Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogger of the year award..........

Hey everyone! So for you guys who enjoy a daily read I am certain to get blogger of the year or at least blogger of the week award. But for those of you who have not signed on in months I am certain you are a bit overwhelmed. Yesterday in particular was quite interesting. Two in one day can show you the vast emotions a woman can feel in a small 12 hour "period"! hahahahaha Today we have a new set of circumstances which is giving me another chance to say hello. I have a sick boy on my hands. His fever shot up in an hour this a.m. and then after a throw-up episode I was in mommy freak out mode because of his tubes, but it turns out that he just has a virus that is floating around town and his tubes have nothing to do with it. So, after 2 Nemo's and our 3rd Bambi (which Cross has only been awake for a total of 30 minutes all day) I am craving a bit of adult conversation. I have never been so thankful for my Crackberry with unlimited talk/txt/internet. It has kept me sane. Cross hasn't been much of a fan of mommy leaving his side which is my snuggle dream, but after the 8th hour now I am a bit stir crazy. I was home all day yesterday and now will be home all day tomorrow so needless to say I have a bit of time on my hands. Sure I could clean or work, but I thought saying hello to you again would be a bit more fun! I love to write and just have to force myself to condense my thoughts into a manageable post. I would just assume tell you my whole life story, detail to detail, but that probably won't help me win friends and influence people so let's settle today on the word BABY and maybe tomorrow we'll go elsewhere. I did want to attach an amazing blog a friend of mine did in regards to the Beth Moore conference this weekend. I was dying to tell you guys all about it, but I didn't know how on earth I would type all the notes and SHE DID! I promise it is in your best interest to print them out and get up early in the a.m. with your Jesus (and your coffee) and study! http://thesmittysdbq.blogspot.com/2010/04/youve-been-bad-friend.html

Ok, so baby or babies maybe I should say. You have certainly all endured my highs and lows in regards to being a mommy! Your greatest dream come true and then your biggest reality check to date. When J and I were married, he insisted on waiting 5 years before having children. I submitted with resistance. I am sure my mother nature would have been fine with waiting all of about 5 days, but God and Jeremy knew best now I see. After 2 1/2 years of marriage Jeremy and I got the greatest shock of our adult life, I was pregnant. I think I smiled for at least a month straight. Me, God really chose me, and with everything from my past I was certain I would not be able to get pregnant when it was time to try. I never dreamed I would get pregnant when we were trying not to. Jeremy's heart had softened so much in the baby arena and he was thrilled beyond belief. So December 2007 our sweet Cross was born. Then the following year in the fall we got shock number 2, again, while trying not to, I was pregnant. Cross was only going to be 18 months when the new baby was born. I can't remember all of the details (I was too busy throwing up) but Jeremy had just resigned from his job. We had no job, a toddler that was getting into everything, and a mom/wife who couldn't hold her head up she was so sleepy and sick. In God's faithful sovereignty we moved back to Clarksville on the 2nd week of my 2nd trimester so I felt like a new woman and had finally gotten excited about our new phase of life ahead. It was December and we shared Christmas here with J's family and began to prepare as though a baby was on the way! I remember unpacking the house and saying, "put that in the baby's room, oh that goes in the baby's room". I never dreamed of what was to come.

The Lord had given us a girl's name long before Cross was born, but we had since been on the look out for a boy's name "just in case". We always wanted the kids to be close together so once Cross came along, all bets were off. Sure we weren't really shooting for 18 months close, but we were excited all the same. Cade was the winner. I have a friend from our Gatlinburg girls trip whose son's name is Cade and one year I heard her say his name and ding ding, Jeremy loved it so it was the winner. I was just waiting on the Lord to give me the other 1/2 of the name. Would we use Cade as a middle like we had done Cross and would they have the same initials?? Yes and Yes! Joshua Cade Bullock the Lord spoke so clearly to me one day. It was before I was pregnant even and I remember exactly where I was sitting, studying Joshua's faith to enter the Promise Land and I thought "that is the kind of faith I want my sweet baby to have". So girl or boy, we were set! We never dreamed, in our wildest imaginations, what would happen next.

