Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drum Roll Please.............

We just started solid foods (as you can tell).

We really aren't sitting for more than 30 seconds but boy are we proud!

We have one good Daddy!!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I had a subtle hint recently that you all would appreciate some more photos of Cross so I am here to deliver! hahahaha Honestly, we haven't had any exciting "tricks" until recently but boy are we growing now! Cross will be 6 months old next week so I will be sending details of our check-up once we have them. I am thinking we are back on track for football season! :) J is doing awesome at his new job! Please continue to pray as he prepares for more of a kick off in the fall and I am hoping to have internet at home this coming week so I may not be as much of a stranger! Enjoy the pics! Love you all and thanks for living life with us!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Blogs Please....

Ok, I am wanting more blogs to read on my favs so please send me cool blogs that you read often so I can have more relax time reading! Love you all!


Hey everyone! I am sitting at a coffee shop maxing and relaxing! Just read an AMAZING blog and thought I should for sure share! This is one of my dearest friends back home and if there is one person in this world who loves her Jesus it is this girl! She called me the other day and said, faithlessness is a SIN!!!!!!!!! She is right, it is hard to hear, but it is true! What are we doing in this life that looks like Jesus instead of the norm! Check out faithlessness for sure!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all.....

Hello everyone! I want to wish every Mother or Mother to be or Mother wanting to be out there a Happy Mother's Day. This will be my first with Cross actually outside the tummy and I can say from the bottom of my heart that this is by far the all time greatest calling as well as blessing I have ever received. We have one good God that He would take a chance on someone like me to raise someone like Cross! I love you all, especially the mommies who are doing this alone either because of the war or because of other circumstances. You keep up the good work! God is honoring your faithfulness!

Because of His Grace,
(very proud to be) Cross' Mom

Monday, May 5, 2008

Arrival or Departure

So many of you have asked, “how’s it going?” “How are you making it?” Others have been even so sweet to encourage saying, “I don’t know how you are handling all of these changes so well?” Some have looked at us like we have fallen off our rocker and still others have said the kindest words my soul has ever heard which are, “we feel like God has brought you here just for our family.” Often I am finding that if for no other reason than that, has been what has gotten me through my day. I did the blog “rolla coasta” which is still my state of being. I am just learning another terminology to describe my present mental wellness or lack there of, arrival or departure, either/or please. satan has recently chosen a new line of offense for my personal attack. Most of the things he is using these days I would have said I had mastered, conquered, learned as truths and moved forward. Some of you seasoned Christians are laughing already. My cry to the Lord today is I would like to either “arrive” in my walk while on planet earth or “depart” plant earth as quickly as possible. EITHER/OR PLEASE! See, more and more I am developing proof for my patented bumper sticker that reads “Christians aren’t perfect, we are just forgiven”. I am morbidly anticipating departure with a whole new excitement and desire. A friend and I were talking today about how as new Christians it sounded a little odd to long for Heaven, a place where worship and praises never ceased. For those of us who like a little variety in life, that sounds odd at best and not so exciting at worst. I mean on earth there are so many great things, marriage, kids, jobs, toys, vacations, hobbies, the list goes on and on. So what has changed my mind, changed my excitement for this thing called Heaven, well what has changed my mind is honestly this thing called earth. So filled with disappointments, so filled with failure and picking ourselves back up by the boot straps (whatever that means) and starting over. Can’t we just move along with things, can’t we just go on ahead to our true “Home” and finally enjoy “arrival”. See, in Heaven you won’t say anything stupid, you won’t have to forgive anyone, no one will let you down, no worries, no hurts, no breakdowns, no break-ups, no waiting, no temptations, no patience, none needed. Maybe it’s not what I will have in Heaven that honestly excites me the most, maybe it is what I won’t have that really causes me to “long”. I am certain God’s glory should have been more than enough, but with my selfish nature, it still seems to be about me. Please don’t go around saying “I’m a little worried about Kelly. I think she may have flipped for sure this time.” I honestly believe I am finally “getting it”. See I use to buy into the lie that this world had something to offer. Now I am finally realizing, that alone is the greatest lie of them all. So why doesn’t Jesus come on back, why is He putting me through this thing called life that often resembles unwanted torture. His Word is very clear on this one, in 2 Peter 3:9 the Bible says, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” Is God waiting on you? Is the whole rapture being postponed in Heaven because God is up there pleading your acceptance so that you can join the greatest thing this world does have to offer once He arrives. If so, and know that I mean this from the bottom of my heart, join now. Stop the wait, we have a party to attend and I am certain He wants you there!