Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monthly Worship/Cry Fest

Ok, every month Beth Moore's Blog contains a video of their conferences and it includes a back ground song with Travis! This one was extra awesome so you have to watch! Please make sure you make it to the end, it has the best part! Please picture me sitting beside you singing (really loud and in key) when the lady starts in singing "I heard about a mansion"! WEW that pumps me up to say the least!

One sweet day!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool that HE SOUGHT US!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A is for Anticipate!

Good Morning Blog World! I have been dying to say hello for days now! This whole life thing really interferes with us talking as often as I would like and even now, a speedy morning of showering, dishes, laundry, breakfast and out the door awaits, but I just couldn't stand it any longer! As I was working on my Bible Study this a.m. (One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer ROCKS by the way), God pounded me over the head with His new theme for my life! This pounding has brought me a tremendous amount of hope, so I had to share it with you just in case there might be one other friend out there who could use a little hope this morning as well! I am betting there may be at least one so here goes!

First let me say that this weekend was amazing! My expectations were for it to be great and it was for sure awesome! It started out with Joyce Meyer, an arena so thick with the Holy Spirit's presence that I know we were healed just by being there, not counting awesome messages and worship! But I must get to my point, again, I can hear the lunches that need to be packed calling my name as I frantically try (type) to visit! Basically, during these past say 5 or 6 days, I have heard one word repeated over and over and over and I think God is trying to give me a not so subtle hint: Anticipate! Even this morning, the point when I had to stop and write you guys, I read "Stop complaining and start asking for and ANTICIPATING God's supernatural activity." Joyce said to anticipate like 100 times, the pastor I heard on Sunday kept saying over and over how God was NEAR, and then THIS MORNING my entire Bible Study..........I think I am starting to get the point!

I promise to tell you more about our personal journey just as soon as a few more details get worked out, but know this, God rocked my world this weekend, showed me that He was worthy of the most lofty of anticipations and that His "no's" are always for a bigger and better "YES"! Joyce Meyer said, "you may not hear anything "new" this weekend, but I have come here to stir up your spirit" and that has most certainly happened! We serve a HUGE God and I have been so guilty lately of totally forgetting that and moping around like He is never going to open a door or never going to move "in my neighborhood" and that is just total CRAP! He sent me His Holy Spirit to move on my behalf daily for Heaven's sake! He had Joyce pray a prayer that was tailor made for my situation! He gave us friends this weekend that loved on us like crazy and gave us a vision that we will never be able to get out of our heads, THANK GOODNESS! I can hear Him saying "Kelly, you look for Me around the corner like the faithful Father that I am, YOU KNOW I WILL SHOW UP!"

So, I have to go start life, but I want you to promise me and I will promise you! We are going to stop believing that punk satan and we are going to ANTICIPATE God's goodness in OUR lives! My married friends that are waiting on a miracle, ANTICIPATE! My sick friends that want the miracle on paper, ANTICIPATE! My fellow job hunters, oh good golly I wish you could have heard Joyce's prayer for us! ANTICIPATE! How silly must it look when we worry that the God of the universe might not be faithful!!!!!!!

Love you guys like CRAZY! ANTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let the games begin!

So, tomorrow is the kick off for Joyce Meyer! For those of you who have gone back and forth and back and forth about going, please go ahead and kick satan in the butt, get your booty in gear, and work it OUT! This week has been one filled with spiritual warfare for those who are committed. I have never seen such an attack take place! There have been panic attacks, husbands almost killed (by their wives, not really by a stranger), kids driving them/us crazy (that has actually back fired and confirmed our need to get away). Seriously, please do pray for a large group of us going. Pray that God will totally rock our worlds and please email me if you want to meet up!