On our way home from visiting my family I started having severe pains. I am going to be brutally honest in this section so bare with me. I thought/hoped/prayed and vainly even believed that it was gas. I will never forget staring at the clock in the car and the light bulb going off, my "gas" was exactly 2 minutes apart. I called the OBGYN on call and she assured me it was gas, "this time of the year people eat so many odd things, it happens all the time, just pull over and drink 60 ounces of water and it will be all better, but if you do start to bleed go the the ER". The ER??? She said it like "there's nothing we can do in that case". Maybe she didn't hear me say I am 16 WEEKS?? J pulled over and I was in so much pain, Cross was in the back seat and I entered the gas station to get my water and proceeded to the restroom. My eyes almost bugged out of my head, not just a little bleeding, tons of bleeding. I ran out, asked the lady where the nearest hospital was, threw her some cash for my water, all the while in the most horrific pain, and walked/ran back to the car. If you walk into an ER and tell them you are in labor, you get back immediately, but you still don't get seen immediately. By the time the doctor got there I had prayed like a crazy woman and I was in the fetal position rocking because of the pain. She looked at me after checking me and started the journey of conversation that would break my heart. I told her over and over that she had to do an ultrasound, that she had to stop my labor. Just give me "that shot" as if I had any clue what the heck I was talking about. They did grant me an ultrasound after checking the baby's perfect heartbeat and the nurse never let me see, but I could read her face regardless. The baby was fine, but she knew it wouldn't be much longer. Not long after my ultrasound my water broke and I entered labor and delivery. I will spare you all of those horrific details, but by that point I was so drugged that I couldn't even talk much less "feel". I watched my man break, never before had I witnessed that and it scared me half to death.

So weeks and months later, the Lord healed my broken heart and I prayed through when on earth we would try again. I didn't want to do anything out of emotion. I didn't want a rebound pregnancy and quiet honestly I knew I couldn't handle it. I needed a word from the Lord and He gave me one, "wait until the end of summer". Oh how manageable that word was. The end of the summer came and went, Jeremy refused to allow us to try until he had a job. I was so mad at the Lord. Then finally Jeremy said, "I don't want the kids to be any further apart" so the green light to trying was a go. I always assumed God would work in my box. Maybe He had tested to see if I would wait and submit to my man?? I had and I was ready for Him to BLESS! Month one, month two, month three. Maybe I should start tracking my cycle? I have a very lovely cycle of 21 days and a sometimes 10 day "visitor". That explained a lot, but now I had Googled my weird cycle and I knew the trick. It is comical to even type, but I am being honest here. I would also like to mention that sometime during all of the craziness J mentioned something about God showing him we would adopt a baby girl one day, He even had given J the name. I didn't give much thought to that at the time. Maybe one day, but that was NOT in my plan. So the master month with the master info comes and goes and sure enough, I am LATE! I was on cloud nine. Didn't tell J just yet. The fertility dysfunction is all locked up in the woman's head without a key, some of you know all too well! I know the day, date, cramp, tenderness, maybe, maybe this is it??????? DAY 8 of being late and I start spotting. Oh goodness, how can I be spotting? Why aren't my tests coming back positive, maybe it is just too early to tell. Well the end of that story comes cramping that is keeping from getting out of bed. The reality and confirmation from a friend, I could be having another miscarriage. Blood work done, blood work lost, blood work redone.................blood work negative! WEWWWWWWWWWW praise the Lord, but I secretly knew there was a whole other set of emotions that now must be dealt with. The when/where/why and how was the only thing that had consumed my mind, now I had to consult with the Man in charge of it all. I had to take Him my fears, anger, disappointment, and frustration and once again allow Him to heal my broken heart. So I did, and He did, and then last week when another month had come and gone, the next reality hit...........AFRICA! I would now have to use drastic (especially since our track record is low) measures to NOT get pregnant until after Africa. Vaccinations and first trimester timeline would make it an absolute NO! So once again, we'll try again, at the end of summer!

I can laugh and smile from ear to ear as I type those words because of His great healing and grace. I wonder if He is saying no because of adoption? I wonder if orphanages in Africa have anything to do with our adoption? I wonder if He is giving J a job that will be able to pay for that possibility? Jeremy has always wanted a diverse family and I wonder if the redheads will be mixed with some skin that will be the literal opposite? I wonder if I'll get to do a little African baby girl's hair? I still hope and pray that I will get to carry and nurse a baby again one day, but regardless, I DO KNOW HE HAS A PLAN!

So there you have it, our baby journey thus far! Thank you so much for reading. I may be typing only for my healing or for my legacy to be down on paper, but either way, I am honored you come along for the ride!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Running Away...........................

