Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogs Rock!

Hello my beautiful friends! I have been sitting at a coffee shop for a few hours now basking in the sound of pins dropping and "catching up" with so many of you! I can't express how I miss you guys when it has been forever since I have updated you and read your updates! The Bullock Family is doing well! We have recently been blessed with an amazing visit from the in-laws, including a family reunion that served the most amazing pot luck this country girl has ever eaten and then we topped it off with a few days at the beach! I am also so excited about the Blog's new look! Certainly nothing by my doing, but a blessing of a friend sent by Jesus! I do have a few prayer requests and updates. My mother and nephew had planned to fly in this week and we were going to hit the beach for a few days but my uncle passed away. So many of you have heard me ask for prayer for this specific uncle who never managed to live a life free in Christ on this side of Heaven. My greatest prayer is that he is experiencing nothing short of God's amazing grace now! Please pray as he left behind a precious daughter who I am certain needs to feel her Heavenly Father like never before! J, Cross and I are flying to Clarksville on Thursday and there is a part of my soul that can hardly wait to get on the back row of Grace Community Church Sunday morning and throw my hands in the air and worship my Savior at "home". I know "home is where the heart is" and I promise I know the grass is not greener in Clarksville, Tennessee (although technically it is) but I just miss home. I have been blessed here with amazing relationships and amazing God moments but I just want to hear John Mark rock those drums so loud that my heart beats clear out of my chest. Another prayer request is for Jeremy. He is performing his first wedding on Friday so pray that God gives him the words and that this sweet couple has God's hand on their marriage "til death do they part". Other than that, we really are doing well! I am honored to be a servant of my Savior!!!!!!!! You guys have an amazing week and thanks for all your prayers, updates, encouragement and laughs!

Coming Home!

P.S. Wanted to share a beach photo of the cousins! How sweet is this!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Teachable Spirit!

Ok, I really try to never blog out of frustration and I think it is because 99% of my frustrations are my own bouts with sin and in that case my goal is to blog and tell you how far off I am. But this one in particular I feel like I certainly haven’t arrived but by golly I am trying. Someone made a comment recently that has really gotten under my skin and I have prayed about it and I think this is “godly anger”. The kind where God wants me to use this frustration to a.) check myself and to b.) tell you guys not to be like this (in case you were thinking of being hahahhaha) Ok, so the comment was simply “I just don’t believe in so in so”. I will refrain from the specifics but basically you can fill in the blank. I don’t believe in budgeting, this or that type of parenting, building up your husband, the list can go on and on but what it all boils down to is us not having a teachable spirit. People always make fun of me because I read a book for everything. When we got our puppy dog, I didn’t think to myself, oh I’ll just wing it. No, I have NO clue about house training a dog and personally I didn’t want my dog peeing all over my carpet. So I got a book, did what the book said, and wouldn’t you know, it worked. When I got married, I didn’t think, we’ll just roll with the punches. No, I got a book (actually about 20 of them). I had never been married before, I didn’t have an example as a child, and the divorce rate is 50% so I thought it may be a good idea to seek advice from some experts. And after only 3 ½ short years (or 30 for that matter) of marriage, I don’t dare think I am done with that learning curve. I have done the same with parenting and certainly plan to in the future. I have a godly friend back home and her children act like angels and quite frankly that is who I will follow. We have had friends who were extremely financially secure at a young age and we want to learn from them. We read books on budgeting and have meetings with financial advisors to plan for money we aren’t even making. Another recent example is the fact that I am having to completely rethink how I view eating. A few years ago I thought if I was eating a Lean Pocket and a Diet Coke that I was being healthy but now I am learning that whole foods are the way to go. Is that natural for me, no way, I have never shopped in the produce section and I couldn’t tell you how much a reasonable price is for a pound of potatoes if my life depended on it, but I am LEARNING! I have been reading about the ji-normous (that is huge) benefits of water and I am having to measure out my water intake for a period until it creates a habit. People, we have got to have teachable spirits. We can not and should not assume that we are the know all of anything. Find someone who has what you want and start with them. If your friend’s child seems to model that verse, “children are a blessing from the Lord” find out what they are doing and go with it! That is the Super Nanny motto and we are often too proud or too lazy to take hold of a better way. If your finances are on the brink, your marriage is less than abundant or if you are simply buying a new car, HAVE A TEACHABLE SPIRIT. I am reading an awesome book now and the author points out the verse, God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud. He takes a huge spin on that verse and asks, what are you doing in life that you need God’s grace to fall heavily upon. Is it a business, well be humble and find someone out there who is running that type of business properly and have a teachable spirit. Is it a marriage? Then engross yourself in every Bible verse or Christian book regarding marriage and DO WHAT IT SAYS! Let’s don’t think we know it all, let’s do the opposite, let’s assume we know nothing. I was a finance major in college and one of my biggest mistakes in my first few years out of college was assuming I knew it all. I finally read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and I am still picking up the pieces from bad decisions that resulted from a sad “I don’t believe in” moment that had nothing to do with anything other than pride. See my problem with the person above who commented on “not believing in something” has little to do with the comment itself, it has to do with me knowing how not believing in that is working for them! Results tell all! Some people say they don’t like to read “self help”, they prefer the getaway of fiction and I say enjoy your fiction but you can’t go through this life never learning anymore than you already know and expect to get better results. Ok readers, I love you guys and I don’t dare want any of us falling into this ugly, prideful, bout with insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What are you doing that is insane, parenting, marriage, finances, house cleaning, business investing, you fill in your blank and GO BUY A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Striving to be a continual learner,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Not sure how many guys are reading, but we certainly want to honor them and I am certain no one will mind the cute Cross picture regardless. Dads, YOU ARE THE BEST! Especially ours! My husband has proven in this short six months that he is by far the greatest father of all time! Thanks for all you do!!!!

