Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

Ok, as I scanned through old posts, I thought you guys may be thinking too much talky talky and not enough Crossy Crossy! So here is a recap of our last few weeks! K

Time in Clarksvegas

This weekend in Gatlinburg with J's Fam!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Disease Detected............

Hey guys, please, please forgive me! This all actually took place last Wednesday and I am just now getting to internet access to post! So SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

No Disease Detected..........

Now that’s a little more like it! Yep friends, for all of you who have been faithfully praying and petitioning for Shawnna, turn those prayers into shouts of praise. Our friend has been healed!! As Shawnna sat awaiting the nurses to tell her she could leave after her scan, they walked in and said the words, “no disease detected”. She had no clue she would get the results today, much less the words she has so longed to hear. She had the doctor repeat it three times! I so wish I could have been there to see her sweet face, don’t you?? At my conference a few weeks ago, one of the pastors taught on faith and how we must pray, get a word from the Lord, and then walk in that truth until our experiences match His promises. That is what Shawnna has done! The Lord told her over and over that she would be healed and today, her reality and her promise met on planet earth and with a joyful celebration for sure! I am speaking for Shawnna and for myself, I have NEVER felt such amazing love and grace over any situation. You guys have told me over and over that you were praying, diligently praying. You have asked about Shawnna and walked this journey with her as brothers and sisters in Christ even though for most of you, you were never even given the chance to meet! This is the picture of the church! One that stands around a beloved sister and intercedes on her behalf! It has blown both of us away. So, what now…… lots of juicing, and a cancer fighting diet to rebuild her strength. That would seem horrible to us but after chemo and radiation she thinks this is a breeze. This is not the least expensive grocery bill for sure and she has to take supplements that are not covered under her insurance so please pray for provision for all of that. Her sweet girls will also need our prayers because “statistically” they have an outrageous chance of having this as well. We just so happen to serve a God who loves nothing more than to rock statistics. He loves to take a child who “statistically” would have all the cards stacked against them and use them to change the world. That is my prayer for those three sweet babies! I pray they never hear their name and breast cancer in the same sentence. I pray they are too busy rocking this world for Jesus! Ok, so today, praise Him as often as you prayed to Him over this situation! He is a good God! One who heals and helps those in need! One that can be trusted at His Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited to say the least,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Shack

A book of controversy, for me it was nothing short than a book of perfect Love. I just read the last sentence of my first fiction read since any required college material. Speechless is the best way to explain how I feel as I attempt to type. I thought about you all so often during my journey. He has taken me on this journey of The Shack on this weekend in October with a perfect purpose both for my heart and for eternity. I have wanted to go purchase cases of these books and pass them out to each of you and honestly even total strangers that I shared a flight with into Norfolk just a few short hours ago. I can’t wait for my husband to read this book and have his heart pierced with a reminder of our perfect Love. I really don’t know what more to say, if you haven’t heard of it, The Shack by WM. Paul Young, go get it ASAP. If you have heard of it and have been tempted not to read it for fear of bad theology, throw those lies out the door and attempt to fully surrender the internal, always nagging Pharisee within. If you have read it and the thought has crossed your mind to refer it or purchase it for a friend, DO NOT DELAY! Our broken world needs this message. Outside of our perfect Word, this book will penetrate even the hardest heart and encourage even the darkest soul, all the while exhilarating even a faithful follower who has received the redeemed. I feel like I have just been romanced by my Papa like never before. I feel as if my entire life I have only seen but a spec of His great love. I pray that each of you know how much I love you personally. I pray that you know that when I read the part about the relational hues that I think of you, the ones I know that are reading. I am honored to call you my friends and my family. In closing, my favorite quote of the book, ok, it will have to be plural quotes; I could never narrow it to one!

Love you all!

Fare Warning…. I am so thrilled now that I have almost forgotten the fight I went through to keep reading. The first part is hard and that is an understatement. I feel like I must disclose this because I literally had nightmares and committed to stop reading for fear that the rumors of wrong theology were true. The problem was, I hadn’t yet gotten to God so read on if you get stuck, it is worth the rip your heart will endure to sit under the Great Physician for your healing.

Okay, the quotes,

“Oh my soul… prepared for Him who knows how to ask questions.” T.S. Eliot

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.” Author Unknown

Oh, forget it, just read the book. I am wanting to quote the whole thing! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ponder Anew,

What the Almighty can do.........