Hello friends, tonight I tried my very very best to run away. After a long, emotional morning (Cross did great by the way, not the smallest of glitches even) and a not so perfect night's sleep last night I am finished. I am also getting some blood work done, long story, but in the past I have had something called adrenal fatigue and I could just about bet my levels are low again. I feel like I could fall asleep standing up and by the end of the day, the very sound of footsteps makes me want to kill someone. That is why I am writing now, because I am doing my very very best to run away. I was trying to be a good wife and make dinner and then during a conversation with J about his meat being too chewy and the face that makes me feel like an idiot after a conversation about the color of a certain shirt, I smiled, told him I loved him madly, told him Cross did not need a bath, and then nighty night. It was only 6:30 and I was beyond ready to run away. Cross decided to be my shadow, I finally locked him out and then they all demanded in 30 minutes later. They are now in the bedroom next door and I wish they would just not talk! hahhahhahahaha This is cranky, tired mom and I need to get me some sleep and some supplements before someone loses a limb. Thank you for reading my random ramblings and thank you so much for your prayers for Cross this a.m. I do love my men and I will act like it in the morning, but for now I would greatly appreciate if they or I could just run away!

Love you guys!

Newest of News...............

Good Morning Blog World! I am attempting a quick post before I head to the shower and begin to prepare for Cross' surgery to get tubes in his ears. If I think about it too much my mind can begin to wonder so I am staying busy, trusting God, and putting one front in front of the other until we get there. Once he has gone back, I have done my part and the Lord and the doctor will just have to do theirs.

J has one week to go in his studies. Please pray for him as several ducks must line up nicely in a row this week and you know how ducks can sometimes be. He is shooting to take his test on Saturday and I am going out of town Friday and Saturday for a conference (that I promise to tell you all about once I return). This timing doesn't seem great, but I know the Lord is calling me to go and thus He will work out all of the Cross/studying details. So just pray that we are all diligent this week with our time. J in the area of studying and me in the area of setting my man up for success and taking care of Cross!

The new blog header verse is the real topic at hand this a.m. I took a huge leap (of faith hahaha) and changed the blog header. It was so hard. The Lord gave me the previous verse [Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10] 2 years back when I started this blog. He gave it to me as a declaration to claim over our family. It wasn't just some verse I stuck up there to sound like I love Jesus. No, it was my heart's cry that I would (our entire family would) have a clean heart and most clearly, a steadfast spirit. Meaning that we would learn to walk steadfastly (24/7) in the Spirit. I know that we have by no means arrived, but as a dear friend told me last night, we may not be where we want to be, but we are a long way from where we were! I do feel like the Lord has given us so much grace to walk in the spirit more fervently. Jeremy even said the other night, "I can tell when I am working on real estate and God is doing it and when I am trying to do it." He could sense the flow! That may sound weird and super spiritual, but think about it like this, he could sense when God was anointing it and when He was giving him the grace in the timing. But J could just as easily sense when he was trying to do something in his own power because it felt very similar to banging his head into the wall. Having a steadfast spirit is so much more than doing the big things God is calling you to do, it is about obeying little promptings like "help that person" or "get away from that person" or even "you forgot to put your blinker on dummy" (in the most playful dummy sort of way).

So anyway, the new theme verse started back in January when I gallivanted to Texas to see my good friend Beth with my good friend Emily. Emily texted me like 5 words and said "pick one". I was staring at a decorative piece in some friends' house at the time that said "faith" so I text back, faith........... It turned out that word wasn't just the word that would cover my fun new journal for the weekend. No, it was what God would speak over me and attempt to drill into my mind for the months (and I am certain) years to come. FOR IT IS IMPOSSIBLE...................... That was/is so powerful! If I don't believe that He IS (which is as nailed down in my life as my two big toes) and that He REWARDS those who earnestly seek Him then I can NOT please Him, it is impossible. So I personally am choosing to believe. I am choosing to look forward with great anticipation for the rewards that will come with my seeking. I am choosing to get excited about my/our future as a family. I am choosing to BELIEVE that He has things out there for us that you and I will look back at Winter 2007 when this blog began and think to ourselves, "never in a million years could I have dreamed of what He had in store for this everyday average family".

