Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogs Rock!

Hello my beautiful friends! I have been sitting at a coffee shop for a few hours now basking in the sound of pins dropping and "catching up" with so many of you! I can't express how I miss you guys when it has been forever since I have updated you and read your updates! The Bullock Family is doing well! We have recently been blessed with an amazing visit from the in-laws, including a family reunion that served the most amazing pot luck this country girl has ever eaten and then we topped it off with a few days at the beach! I am also so excited about the Blog's new look! Certainly nothing by my doing, but a blessing of a friend sent by Jesus! I do have a few prayer requests and updates. My mother and nephew had planned to fly in this week and we were going to hit the beach for a few days but my uncle passed away. So many of you have heard me ask for prayer for this specific uncle who never managed to live a life free in Christ on this side of Heaven. My greatest prayer is that he is experiencing nothing short of God's amazing grace now! Please pray as he left behind a precious daughter who I am certain needs to feel her Heavenly Father like never before! J, Cross and I are flying to Clarksville on Thursday and there is a part of my soul that can hardly wait to get on the back row of Grace Community Church Sunday morning and throw my hands in the air and worship my Savior at "home". I know "home is where the heart is" and I promise I know the grass is not greener in Clarksville, Tennessee (although technically it is) but I just miss home. I have been blessed here with amazing relationships and amazing God moments but I just want to hear John Mark rock those drums so loud that my heart beats clear out of my chest. Another prayer request is for Jeremy. He is performing his first wedding on Friday so pray that God gives him the words and that this sweet couple has God's hand on their marriage "til death do they part". Other than that, we really are doing well! I am honored to be a servant of my Savior!!!!!!!! You guys have an amazing week and thanks for all your prayers, updates, encouragement and laughs!

Coming Home!

P.S. Wanted to share a beach photo of the cousins! How sweet is this!


Patty said...

Love the new design!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever seen more beautiful grandchildren?!?!
Love, BB

The Smittys said...

kelly, i love love your new layout! did you enjoy tennessee?