Monday, June 23, 2008

Teachable Spirit!

Ok, I really try to never blog out of frustration and I think it is because 99% of my frustrations are my own bouts with sin and in that case my goal is to blog and tell you how far off I am. But this one in particular I feel like I certainly haven’t arrived but by golly I am trying. Someone made a comment recently that has really gotten under my skin and I have prayed about it and I think this is “godly anger”. The kind where God wants me to use this frustration to a.) check myself and to b.) tell you guys not to be like this (in case you were thinking of being hahahhaha) Ok, so the comment was simply “I just don’t believe in so in so”. I will refrain from the specifics but basically you can fill in the blank. I don’t believe in budgeting, this or that type of parenting, building up your husband, the list can go on and on but what it all boils down to is us not having a teachable spirit. People always make fun of me because I read a book for everything. When we got our puppy dog, I didn’t think to myself, oh I’ll just wing it. No, I have NO clue about house training a dog and personally I didn’t want my dog peeing all over my carpet. So I got a book, did what the book said, and wouldn’t you know, it worked. When I got married, I didn’t think, we’ll just roll with the punches. No, I got a book (actually about 20 of them). I had never been married before, I didn’t have an example as a child, and the divorce rate is 50% so I thought it may be a good idea to seek advice from some experts. And after only 3 ½ short years (or 30 for that matter) of marriage, I don’t dare think I am done with that learning curve. I have done the same with parenting and certainly plan to in the future. I have a godly friend back home and her children act like angels and quite frankly that is who I will follow. We have had friends who were extremely financially secure at a young age and we want to learn from them. We read books on budgeting and have meetings with financial advisors to plan for money we aren’t even making. Another recent example is the fact that I am having to completely rethink how I view eating. A few years ago I thought if I was eating a Lean Pocket and a Diet Coke that I was being healthy but now I am learning that whole foods are the way to go. Is that natural for me, no way, I have never shopped in the produce section and I couldn’t tell you how much a reasonable price is for a pound of potatoes if my life depended on it, but I am LEARNING! I have been reading about the ji-normous (that is huge) benefits of water and I am having to measure out my water intake for a period until it creates a habit. People, we have got to have teachable spirits. We can not and should not assume that we are the know all of anything. Find someone who has what you want and start with them. If your friend’s child seems to model that verse, “children are a blessing from the Lord” find out what they are doing and go with it! That is the Super Nanny motto and we are often too proud or too lazy to take hold of a better way. If your finances are on the brink, your marriage is less than abundant or if you are simply buying a new car, HAVE A TEACHABLE SPIRIT. I am reading an awesome book now and the author points out the verse, God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud. He takes a huge spin on that verse and asks, what are you doing in life that you need God’s grace to fall heavily upon. Is it a business, well be humble and find someone out there who is running that type of business properly and have a teachable spirit. Is it a marriage? Then engross yourself in every Bible verse or Christian book regarding marriage and DO WHAT IT SAYS! Let’s don’t think we know it all, let’s do the opposite, let’s assume we know nothing. I was a finance major in college and one of my biggest mistakes in my first few years out of college was assuming I knew it all. I finally read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and I am still picking up the pieces from bad decisions that resulted from a sad “I don’t believe in” moment that had nothing to do with anything other than pride. See my problem with the person above who commented on “not believing in something” has little to do with the comment itself, it has to do with me knowing how not believing in that is working for them! Results tell all! Some people say they don’t like to read “self help”, they prefer the getaway of fiction and I say enjoy your fiction but you can’t go through this life never learning anymore than you already know and expect to get better results. Ok readers, I love you guys and I don’t dare want any of us falling into this ugly, prideful, bout with insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What are you doing that is insane, parenting, marriage, finances, house cleaning, business investing, you fill in your blank and GO BUY A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Striving to be a continual learner,


Amanda said...

Kelly, I love the new look of your blog, very cool! Having a teachable spirit leads to learning, insight, introspection, wonder, and ultimately the peace of hearing God and following Him. I am guilty of being pretty teachable in some areas, but stubborn and prideful in others. Thanks for the reminder.

jenna said...

Kelly, Hi! First of all, let me say that I love your new blog look too. I check your blog every so often for updates and encouragments. This one really stood out to me, and really opened my heart a lot. I have commited this summer (not really intentionally-it is just working out that way) to reading books that are spiritually encouraging and that also have to do with parenting. You know that I have a huge gap in my first two children and the baby (12 & 9 years), so things are definetly different than back then, praise God there is more material and books available. There are a ton of books available on the subject of parenting, actually. So many that sometimes I get confused about what to read. I usually then have to ask a trusted friend, or someone who has the same values as I, about recomendations. I think that is a wise thing to do. But occasionally I do find a few things on my own. Either way...I think it is safe to recommend praying- praying- praying- before entering a book on any subject. There are some things that God wants us to find and information we can use to glorify Him and bless our family in books of this nature, and there are also things in books that are less than good. Just because someone did extensive "research" on it and wrote a nice book that many people followed along in, doesn't always mean that its ideas and techniques will work for every family. I think that is why I am really drawn to your encouragement of having "a teachable spirit." There is so much information out there, and in often in reading it and focusing on how to apply it, I often get overwhelmed. Praise God that He will help us through these times, as we are willing and want what is best for our families. Having tweens and a seven month old gives me a broader view of the outcome of the choices we make in these early stages and I feel very blessed in that respect. Your post reminded me more than ever to trust God and look to Him in these areas that we desire to be used and to become more knowlegeable throughout. Thanks!

Delilah said...

Kelly - You're amazing! I love this blog. I feel the same way, but I know I get caught up in it myself. Your words are so encouraging, and so inspiring.

You rock!!