So how about you this morning? Are you plainly NOT pleasing God? Not because you are a crappy mom at times or because you didn't get your booty up and out to church yesterday morning. No, not because your children are running a muck or because you haven't had a quiet time in a year. The question at stake is do you believe that He is? And then secondly, do you believe with all of your heart that if you spend your entire life seeking Him that there is a very great reward? If not then the Scriptures (not me) say that you are not pleasing God! Please Him this Monday morning dear friend! Please Him and believe that He is first and foremost! That one has got to be nailed down. But then please Him and look past the junk and skunk in your life today and know down in the marrow of your bones that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. And then by golly be the exception to the Christian rule and EARNESTLY SEEK HIM! Don't be some casual church attender or everyday business man, no be some radical sold out seeker of Christ. Be someone who gets up early or stays up late and actually reads His Words and expects Him to speak. Don't be Susie nice Christian or Jimmy who goes to church a lot, no be someone who would just assume life come crashing down than for His presence to not be near.

I tell you the truth, God has opened my spiritual eyes over these last few weeks and I feel like I am watching a movie (that just happens to be my own) on the very edge of my seat. You see, when I first began seeking God, He rewarded me and that is the understatement of the year. See my fine man up there at the top of the page and then that smaller version, those guys are a huge part of my very great reward. But even more important than that, His presence is my greatest reward. Often people look at me like I am one cake short of a cup, but I hear my God speak. He makes me laugh and shows me insight and calls me friend. And please know that I am not saying that to brag, but I am saying that so someone out there will get a little Holy jealousy and want what I have. I want you to want it and then by His grace go and get it! Not my man you do understand, hahhahaha, your own!

In all seriousness, I prayed the other day, Lord I really want every single person I know to have what I have and we all know I am NOT meaning stuff. I want you to have peace that passes all understanding, breakthroughs, bondage's broken, addictions kicked, habits changed, anger manged (or at least better). I want you to have joy that is unspeakable and a life that matters. I want us all to get every single morsel of our earthly and our eternal reward. Sure the Bullocks have just gone through a wilderness season, but I know, know, know that it was just that, A SEASON!!!!!!!!!! My days and my life will be marked by His reward and that season I know will be used to make me mature enough to handle whatever greatness He has to come. So I leave you with this loved one, don't get overwhelmed with the life long task at hand, just have faith.................seek Him today.................and then the reward will come. I dare you!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Say booooooooooooooooo

Good Morning Everyone! This a.m. as I was having a full out Jesus party in my car, I thought to myself, if I go home at 7 a.m. and wake my husband with my super peppy God story he is certain to think "my wife is a bit much"! So, I decided instead I would share with you who are already fully aware that "I AM A BIT MUCH"! Sometimes God gives you great Jesus days, but not always. Sometimes you have to put one foot in front of the other and keep truckin and then out of no where comes a full on Jesus party that brings more joy to your life than all of your desired circumstances being fulfilled combined. I promise to get online this weekend and share a bit more about some personal issues we have been dealing with regarding getting pregnant again. It is a super long story so for now I am just going to share with you the awesome God morning and save the rest for later.

Ok, so last year a friend of mine and I started biking in the mornings, like super early in the mornings. I hated it at first (as with all exercise I am sure) but I grew to love it. I loved the sun beaming down, the wind blowing on my face as I went down hill, even the feeling of accomplishment when you couldn't walk because you had worked your legs so hard. Well, winter came so that party was over and even though the weather has gotten much warmer here, I don't have a bike of my own and my friend was doing something else to workout so we hadn't gotten back together for our early a.m. fun. BUT THIS MORNING, God knew exactly what I would need. This morning marked another month that I am for sure not pregnant but when we got back on those bikes, God gave me more joy than I could hardly bare. So much joy that once again, I am a bit much but I am so thankful HE IS ALWAYS a bit more!!

