoot me an email at and we will get you squared away. We are NOT using paypal if at all possible because that would take away the matching grant aspect. We will discuss details once I know if you are in town or out and then the shipping will depend on how much you order, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of dollars regardless! If you make a HUGE order we will work out a deal on shipping I can promise you that! away!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Myths about adoption...............

Hello sweet friends. If any of you got through the last long post, you will be thrilled to know that I am going to attempt to take this next topic at hand and present it in bite sizes instead of bowls full. These "myths" are things I am still working through myself and they are going to take a bit of chewing for us all so I wanted you to be able to do just that, chew on them. I am only capable of sharing what God is showing me and please know that I am NOT making any absolute statements along the way. Also, know up front that I do NOT think God calls all people to adopt, any more than I think He calls all people into the ministry (vocational that is) or to one type of church, you get the point. These are just things I have had to wrestle through in the past few months so let me know what you think. November is National Adoption Awareness Month so I thought this was the perfect topic to celebrate during this Thanksgiving Season! Also, I am working on a fun "store" filled with earrings, beads and Mercy t-shirts so keep an eye out for a post and a link on the right of the screen with all of that info! Guilt free shopping, great Christmas presents (ordered from home in your pj's), all the while helping bring a little girl to love, nourishment and safety, what more could you ask for? hahahaha Ok, on to myths, hope you enjoy!

Myth #1 "I can't adopt because I don't have $30,000 sitting in the bank." Well, I can say with confidence, that is a MYTH! I am going to be very honest with you and say that myth was my (our) biggest defense in the 731 reasons the Bullocks could not adopt in this season of life. I will also be very honest and tell you that we did not even MAKE $30,000 last year, so to say adopting in this season seemed ludicrous is an understatement. We told God over and over and over our financial situation and over and over and over He told us He already knew. But after being in Africa and seeing the poverty and knowing that at least if I could get one child here I could darn sure feed and cloth the kid, it was honestly just more than I could bare. My definition of "financially stable" got rocked and I was staring my excuse right in the eye. As far as the large fee of $30,000 for the adoption, God just kept asking me "Do you trust me?" I had trusted him for small amounts of money for years, please give us $1,000 to do this, done, $500 for that, done, but 30,000 dollars..........I don't know. Other myths busted in this area are the fact that very FEW people who adopt have the money and very few people do not fund raise. Even my friend in Franklin has fund raised until they met their needed goal, even if it wasn't for the entire thing. There are grants, interest fee loans, and even that Jesus guy who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

So let me challenge you, ask yourself, have I dreamed of adopting but used finances as an "excuse". Ask yourself if you would be willing to raise funds (or give up some of your own) to change some one's life. Ask yourself if God is showing you that finances are A part of adoption, but that they do not determine the fate of adoption, He does! Yesterday someone asked me how much it was going to cost and they had the greatest reaction, "Oh, a car!" WOW, how many of us have bought a few of those..................

Just a bit to chew on, to get you thinking, to bust some myths! I can't thank you guys enough for your prayers! Keep praying as we raise funds! Keep praying that the Provider will provide and selfishly for my peace of mind, sooner rather than later! Love you all!