Thankful Mommy,

Also, this is certainly for the mommies but Cross had his 6 month check up and weighed in at 18 pounds and 27 inches! He is well on his way to football, we feel certain! Love you all!

Princess Kelly.....

Ok, in case you guys were unaware, I wanted to inform all of you that Kelly Bullock is one priss of a princess. This is a joke between me and God that started several months ago. It probably centered around some situation like me having to wait 2 whole hours for the cable guy or getting behind some slow poke (granny just to be real honest) driver on my way to the gym. It could have been when my hair appointment had to be rescheduled or my husband didn't keep my car as clean as I would have liked. Ugly I know, but the good part is I am certain that in this western civilization I am not alone. I'll never forget God whispering in my ear, "well excuse me Princess Kelly". What a heart check that was. So much love from a relational God, making a joke, yet getting His point across all the same. I am currently sitting at the beach with my beautiful family and my amazing in-laws (a praise all in itself) and a princess moment has risen its ugly face and I thought a blog confessional would do your souls some good. We checked into our hotel and drug our entire house (you guys with kids know what I mean) up three flights of stairs. Where on earth is our elevator started the entitlement behavior. Then came the fruit flies. I don't know all of the details about this state of North Caroline but good golly they sure do have a lot of fruit flies. That is an annoyance I have at home but I just walked into the fruit fly capital of the world. We received a warning from the check-in people. There are some major fires around here which are bringing an oh so lovely smell and haze our way, but it seems that here it has also caused a fly catastrophe like none I have ever seen. I was trying to feed Cross a quick bite as we arrived and literally killed into the 30s in our first 10 minutes of eating. YUCK is what I have to say about that. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. I tried to smile at my sweet husband as he apologized for the inconvenience. Princess Kelly doesn't do flies, especially a MILLION OF THEM. Well, here is what God spoke to my heart, "Kelly, remember when you have sat in your air conditioned home and watched video of children in Africa who are surrounded by flies as they suffer living decomposition. Do you think they would mind a few fruit flies on their vacation to the beach? And how about these people who are being effected by the fires that brought the smoke? Do you think a few flies are high on their worry list?" Princess Kelly got another rude awakening today, I am blessed, I am rich, I am humbled and BOY DO I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO! I would love to pretend this was not me. NO, NO, sweet Kelly doesn't stick her nose in the air, ever. But as you can tell, that is wrong. So today, if you are suffering from Princess Syndrome, join me is squishing that attitude ASAP. I may have to wait 2 hours on the cable guy, but hey, I am a stay at home mom and I don't have to dig a cable line in the 100 degree heat. I may have to wait behind a granny on the road, but I am sure thankful that is the biggest obstacle of my suburban mom day. My husband may not clean my car as often as I think he should, but there are millions of woman out there who would kill to have a husband in general! Lord, I know I need help, please let this one be a lesson learned by bowing my knee instead of it having to be knocked out from under me!

Not really a princess,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The greatest blog of all time........

Dear Readers- I have some very exciting news. So many of you have asked about, prayed for, and been inspired by my dear friend Shawnna. I am honored to get to be inspired by her each and every day. She is one of my dearest friends and God has used her to grow my faith in a huge way. I am so thrilled to tell you that now you too will be able to be inspired by her on a regular basis by her blog. The address is . Please save it as a favorite and check it often to be encouraged and inspired as well as to keep up with her prayer needs. For those of you who haven’t “met” Shawnna per the blog, she is a friend from college who has been blessed with three amazing girls, but has walked a tough road with a recent divorce and breast cancer diagnosis. Her testimony is one of God’s amazing grace and you will be blessed to hear her heart! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers for her! You guys have shown me the love of Christ through your constant concern for Shawnna. Have a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Morning Everyone.....

I am so excited about what God is showing me this morning that I couldn’t resist grabbing the computer and writing to all of you. First, let me share with you how my quiet time began. This is similar to my daily experience. I waded through the laundry that needs to be put away, the dishes that needed to be done, the bottles, the child that may or may not be down for a long nap, the empty doggy water bowl and the temptation to text a friend and FINALLY ignored and sat down to start my time with the Lord. So often (well most often) it begins with a sheer act of obedience. I usually have no idea where to begin, I rarely feel very “spiritual” and I usually begin by thinking (just to be honest) is this really going to help. Well, boy was I in for it today! I opened a study that I have been doing on Friday mornings with an amazing group of woman; however, I haven’t always been excited about the study itself. A little too “simple” for my taste. (not to dare say that is a godly attitude, just being honest) After spending months and years with Beth Moore (not literally, just in spirit) really digging in, this tiny paper back didn’t do much to peak my interest but I knew the Lord had led me there and today was a perfect example of how He knows best! Duh, I know, but I am learning.

