Sunday, June 15, 2008

Princess Kelly.....

Ok, in case you guys were unaware, I wanted to inform all of you that Kelly Bullock is one priss of a princess. This is a joke between me and God that started several months ago. It probably centered around some situation like me having to wait 2 whole hours for the cable guy or getting behind some slow poke (granny just to be real honest) driver on my way to the gym. It could have been when my hair appointment had to be rescheduled or my husband didn't keep my car as clean as I would have liked. Ugly I know, but the good part is I am certain that in this western civilization I am not alone. I'll never forget God whispering in my ear, "well excuse me Princess Kelly". What a heart check that was. So much love from a relational God, making a joke, yet getting His point across all the same. I am currently sitting at the beach with my beautiful family and my amazing in-laws (a praise all in itself) and a princess moment has risen its ugly face and I thought a blog confessional would do your souls some good. We checked into our hotel and drug our entire house (you guys with kids know what I mean) up three flights of stairs. Where on earth is our elevator started the entitlement behavior. Then came the fruit flies. I don't know all of the details about this state of North Caroline but good golly they sure do have a lot of fruit flies. That is an annoyance I have at home but I just walked into the fruit fly capital of the world. We received a warning from the check-in people. There are some major fires around here which are bringing an oh so lovely smell and haze our way, but it seems that here it has also caused a fly catastrophe like none I have ever seen. I was trying to feed Cross a quick bite as we arrived and literally killed into the 30s in our first 10 minutes of eating. YUCK is what I have to say about that. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. I tried to smile at my sweet husband as he apologized for the inconvenience. Princess Kelly doesn't do flies, especially a MILLION OF THEM. Well, here is what God spoke to my heart, "Kelly, remember when you have sat in your air conditioned home and watched video of children in Africa who are surrounded by flies as they suffer living decomposition. Do you think they would mind a few fruit flies on their vacation to the beach? And how about these people who are being effected by the fires that brought the smoke? Do you think a few flies are high on their worry list?" Princess Kelly got another rude awakening today, I am blessed, I am rich, I am humbled and BOY DO I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO! I would love to pretend this was not me. NO, NO, sweet Kelly doesn't stick her nose in the air, ever. But as you can tell, that is wrong. So today, if you are suffering from Princess Syndrome, join me is squishing that attitude ASAP. I may have to wait 2 hours on the cable guy, but hey, I am a stay at home mom and I don't have to dig a cable line in the 100 degree heat. I may have to wait behind a granny on the road, but I am sure thankful that is the biggest obstacle of my suburban mom day. My husband may not clean my car as often as I think he should, but there are millions of woman out there who would kill to have a husband in general! Lord, I know I need help, please let this one be a lesson learned by bowing my knee instead of it having to be knocked out from under me!

Not really a princess,

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Emily Doss said...

We've just gotten home from two weeks of traveling to the west coast. One week was at camp with gross camp food, but it was food and I wasn't hungry. We traveled in a car for 39.5 hours, but we were able to cross the country. I've been feeling the same way....boy oh boy how blessed we are!