Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A is for Anticipate!

Good Morning Blog World! I have been dying to say hello for days now! This whole life thing really interferes with us talking as often as I would like and even now, a speedy morning of showering, dishes, laundry, breakfast and out the door awaits, but I just couldn't stand it any longer! As I was working on my Bible Study this a.m. (One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer ROCKS by the way), God pounded me over the head with His new theme for my life! This pounding has brought me a tremendous amount of hope, so I had to share it with you just in case there might be one other friend out there who could use a little hope this morning as well! I am betting there may be at least one so here goes!

First let me say that this weekend was amazing! My expectations were for it to be great and it was for sure awesome! It started out with Joyce Meyer, an arena so thick with the Holy Spirit's presence that I know we were healed just by being there, not counting awesome messages and worship! But I must get to my point, again, I can hear the lunches that need to be packed calling my name as I frantically try (type) to visit! Basically, during these past say 5 or 6 days, I have heard one word repeated over and over and over and I think God is trying to give me a not so subtle hint: Anticipate! Even this morning, the point when I had to stop and write you guys, I read "Stop complaining and start asking for and ANTICIPATING God's supernatural activity." Joyce said to anticipate like 100 times, the pastor I heard on Sunday kept saying over and over how God was NEAR, and then THIS MORNING my entire Bible Study..........I think I am starting to get the point!

I promise to tell you more about our personal journey just as soon as a few more details get worked out, but know this, God rocked my world this weekend, showed me that He was worthy of the most lofty of anticipations and that His "no's" are always for a bigger and better "YES"! Joyce Meyer said, "you may not hear anything "new" this weekend, but I have come here to stir up your spirit" and that has most certainly happened! We serve a HUGE God and I have been so guilty lately of totally forgetting that and moping around like He is never going to open a door or never going to move "in my neighborhood" and that is just total CRAP! He sent me His Holy Spirit to move on my behalf daily for Heaven's sake! He had Joyce pray a prayer that was tailor made for my situation! He gave us friends this weekend that loved on us like crazy and gave us a vision that we will never be able to get out of our heads, THANK GOODNESS! I can hear Him saying "Kelly, you look for Me around the corner like the faithful Father that I am, YOU KNOW I WILL SHOW UP!"

So, I have to go start life, but I want you to promise me and I will promise you! We are going to stop believing that punk satan and we are going to ANTICIPATE God's goodness in OUR lives! My married friends that are waiting on a miracle, ANTICIPATE! My sick friends that want the miracle on paper, ANTICIPATE! My fellow job hunters, oh good golly I wish you could have heard Joyce's prayer for us! ANTICIPATE! How silly must it look when we worry that the God of the universe might not be faithful!!!!!!!

Love you guys like CRAZY! ANTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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