Ok, so on with the story: I always get back in the car after riding bikes and open the sunroof. It is like I become addicted to the outdoors and I can't go back. Then I blaired the music because that is a requirement if your sunroof is open. Remember that song that I told you I loved from Switchfoot, "A Mess of Me" SURE ENOUGH it came on the second I pulled out of her driveway. Then I went and got gas (I had to turn the radio down at that point because it was 6:35 a.m. and as I pulled into Kroger I realized I was the only human on earth that was wide awake and happy). Then I started recalling a dream the Lord put in my heart years and years ago about being a soccer mom and hauling all the neighborhood kids around in my suburban (then, minivan now) and rolling down all the windows and singing to the top of our lungs. During this current season we have a toddler, so I decided I would just go ahead and practice. I popped in none other than my ALL TIME FAVORITE, Veggie Tales. Now as if you need a reason to go to Chick-fil-a (EVER) they are currently putting CDs of Veggie Tales songs in their kid's meals. People, does it really get any better than that, amazing food, super clean play area, someone who walks around refilling your drink and taking your tray AND Veggie Tales?? Ok, where was I? Oh yes, there is a song on one of those CDs that is for certain a poetic masterpiece of this day so I just had to get on and share. I haven't even checked yet, but something tells me youtube will deliver!
But my prayer (and my point thank goodness I am sure some of your are screaming) is this, that somehow in my miscellaneous rambling you will see that the joy of the Lord is not always evident in my life nor in my reality, but that when it is, it is because He is real and alive and active in my everyday going and coming. He didn't give me a baby this a.m., but He did give me a bike ride and a Switchfoot song and if you even dare say the word coincidence in my presence over this you better for sure expect a swift smack. No, He didn't dump a home in my lap or a million dollars in my savings, but He did give someone the words to that "Say Boo" song that almost made me laugh so hard that I could have wrecked the car. No, He didn't speak to me in a booming voice or even a small whisper this a.m., but He did give me hope of a future that I am certain I am not even going to believe He had written just for me. So where ever you are this April weekend in life, "say boooooo"! Dance a bit in your car! Act very immature in front of your children (in a good way, not in an M and M moment kind of way) and open that sunroof or sing that ridiculous song so loud that Kroger and everyone else watching or not thinks you may have lost your ever loving mind! He is going to reign in your circumstances, but as for now, just allow Him to reign in your day!

I love you JESUS!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Bullock Family UPdate......................

Hello friends and family! I am sneaking a few minutes while the movie distraction is working. I almost got poop on me about 5 minutes ago and I let my child fall off the changing table this a.m. so life here is rocking along perfectly in toddler/motherhood land! I hope you are doing well as well! In all seriousness, it is hard to believe that we really are coming out of this season and although life is not perfect (nor did I expect it to be) it does "feel" better even though not a ton has actually changed. I don't know how to explain it other than my spirit is at peace, my soul is praising Jesus for this blessing. I can just tell we are entering in to our promise land or maybe more apparent, out of our wilderness season. I know that is not a great explanations, but that is the best I can offer for now!

My man is knocking out his school like a champ! He is having to do some serious time management, studying every possible second he can while still having some rest, working full time and being a great dad and husband so keep the prayers coming. As you can see, I also tricked him into "family photos" for his new website (which I promise to share as soon as it goes live)! We have been making fun of him all weekend, calling his head shot a glamour shot. He has laughed tons and loved smiling until his face literally hurt, NOT. A dear friend did them and she obviously did an amazing job! I feel so blessed!!!!!! I have a beautiful family, a God that rocks my world every single day (regardless of whether or not I am even aware) and a future that only He could write. I love the new song out by Switchfoot "Mess of Me"! Let me tell you guys, I have made a mess of me and I know for sure the sickness was and is myself, but I BY ALL MEANS want to reverse the tragedy and spend the rest of my life alive!!!!!!!!!!

So here goes a quick Bullock Family UPdate and yes we are UP for sure!!!!!!

1. Haircut- So I did chop off my hair and yes slowly, but surely I am loving it! I bit the bullet on purpose to cut down on the dry time and this a.m. when I fixed my hair in about 5 minutes flat I was thrilled. I did feel like my neck was a bit naked for a day or two (not to mentioned incredibly white) but Jeremy gives it a 3 thumbs up so that really is all that matters in my opinion.

2. J has two more weeks of work and his goal is to knock out his licensing within those two weeks. He has finished the first 1/2 and is now working on the second half this week and then he will have a week to review and take the test. This is for sure the fast track so please pray for a ton of favor.

3. Cross, handsome, in need of a great amount of focus and training (which is NOT happening at the moment), all BOY, obsessed with mom-movers (lawn mowers), allergy infested (which is no friend to his mowing obsession but right or wrong, I personally chose living life over allergy avoidances). Along those lines, he is getting tubes in his ears this coming Monday. We went through tons of testing and that is the cause of his speech delay. They explained it as learning to talk with cotton balls in his ears so pray tons for that. The problem was a bit camouflaged because we have warded off actual ear infections but he still USUALLY has fluid on his ears. I am excited for the talking, not so excited about the ear plugs all summer.