SO, the study, the scripture was Hebrews 12:1-11. Please, please grab a Bible and read. (Since I know you are online just open a new tab and type the scripture into google.) It will make more sense that way. Well, basically, I don’t get real excited about the verses in the Bible that say things like “consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trails”. I am learning that they produce fruit but it still doesn’t really give me a warm fuzzy but this Bible Study brought in the kind of Hebrews version of this concept and it honestly made me smile. Ok, so maybe I have a heighten sense because I am now a parent, but the whole concept involves the discipline of a parent and the things that stuck out to me like a flashing light were a.) the fact that really good parents are usually the BEST discipliners and obviously have the most unselfish love and b.) It says for us to endure hardships as discipline so discipline isn’t always about sin. So for a.), when I look at moms I want to model, I always love the way they discipline, not like a screaming bull horn but like a controlled, thought through, set of actions to bring about the best character in their children. Also, I look back and one of the things I am most thankful for in my own mother is the way she kept me in check. So, why don’t I respect the Lord all the more for being willing to discipline me, not as a screaming bull horn but as a thought through lover of His children? Why do I always get mad and pout when He keeps me in check? Why do I want that for my own child, but not see how He would want that for me? **Flashing Light, Flashing Light**

Ok, as far as b.) goes, this is where I really got excited. So to endure hardships as disciple, that could be a little confusing but look at it as the Lord being the Heavenly Father that could give us EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING we wanted. That is the key, He is rich in resources, He is rich in health, He is rich in everything! Think of the richest earthly father. One that could materialistically give you anything, one that has the most influences, could get you into any college, any surgeon, any job, anything, BUT, because he was wise, sometimes he chose not to. That is the key to our Father’s discipline. When looking back over my childhood, the mother I respected the most and already model today did just this. She had the resources to buy her children many, many things, but she chose to give them a clothing allowance, a list of jobs they could perform in order to make money, a matching system when they wanted to attend summer camps, water only at restaurants, the list of wise parenting decisions she made are too many to write, but she built work ethic, she built responsibility, she built integrity and had she not, she would have built brats. We’ve all seen it, the parent that thought by giving their children all they wanted they were showing love and we have ALL politely avoided being around those kids (and sometimes now adults) because they were intolerable. Same with God. He loves us alright, much too much to be our magic prayer Jeanie. He loves us enough to say NO! He loves us enough to make life not one big play ground or we too would be intolerable (and honestly sometimes are). So when you are seeing your circumstances, seeing your life, wondering why on earth God doesn’t care, please remember, God disciplines those He loves and obviously that must mean YOU!

Finally, today, I didn’t get a house, I didn’t get at home internet, I didn’t get new clothes, a flat tummy, my dream job, or a date with my husband but I can promise, after hearing a word from my Savior but most amazingly my Friend, I got joy that no money, situation, circumstance or relationship could touch with a ten foot pole (that’s my Tennessee coming out). I was pursued by my King with insight into His “whys”. I was spoken to by the Being that causes this earth to rotate on its axis. Now that my friend is why I waded through the laundry, dishes, distractions and sat down with the Word. It may not always be such a WOW moment, but Jesus please don’t let me take a chance of missing one again!


Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am such a literal person that I love when the Lord gives me a way, a sign, to know when I am doing something obscure such as following Him or keeping my priorities in check, wrong. I like Math because a+b=c and I like laundry because it is either done or it isn't but things that are subjective per say are much more difficult for me. This morning I felt like the Lord showed me that if we keep our priorities straight we will have much fewer frustrations and that often frustration can be a sign, a red flag, that things are out of wack and I need a sign, really a flashing bill board but this has certainly helped. For instance, if my family is REALLY first then when Cross needs to be fed and daddy needs a lunch packed my brain will already be moving in that direction because they are my priorities, it will be natural. The problem arises when my priorities are out of wack. Now when that happens and Cross needs to be fed and daddy needs his lunch packed I am huffing and puffing and rolling my eyes because I WAS TRYING TO PICK UP THE HOUSE for Pete's sake. Sometimes when the house needs to be picked up and dinner needs to be cooked, I get irritated and what I am really thinking is I WAS TRYING TO WATCH DR. PHILL!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you find yourself frustrate today, ask God if your priorities are out of wack. Maybe your husband (or wife) is looking more like an annoyance than the person you are supposed to be building up in life. Maybe those darn kids that won't hush up need some loud dancing music and some family time. Maybe that job that God has called you to needs to stop working around you and you need to start working around it. Whatever the case, I am learning a red flag for priorities, FRUSTRATION!