Yesterday morning as I sat in a church in St. Louis at the end of my amazing weekend, we sang a familiar hymn that contained a jewel of a phrase that would sum up my entire weekend. The Lord is asking me to Ponder Anew, What the Almighty Can DO! Have I experienced and witness spiritual breakthroughs in my short walk, you better believe it. In my own life I have witnessed miracles beyond any and all comprehension. I feel like the Lord has literally reprogramed my hard drive to the point that I will never be the same. However, just like any Christian, I have been feeling as if I have hit a brick wall in my walk. I didn't consciously come to this place, it just happened. This weekend as I sat down for the first night of the conference and the speaker begin to talk, I felt as if the Father of ALL the universe turned my chin towards Him and with every ounce of love available He said to me, "we need to talk". The pastor went on for an hour speaking on things that were so deep in my heart that I hadn't even fully discussed them with my husband. It was as if the whole message was just meant for me and basically by the end of the weekend, I knew God was repeating one word, MORE! More of a walk, more of a commitment, more of search for Him and His greatness. I don't fully even know how to put all that I felt into words other than to explain that "warm fuzzy" was only half and the other half was staring at a task that seemed honestly overwhelming. I am at a crossroads, will I go further in my walk or will I accept good enough. I mean come on, lets face it, whether we want to admit it or not a lot of times we feel like "this is really good enough". I mean, I don't cuss, smoke, or drink anymore. My husband is a student pastor and I am a stay at home mom who does Bible Studies all the time. Isn't that good enough? Well guys, the answer after this weekend is most certainly, NO! I have to decide, make a conscious commitment, to pull up my boot straps and go further still. I am encouraged by His approach of love during all of this. It wasn't as if He were looking down on me for not wanting this, it was more as if He was asking me to come closer, but being too polite to make me. He is asking me to enter the Holy of Holies, but He is not dragging me in. Today I am forcing myself to not look at the big picture of the unknown because honestly I have only a small vision for how this is to play out in my life. After spending a weekend at a conference called Relentless, all I know is that it is going to take work, determination, perseverance, focus, and commitment at all cost. The Lord has given me two starting points, but I feel a call to walk into a relationship that I didn't even know existed. So, how about you? Are you feeling relentless this morning or is good enough a better description of your walk? Do you believe the Lord is on a constant pursuit for a deeper relationship with His children or do you buy into the lie that Susie (or Sam) Christian is your lot in life. I am really starting to realize that His way is the best way, but He is only asking for more and I would be a fool not to take Him up on it! I need your prayers. My flesh would rather do just about anything right now that to venture into this uncharted territory, but how romantic that I was even invited to go! Jesus, I would love nothing more than to Ponder Anew, what the Almighty can do!

Uncertain, but Relentless!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the road again............

Hey guys, I want to tell you first that I promise more is to come about my trip to Gatlinburg. I have felt led to start an individual blog for our group so as soon as I get that done I will attach a link. I am actually about to head out of town again, this time with my sweet baby boy but without my man so I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Cross and I are traveling home for a little over a week while Daddy goes to see a friend in Houston and then to a conference in Atlanta. I am going to get some more amazing Jesus time as some amazing old friends and I head up to St. Louis to see Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and Lisa Bevere. I have learned my tank gets empty way more quickly these days and is already in dire need of a filling. Cross will be being spoiled (I mean cared for) this weekend by the Bullocks and then we will move on at the first of the week to the Wilkinson clan. I am certain he will get caught up from any loss time with an overflow of hugs and kisses. He may never be the same because he is getting to the age where he will be eating it up and I promise so will they. We are officially world travelers and that is only by God’s grace. It is only in God’s economy that you can go down to a single income, add a mouth to feed, and still take fun trips.

I have been listening to some amazing messages lately and honestly, I wish I could MAKE you download each of them, but let me do what I can and at least ask and promise they will rock your world. My new favorite is called the Blessed Life Series by Robert Morris at You have to click on more sermons and then podcasts to get those for free, but they are totally worth the navigation. Also, I feel led to encourage my awesome army friends to listen to a message on Knowing the Will of God by Perry Noble as you embark on new journeys. I know some of you are getting out or making decisions on where to relocate! Love you guys and have been reminded to pray for you as you make these decisions! The site or and the Series is “You asked for it” “How do I discover God’s will”

Ok, I will be back soon and I promise pictures soon! I am certain Granddaddy will take a million! Love you lots!