Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Well, this feels like my very first week as an official stay at home mommy! I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and support! We have had an awesome first week here in Elizabeth City and I am actually seeing a light at the end of my "to do" list. We have a few more lose ends to tie up, but for the most part, all of our moving transfer things are complete. The church blessed us with meals for the first week so I am having to go back to reality! Cross is doing great! He has been a real trooper through all of this and just for all our fellow dog lovers, Snick has adjusted now as well. Once all of her furniture and toys were in their proper spot, she relaxed and is back to her ball playing self! She is still by far more spoiled than Cross which I hate to admit, but it is certainly the truth! Jeremy and I were actually able to venture to the closest mall, etc. this weekend so we are learning the ropes. Our precious neighbors and landlords let us borrow their Garmin which has become our best friend. I (judgingly I know) thought those things were so silly when they were the Christmas craze, but now I am hooked. I just can't believe that it actually knows where you are! I am behind the times to say the least. I have some great pictures coming your way of Cross. He is literally growing like a weed. We are officially in 6-9 month clothing and are hopefully coming up to a leveling off because I can't keep up with the size changes. Finally, I wanted to attach a dear prayer request from my sweet friend whose husband was hurt in Iraq and is currently recovering in a hospital in Texas. Grab a tissue and love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have seen some incredible things happen in these last 2 months, but not with out some sobering realities. January 8th, we lost 3 men in our company in a most heroic act. The impact of what occurred has saved hundreds of lives in Samarra, as they were able to capture huge amounts of Intel, weapons, IED workshops, and key local Al Qaeda members. Already the city has seen a significant decline in violence. But this did not occur with out a great loss to us. One of these men was a very special friend. I want to take the time to ask each of you to please pray for the wives and family of SGT David Hart, PVT Phillip Pannier, and PVT Ivan Merlo. I am a close friend with the wife of SGT David Hart, and this is the most difficult of times right now. Her husband was an incredible leader, soldier, and loved the Lord with everything in him. There lives are a reminder that freedom comes with a price. Please remember these soldiers fighting this war are not empty faces. They are someone's son, someone's husband, someone's dad, someone's mom, someone's daughter. They are brave men and women who have names and lives. They have signed up to defend our country and they honor that call, no matter what.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Pictures

Our New Home!

The 3 Amigos (those Bullocks sure do produce Bullocks)

Latest of the Little Guy!

Ok, sorry, had to run yesterday, here are the pictures! Love you guys! Jeremy is in his first official staff meeting! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rolla Coasta, Roll A

If you know the song, you'll get the spelling! Hello friends, we made it!!!!! We are officially North Carolinines. I think it is funny what a wild ride this has been. Thank you SO much for all of your prayers. I really have 2 blogs in 1, first I am going to blog how I felt yesterday. Yesterday, I was on top of the world, singing God's praises every second of the day. I was in love with our beautiful home. Jeremy and I felt closer than I think we have ever felt before, all because we knew we were smack dab in the center of God's will. It is absolutly amazing how much joy it brings when you follow the Lord. We are in a house that is at LEAST 50 years old (carpet and wall paper as well). We have decided not to get internet or cable or a home phone in order to be more financially secure month to month. My furniture got lots of digs and dents, but none of that mattered because my joy was literally from the Lord! We had a great trip here. No problems, Cross was an angel, Snick was not, but it was ok. We made great time, got unloaded in record time. The church is providing us with meals all week and the landlord had a peacon pie in the frig waiting. We had a great lunch yesterday with several people from the church. I could literally go on and on. The coolest part was that I knew God was showing me such an amazing lesson about the joy that surpasses all of the "stuff" in the world. We don't have central heating and air, which I guess I thought was unheard of in the US, but apparantly things like a propane stove and window units are still around. Because of God's grace I was happier last night in our tiny house with our warm stove than I ever was in my beautiful new construction. Ok, so that is blog 1, blog 2 is the pitty party I had this morning when Cross was screaming, when I was overwhelmed with boxes everywhere, when the sunroom flooded and soaked all of the boxes we weren't going to open, when my friend back home was SO sick because of her chemo, when my husband snapped at me when I called and he was in a meeting and finally when the scale said I had gained 3 pounds instead of lost which is what I am shooting for. So........... rolla coasta, roll a! I am out and about, plugged back in at Jeremy's work which is nice and I'll figure out the details later. All in all, I just have to laugh at how quickly satan starts the attack after the victory. Sorry buddy, but this clan is hanging in there with Jesus, we've got lots of work to do!!!!!!!!! Love you all and enjoy the picutures of our new home!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Bye Clarksville Friends and Fam!

