Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Well, this feels like my very first week as an official stay at home mommy! I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and support! We have had an awesome first week here in Elizabeth City and I am actually seeing a light at the end of my "to do" list. We have a few more lose ends to tie up, but for the most part, all of our moving transfer things are complete. The church blessed us with meals for the first week so I am having to go back to reality! Cross is doing great! He has been a real trooper through all of this and just for all our fellow dog lovers, Snick has adjusted now as well. Once all of her furniture and toys were in their proper spot, she relaxed and is back to her ball playing self! She is still by far more spoiled than Cross which I hate to admit, but it is certainly the truth! Jeremy and I were actually able to venture to the closest mall, etc. this weekend so we are learning the ropes. Our precious neighbors and landlords let us borrow their Garmin which has become our best friend. I (judgingly I know) thought those things were so silly when they were the Christmas craze, but now I am hooked. I just can't believe that it actually knows where you are! I am behind the times to say the least. I have some great pictures coming your way of Cross. He is literally growing like a weed. We are officially in 6-9 month clothing and are hopefully coming up to a leveling off because I can't keep up with the size changes. Finally, I wanted to attach a dear prayer request from my sweet friend whose husband was hurt in Iraq and is currently recovering in a hospital in Texas. Grab a tissue and love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have seen some incredible things happen in these last 2 months, but not with out some sobering realities. January 8th, we lost 3 men in our company in a most heroic act. The impact of what occurred has saved hundreds of lives in Samarra, as they were able to capture huge amounts of Intel, weapons, IED workshops, and key local Al Qaeda members. Already the city has seen a significant decline in violence. But this did not occur with out a great loss to us. One of these men was a very special friend. I want to take the time to ask each of you to please pray for the wives and family of SGT David Hart, PVT Phillip Pannier, and PVT Ivan Merlo. I am a close friend with the wife of SGT David Hart, and this is the most difficult of times right now. Her husband was an incredible leader, soldier, and loved the Lord with everything in him. There lives are a reminder that freedom comes with a price. Please remember these soldiers fighting this war are not empty faces. They are someone's son, someone's husband, someone's dad, someone's mom, someone's daughter. They are brave men and women who have names and lives. They have signed up to defend our country and they honor that call, no matter what.

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