Also, I wanted to ask for special prayers for J and I as we are taking a little trip this weekend to pray about some things we believe God might be showing us! Pray that we will have great clarity and that Cross will have a blast grandparenting it up! This morning he rubbed a half eaten peanut butter cracker all through his hair at breakfast and I wanted to write you guys so bad I couldn't stand it! What will I do, he also hopped back in the bath last night (AFTER we had him all dried off and pjed up)! If he weren't sooooooooooooooo darn cute, it could be really bad! He is the sweetest thing on earth, even when he fake cries and checks under his arms to make sure you are watching, I am head over heels in love with him! (Most of the time at least!) I am praying that you all have an awesome weekend! Please leave me a comment of how I can pray for you! I don't want to do all the asking and none of the giving on this here blog! By the way, I love Tennessee, a great friend of mine is from Chicago and she just cracks up at how we are so darn personable down here in the south! Today we were talking about the Hope Pregnancy Center's Banquet "appeal" and she kept thinking I was talking about birth control "a pill". I still can't stop laughing about that! I love you guys and wish we could all have coffee together soon!!!!!!!!


p.s. pray for the 200 details that need to take place between now and tomorrow at 4, guess I better get off and get to work!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Parties Galore

Ok, so these things are sneaking up on me and I have been a total slacker. I am just now working on childcare, rounding up details, and making sure you guys know for sure that you are invited so please, please forgive me and don't let a little rush hold you back! If God is telling you to go, get on board and go!

1. Joyce Meyer in Nashville, the link
If you are in Clarksville and want details about meeting to ride make sure you shoot me an email!

2. Ladies of Legacy, there are too many awesome details to share here so the women have created their own blog site:
which shares it all. If you have more questions feel free to email me about this as well!

Ok, love you guys, gotta go, got work to do! Parties take work!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bullock Family Update!

Hey gang, I feel like it has been forever since I just said hello and told you guys a little about our daily lives! I have also been horrible about updating the blog with pictures since we are actually near grandparents! I hope these HElarious pictures of Cross' crazy hair will make up for lost time! His hair is such a treat! Every morning and afternoon after nap we get to uncover the mystery of the day, "what crazy hair-do will Cross have this time". He is such a hoot! I can't thank you enough for your prayers after my Mad Toddler Mom post! I really have done a much better job of enjoying Cross this past week and I know it is because of your prayers! We were also blessed to have our BFF's back, Emily and Hunter, for a little visit at the beginning of the week.

So, to sum up Cross' personality, I would say 3 words: Full Throttle Boy! That calm little guy that would sit ever so contently on the floor and play with a block has turned into a boy who does Evil Knievel on his rocking dinosaur and attempts to stand with no hands. Honestly, his personality gives me a heart attack and warms my soul all at the same time. Some days when he barrels through the house and I am giving myself a pep talk that I can do this another day, I am reminded of the hysteria I would be experiencing if I thought something was wrong with him. I am thrilled he is so healthy and humbled to think of the moms who are faced with the alternative. Cross is still much more worried about jumping into a pool with no adults near than he is talking so our words are coming slowly but surely. Thank goodness for grandparents that assure you constantly that he is perfect regardless. I used to watch toddler moms running around, chasing their kids, and I would think, WEW, I am exhausted just watching that mother. Well........... now that mother is me and yes most days when I sling him into the crib at 1:00, I hit the couch as fast as my tired piggies will take me there. God made naps for the mommy just as much as for the little ones that is for sure!

Please keep praying for us in regards to a j-o-b. Also, Shawnna, she for sure needs your extra prayers. She has been feeling like crap for like 6 weeks now so her spirit is very tender. Please pray that the Lord will give her an extra measure of His grace to make it through this season. She is currently taking her weekly chemo treatments and trying to recover from all of the rest. Her children start school this coming week and I know it kills her not to feel great and be ready to send them off with every detail in tact.

Jeremy is great! I am blown away every day by his faith and his patience during this season. He is for sure going to come out of this fire as gold! I have also been reminded lately that this world is so broken, that so many people are hurting and in desperate need of a Jesus size miracle. I have family members walking in the pit of hell. I wonder if they believe that Jesus died for them, for their junk, for their redemption? I know you have friends and family like that as well! Let's pray that God will grace us to help them find the only remedy!

