Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am such a literal person that I love when the Lord gives me a way, a sign, to know when I am doing something obscure such as following Him or keeping my priorities in check, wrong. I like Math because a+b=c and I like laundry because it is either done or it isn't but things that are subjective per say are much more difficult for me. This morning I felt like the Lord showed me that if we keep our priorities straight we will have much fewer frustrations and that often frustration can be a sign, a red flag, that things are out of wack and I need a sign, really a flashing bill board but this has certainly helped. For instance, if my family is REALLY first then when Cross needs to be fed and daddy needs a lunch packed my brain will already be moving in that direction because they are my priorities, it will be natural. The problem arises when my priorities are out of wack. Now when that happens and Cross needs to be fed and daddy needs his lunch packed I am huffing and puffing and rolling my eyes because I WAS TRYING TO PICK UP THE HOUSE for Pete's sake. Sometimes when the house needs to be picked up and dinner needs to be cooked, I get irritated and what I am really thinking is I WAS TRYING TO WATCH DR. PHILL!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you find yourself frustrate today, ask God if your priorities are out of wack. Maybe your husband (or wife) is looking more like an annoyance than the person you are supposed to be building up in life. Maybe those darn kids that won't hush up need some loud dancing music and some family time. Maybe that job that God has called you to needs to stop working around you and you need to start working around it. Whatever the case, I am learning a red flag for priorities, FRUSTRATION!

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Kerriann said...

Hi Kelly Jeremy and Cross,

Sounds like your all doing well in NC. Wish I was there. Must be nice being so close to the water.

Well just wanted to stop by and say Hello and tell you that I miss you.

Have a great day. :)

God Bless,