Well, the Bullock family is rolling out Friday morning. We are hoping to arrive in Elizabeth City around noon on Saturday! I promise to update the blog as soon as I can get an internet connection! We wish we could have spent so much more time with each of you, but we have been crazy packing! We are so honored to call each of you our friends and thankfully we will be able to keep up due to this fancy thing called a blog. I promise to work on home videos of Cross as well. I know that is all you guys really want! :) Please pray for J as he starts his job on Monday! He is going to do such an awesome job! I truly couldn't be more proud of my man! He has 110% followed God's every direction in this call! He is the definition of total surrender! Thank you baby for leading our home with such humility!!!! We know you are going to do awesome!!!!!!!!!! Also, if everyone could do me a huge favor and pray for my mom as she will be taking her first flight at sixty something on Tueday. She is anxious so I am praying that she will experience the peace that passes all understanding!!!!!!! Love you all and there aren't words enough to thank so many of you for literally laying the ground work for our relationship with the Lord! Jay and Tracy, your legacy is living on now in North Carolina. Thanks for your heart to see people get it! Grace Community, you have caused Jeremy and I to fall more and more in love with our Savior! Hope Pregnancy Center for taking a chance and hiring such an unlikely canidate! All of our awesome small group friends and Erin Blair for coming along side of me in just the last few months of my journey in Clarksville, but taking me light years in my relationship with Jesus! To all the guys out there who have encouraged J to follow Jesus at all cost! Finally, to all of the soldiers who are away from their families so that we can stay here and tell this country about the greatest King! I could write for days and say thank you to so many! Keep us posted with every detail of your journey, we love you all!

Monday, February 4, 2008

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I know this is a duh, but I am on cloud nine. To make a long story short which I'm not great at, Jeremy and I haven't known exactly where we were moving to on the 15th. I mean, we knew what city, just not exactly what dwelling. We just knew the 15th was when God wanted us to move so we have been trying to trust Him and just take care of our part, packing, ect. Everything we had tried had been a dead end, no pets, one year lease, WAY too expensive, so we had just finally stopped and waited on the Lord! I just got a phone call from our new pastor's wife who has been an amazing help to say the least and from a friend of a friend kind of God story she found us an awesome rental house that will allow us to rent month to month AND they mow the yard! So tomorrow we are going to have a real address and NOOOOOOOOOOOO rushing out once we get there! Also, since no one would really read the blog without this little guy, here is 2 month old Cross. He got sad shots today and is now a whopping 13lbs 16oz and 24 1/2 inches. He is in the 95% on both! I had a hard time picking just one picture so forgive the crazy first time mommy collection! Love you all!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ok, please read this entire blog before making a judgement, I am not on a soapbox here, we better all take this very seriously! I pray that you will all join me in praying this tool of satan right off the air! I received an e-mail this morning and I am just going to copy it,

> Jesus Christ being reinvented, redefined, and blasphemed and, this false New- Age Christ teaching is about to make huge inroads into the world, with the help of the queen of television talk shows, Oprah Winfrey.
> Oprah Winfrey, beginning January 1, 2008, on her daily radio program will offer a year-long course on the New Age Christ , in a lesson a day and completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles 'Workbook.'
> Listeners will be encouraged to buy A Course in Miracles for the year-long course, and an audio version, recited by Richard (John Boy Walton) Thomas will be available on compact disc.
> Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset-a New Age worldview that include the beliefs that there is no sin, no evil, no devil. A Course in Miracles teaches its students to rethink everything they believe about God and life, and, bluntly states: 'This is a course in mind training' and is dedicated to 'thought reversal.'
> The Course in Miracles -in reality-is the truth of the Bible turned upside down.
> Oprah told her television audience that Williamson's book, A Course in Miracles was one of her favorite books, and that she had already bought a thousand copies and would be handing them out to everyone in her studio audience. Oprah's endorsement skyrocketed Williamson's book to the top of the New York Times bestseller list
> A Course in Miracles is allegedly a 'new revelation' from 'Jesus' to help humanity work through these troubled times. This 'Jesus'-who bears no doctrinal resemblance to the Bible's Jesus Christ-began delivering channeled teachings in 1965 to a Columbia University Professor of Medical Psychology, Helen Schucman.
> One day Schucman heard an 'inner voice' stating, 'This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.' For seven years she diligently took spiritual dictation from this voice that described himself as 'Jesus.'
> Here are some quotes from the 'Jesus' voice of A Course in Miracles :
> · 'There is no sin . . . '
> · A 'slain Christ has no meaning.'
> · 'The journey to the cross should be the last ' useless journey.'
> · 'Do not make the pathetic error of 'clinging to the old rugged cross.''
> · 'The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol... It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.'
> · 'The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.'
> · 'The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.'
> Popular author Wayne Dyer told his PBS television audience that the 'brilliant writing' of A Course in Miracles would produce more peace in the world.
> The Course in Miracles-based book, Forgiveness, continues to be sold in Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral bookstore as Schuller prepares to host a January 17-19, 2008, 'Rethink Conference' at his Crystal Cathedral.

I thought to myself, this SURELY can't be true, so I went to the website to check it out. Please take a look for yourself. Go to www.oprah.com and do a search for "A Course in Miracles".

Heart Broken and Begging for Forgiveness from our Savior!