I love you guys to death! I think we are embarking on a new season, I think it is right around the corner, but some days I am certain I will never win the battlefield of the mind to be patient enough to get there! I wonder how many people out there are having to take it one day at a time in regards to life? I wonder how wise Jesus is to make it that way? I wonder if He'll come back sooner rather than later to relieve us from this wait?

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and my tree seems to be rotten!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Date with Jesus!

A few months ago as I planned to enroll Cross in a Parent's Day Out program, I felt the Lord telling me to spend 1 of the 2 days that he attended "school" with Him. I could totally picture what He was saying, me + a coffee shop + a Bible + Jesus. HOWEVER, my ridiculously practical brain ARGUED with the maker of the universe and explained to Him that I would probably need that day to either work or to run errands (as if I know more about my needs than Him). So, I am sad to say that even though the program hasn't started, I haven't put that concept or that request high on my priority list. Instead, during my weekly break from Cross (during the summer I have switched with a friend once a week) I have either worked, volunteered, cleaned, cooked, sewn (just kidding), basically anything and everything other than sitting at the feet of Jesus. With this week's break approaching I had no paying job, no trips to take, no volunteering needed, SO I headed to Borders to catch up on some much needed Jesus time and what do you know.............IT WORKED! Duh, duh, duh, I know. Today, I had a date with Jesus! Who knows why on earth these dates are so few and far between. On the way to my date I heard these words to a praise song I had in the CD player:

My soul can't dance without you
Open up the Heavens Lord, let your Kingdom come to earth!

No wonder my soul had been so clumsy! Please pray for me, pray that I make this time with Him the norm, may it be the expectation instead of the exception and while your at it, try it for yourself! Pack your Bible, some Jesus books, a pen, a journal, and some note cards and head to your favorite hide-out and just let the Spirit lead you into His presence. Go ahead, set up the stage for your soul to dance and watch the Kingdom come to earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful for His grace to push me to get there! For my spirit is willing, but my body is weak!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok, so this really is the greatest book ever!

For those of you who know me personally, you would probably agree I am a bit of an enthusiast to say the least! When I find something that works, I really do want to tell the whole world about it! Jesus works, He totally changed my life, He speaks to me, He has healed me, and He really does want a real live relationship with you! In fact, He wants it so much so that He voluntarily died to have it! He is it! So that is for sure my number one must share, but along those lines, I often include books in my excitement to spread the word. The first book, hands down, and I am not just saying this to sound super spiritual, the Bible. No doubt and totally speaking from experience the Bible is the only one that will literally change your life. But throughout these past few years there have been others that the Lord has used to rock my world for sure. "Big Girls Don't Whine", "For Women Only", the list goes on and on and almost always which ever one I am reading in the moment usually gets tagged my favorite. The truth is the ones that aren't my favorite I just don't mention!

BUT HERE ME SAY THIS IN 100% HONESTY, "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers is the most awesome book I have ever read in all my life other than the Bible! I started it 2 weeks ago and it is a 400 plus page book that is fiction; I never do fiction and I never do over 200 pages. I told a friend yesterday, "if the world would have been polite and just left me alone I would have read the entire book in 3 days flat". I am actually depressed that it has ended. I have been wanting to write you guys the entire time I was reading, but I had to make sure nothing horrible was hidden in the end and you will be thrilled to know that the end surpassed my wildest expectation so it is for sure a go! Here was my favorite part, the Lord used this book to minster to me, to romance me, to heal and to counsel me regarding my past. I will stop now because there is no need for me to say another word. I have included a link to Amazon so that you can get on right now and order yourself a copy (starting at like $4 used). Get your book shipping today, clear your schedule, and get ready to have your world rocked. I pray that I never get over what God has done in my heart these past few weeks, never, ever! He is this romantic, so much more even! WOW is really all I have left to say! BUY IT NOW!