Ok, that's all I can get in for now without totally neglecting the kid! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Well HELLO everyone! I would like to ask all of you to pull up a chair and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee (your choice, I am not THAT bossy) and spend a few minutes rejoicing with me and giving the Lord every ounce of praise! He has seen the Bullocks through a season I would prefer never enter again! If I can say one thing about this season it would be that Heaven has certainly become my goal! I can't wait and I know that it is real because the Lord has shown me over and over that it really is our great reward! So, where to begin, well, let's just start with MY HUSBAND HAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man did that feel good to type! Now please know on the front end that he has never not worked. In addition, where he has been working for the last year has been a huge blessing that no words could express. They basically created as large of a position and I am sure salary as they could just to do everything in their power to bless and support our family. I would never want anyone to think for a second that he has not worked or that God has not provided for our each and every need. But finally, the words "exceedingly, abundantly more than we could imagine" were spoken over us on Easter Saturday and on Monday, the phone call came. I have always kind of known (or wondered at least) that it would all happen overnight. That is really how life in the wilderness usually works I guess. You have no control over the end date, but I have seen God all around move in an instant and I prayed He would do the same in our case and He did. I have not mentioned this to really anyone because a) it all basically happened over night and b) when you have gone through as many imaginary careers as we have it begins to become embarrassing at best and confusing at worst so for this one I just kept my mouth shut. I know some parts were rooted in fear and unbelief as well (I'm sure this isn't it, nothing else has worked-kind of thinking) and then just like that, my husband calls, says its a done deal, puts in a 3 weeks at the current job and off he goes.

Ok, so are you just dying to know what he is going to be doing, what on earth God had planned all along, well, let me begin by saying, a) this is an all around dream come true and b) this is as random and risky as one may think but we know it is Jesus and for once in our lives, we aint got a lot to lose. Jeremy is going to sell real estate. Let me give you a bit of background before you start asking questions like, ok, that's odd, and isn't the market crappy, and insurance, oh for goodness sake, you and my mother j/k! Jeremy has a great friend that he has known since High School who has an impeccable reputation in town in the real estate market. He loves Jesus, his wife and I love each other to death, they sold our house (that was a total duh and they sold it with flying colors as to be expected) and we trust them like family. So when the connection was made, it was a total yes for us and a moment of sitting back and saying, God you are too good, just too darn good. Christian (that's his friends' name) knows our situation inside and out and as a business man he would never put our family in danger. Ok, another huge thing to realize, especially to all of you non-Clarksvillians, our market here is still great! I am not sure of the current numbers, but even as of February Clarksville had a balanced market which means it was neither a sellers nor a buyers market, so obviously that is a huge blessing considering the current economy. With Ft. Campbell and a new ginormous plant coming to town things here are not normal. And finally, when God has not opened one single door in a YEAR and you have applied for 1.1 millions jobs all over TN and beyond and then overnight a job lands in your lap, you take it!!!!

So with that being said, rejoice, scream, throw your hands up in the air and say "Jesus, you are SO faithful, thank you for blessing the Bullocks exceedingly and abundantly"! I promise there will be more details to come over the next few months. I will HAVE to take pictures of J by his first sign and he will hate it, but that is what proud wives do. I am also most certain he would not mind a single prayer for him as he tries to kick out his licensing in 3 short weeks. And finally, I am all for shameless plugs, do you need a home or do you need to sell a home? If so, I know just the man for you! Just shoot him an email to bullockfamily77@gmail.com or give him a call at 931-302-1350! We are for sure aware that Jeremy will have a huge learning curve, but know that he is under the best of the best teachers who will play a major role in his listings as he gets going this next year so don't let his "newness" hold you back. You will really be getting the expertise of Christian Black and the friendly, anal, type A perfectionism of Jeremy Bullock!

And finally, friends and family, thank you seems like the smallest way to say what I truly mean. You have no idea how much your prayers have carried our family. You have encouraged, prayed, listened, written, loved, provided, the list could go on and on and we are forever grateful for your support during this season. But it is time to celebrate a God who is faithful above all else!

Because of HIM and HIM alone!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spiritual Legacy.........................

Hey guys, I wrote this a few weeks back and have never hit "Publish Post" so I think today's the day! Hope you enjoy and thanks for your prayers yesterday, I am feeling MUCH more in order now! K

This post will hopefully be a fresh breath for all of my toddler mom friends and please let me say this on the front end. If you read this story and satan tells you that you are a loser because you have an adult child that is not walking with the Lord, tell him he is a punk and please know, this sweet lady does have other children and I know enough to know that she is still looking forward to Heaven where they will ALL be whole!

