Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the road again............

Hey guys, I want to tell you first that I promise more is to come about my trip to Gatlinburg. I have felt led to start an individual blog for our group so as soon as I get that done I will attach a link. I am actually about to head out of town again, this time with my sweet baby boy but without my man so I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Cross and I are traveling home for a little over a week while Daddy goes to see a friend in Houston and then to a conference in Atlanta. I am going to get some more amazing Jesus time as some amazing old friends and I head up to St. Louis to see Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar and Lisa Bevere. I have learned my tank gets empty way more quickly these days and is already in dire need of a filling. Cross will be being spoiled (I mean cared for) this weekend by the Bullocks and then we will move on at the first of the week to the Wilkinson clan. I am certain he will get caught up from any loss time with an overflow of hugs and kisses. He may never be the same because he is getting to the age where he will be eating it up and I promise so will they. We are officially world travelers and that is only by God’s grace. It is only in God’s economy that you can go down to a single income, add a mouth to feed, and still take fun trips.

I have been listening to some amazing messages lately and honestly, I wish I could MAKE you download each of them, but let me do what I can and at least ask and promise they will rock your world. My new favorite is called the Blessed Life Series by Robert Morris at You have to click on more sermons and then podcasts to get those for free, but they are totally worth the navigation. Also, I feel led to encourage my awesome army friends to listen to a message on Knowing the Will of God by Perry Noble as you embark on new journeys. I know some of you are getting out or making decisions on where to relocate! Love you guys and have been reminded to pray for you as you make these decisions! The site or and the Series is “You asked for it” “How do I discover God’s will”

Ok, I will be back soon and I promise pictures soon! I am certain Granddaddy will take a million! Love you lots!


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