Ok, so, a little back ground. Toddler moms specifically, do you ever feel like, well, especially before your child really starts talking lots and saying super cool God things in the back seat which I have heard wonderful stories about, but not yet experienced. Have you ever wondered, will my child ever love Jesus or even think something spiritual?? Well, sometimes I do, I am just being honest here. I want to be a godly mother with a spiritual legacy, but sometimes the poopy diapers and the overwhelming work ahead just doesn't give me a lot of hope.

Well, this week, in my small group, in walks this sweet lady who has been in the group from day one with this very pretty young lady, who I later find out is her 23 year old daughter. The daughter didn't have to work that night so she joined her mother at small group. Ok, so nothing crazy awesome there, but LATER, during discussion, that sweet young girl opens her mouth and my jaw just dropped to the floor, not only did that young lady LOVE HER SOME JESUS, but she knew the Word, she was super humble, I could literally go on and on. The statement that just about got me was something about "the oxen in the Old Testament were a representation of intercessory prayer"!!!!!!! I wanted to raise my hand and ask her if she could teach a lesson on that next week just to ME! She was so excited about the Word, so humble about her TONS of knowledge and not ONE BIT boring theology (I just want to sound smart and hear myself talk), no, she was just amazed at Jesus!

That night I went home and said, ok Jesus, I don't know how on Your green earth to get there, but that's what I want and if your willing, I'll even ask for more! I know one of the main and maybe only ways to get Cross there will most certainly be for me to get there first and stay there forever (by God's grace)! I received a sweet little bookmark recently and it said all kinds of great things like "If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn." Well today my desire is this, "If Cross lives with two crazy, sold out, on fire for Christ parents, he will learn to be a crazy, sold out follower of Christ!

Jesus this is so my prayer! Not that he is socially acceptable or a "good kid", no I don't want him to be a "productive member of society" and maybe least of all "a good church goin boy", no..........I am asking for a MAN of GOD who takes this earth by a storm for the gospel and I am betting, just betting, You might want me to be just that as well! I can't be without Your grace, your Spirit's power, wisdom and might, but I know you can do this in me!

And fellow moms, in the pile of laundry and diaper jeanies that must for certain resemble the smell of hell, let's never forget who we are raising! Warriors for Christ!!!!!!!!! Socially acceptable productive members of society is too darn boring and too small of a goal! Let's be bold enough to pray for our children to surpass our spiritual maturity at a VERY young age and then let's just be faith filled enough to believe that He just might answer! Especially you adult children moms, don't stop asking now, and don't stop asking for big. I didn't fall in love with Jesus until I was 23 and I am almost certain no one was even asking Him these kinds of things on my behalf, just think what a persistent widow could accomplish. This is NOT the time to stop pleading! But may we never forget, as we are on our knees praying, may we also be on the pursuit of the same!

Love you guys lots and no worries, if I get the lesson on the oxen and intercessory prayer, I promise to share! Hahahaha Everyone have a great day chasing Him for yourself!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello Blog World! I am writing on an early a.m. because I so badly would like to say hello yet I know when the day officially begins there will be zero time for a chat! I hate the word busy, but unfortunately after a weekend of being out of town and a trampoline jump back into the swing of things, busy is exactly how I feel. The house needs to be cleaned, our winter clothes need to be put away (I did Cross' yet somehow forgot the hubs and myself), Ethiopia needs to be planned and fund raised, when are we going to the beach with my mom (??), and FOCUS on training our child so that we do not have another WalMart experience like the one we had on Saturday, WEW! Ok, that for me constitutes busy, did I mention dentist, work, Walk for Life going on at work, and the cook has been fired so that leaves me! Ok, sorry for the public pity party, just pray I get on it and knock things off one by one!

So where was I? Oh yes, hello! First let me say that I did not want us to focus on our kids Easter outfits, yet I did want you to post pictures of them. Some of you have done a great job and others, well, one in particular still has a snowman and may I remind you that it is now APRIL! So I thought I should post some pictures as well and practice what I preach. Cross was so darn cute and this year during the Easter Egg Hunt that his sweet BB put on, he sang the clean-up song and I gleamed with pride, a true child of ours! Some other random tidbits that deserve an entire post, but will not happen for certain was a wonderful weekend trip to my hometown that included a fabulous time with my mom and Cross got some major q.t. with his only boy cousin and BOY was he enamored. I know that is an odd choice of words, but he was just glued to my nephew's side. It is so funny to watch a little boy try to mimic a big boy! It made me smile from ear to ear when James would jump out from behind a wall and scare him (and me) half to death and then Cross would laugh so hard that he would almost fall down. It was a sweet moment for this first time mom of a growing boy! We also celebrated my Dad and Step-Mom's 25th wedding anniversary! An awesome feat all of us married folk can attest to, 25 years doesn't just happen! And finally, an awesome Easter Sunday back with my man who I missed like crazy and we even got the nap to boot! So here we arrive on this Wednesday a.m. that for me calls for a walk just as soon as that sun rises and I promise friends I will keep in touch as best as I can!

Love you all like crazy!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

He is risen, He is risen indeed................

Let's begin today by a very deep thought! (hahahaha) So after reading Mark 16 I am seeing why people have (or go to) an Easter sunrise service. I just thought it was for the super odd early birds. I am an early bird myself, but I don't like to get up and out; I just like to get up and stay in! I always wondered why on earth anyone would want to be dressed and at church by sunrise, but now I see, it is because Jesus got up, got (un) dressed, and was out of that tomb at sunrise! Oh how thankful I am for that fact!

I pray that everyone reading this week has enjoyed the focus! I know I have! Even a few days ago while shopping for an Easter outfit for Cross, all I could think about was our study and how silly it was to worry about plaid shorts. I doubt seriously that was what Jesus hoped for as he paved the way for grace! So this Easter a.m., may we care little about our dresses, matching accessories and coordinating family colors. May we care most about our Savior who made it possible for an abundant life on this earth covered in a curse. May we act like He calls us to act as we spend time with family and friends. May we put our head on the pillow tonight knowing that He is still in charge of the universe, despite what our world or circumstance tell us! May we know that He is risen, He is risen indeed!!!!!!


Just a little FYI, Mark is short of details in Chapter 16 so flip on over to Matthew 28 for a better read in my personal opinion! Love you guys and I am thinking if I can keep my ducks in a row, we will have more timeline reminders in the months to come! We still have an accession and the glorious day of Pentecost on the way!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Words................................

**Hey guys! So sorry! I had this all ready to post this a.m. and totally forgot. Enjoy Chapter 15 and no homework tomorrow for it is the Sabbath and there is no news in Jerusalem!

Chapter 15 is your homework for the day and a short educational video.............

There are no words to type, only speechless praise!


Back to Mark...............

Ok guys! I hope you are loving this Easter Study! This morning I got so excited just thinking about how we really could take about a million pieces of just these few chapters apart and study them for months on end. The thought occurred to me and I think it is a thought of deepest proportions (hahaha, that sounded so super smart): The more I study the Scriptures the more fascinating they become and the less I study the Scriptures the more boring I remember them to be! Let's don't let satan fool us into thinking this Book is boring. If today wasn't a knock your socks off in Mark kind of day, pick it back up tomorrow! For the danger of buying into the lie is more than we ever want to pay! Ok, where was I, Oh yes Mark, let's do a quick recap starting with Chapter 11:

Jesus comes into Jerusalem, on a donkey, with his 12 disciples.

He went into the Temple and then back to Bethany. (This was all our Palm Sunday Celebration)

Now Monday: There was an odd fig tree incident and then a scene at the Temple, then back out of the city.

Then on Tuesday we head back to Jerusalem and this is where a day of teaching begins. A post Spring Break cram session of sorts!
1. Evil Farmers
2. Taxes to Caesar
3. The Resurrection
4. First Commandment
5. David's Descendant
6. Beware of the Scribes
7. A Widow's Mite
8. Destruction of the Temple
9. Signs of the Times

And now we arrive at Chapter 14

"Two days before the Passover and the Festival of the Unleavened Bread" Wednesday

The scene is Bethany and Mary (Martha and Lazarus' sister, we know this from John 12:1-3)
She anoints Jesus with perfume in preparation for his burial. (see vs. 8&9)

Now in v.10 Judas agrees to betray Jesus.

And then in v. 12 we make it into Thursday (which is TODAY)!

As you catch up and finish Chapter 14 remember tonight was the night Jesus was in the garden working through the spiritual warfare it took for obedience. Thank Him for pushing through and sticking with the Father's plan and ask Him to give you the grace to do the same! Sure we are not being asked t0 carry the weight of the sin of the world, but you may be asked to stay in a tough marriage, not take another drink or pop another pill, or it may be as simple as not putting your Bible down even on days when it doesn't seem "to work".

I pray that everyone reading this Easter Week (including myself) will have the grace to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
Phil 3:14