Saturday, April 3, 2010

He is risen, He is risen indeed................

Let's begin today by a very deep thought! (hahahaha) So after reading Mark 16 I am seeing why people have (or go to) an Easter sunrise service. I just thought it was for the super odd early birds. I am an early bird myself, but I don't like to get up and out; I just like to get up and stay in! I always wondered why on earth anyone would want to be dressed and at church by sunrise, but now I see, it is because Jesus got up, got (un) dressed, and was out of that tomb at sunrise! Oh how thankful I am for that fact!

I pray that everyone reading this week has enjoyed the focus! I know I have! Even a few days ago while shopping for an Easter outfit for Cross, all I could think about was our study and how silly it was to worry about plaid shorts. I doubt seriously that was what Jesus hoped for as he paved the way for grace! So this Easter a.m., may we care little about our dresses, matching accessories and coordinating family colors. May we care most about our Savior who made it possible for an abundant life on this earth covered in a curse. May we act like He calls us to act as we spend time with family and friends. May we put our head on the pillow tonight knowing that He is still in charge of the universe, despite what our world or circumstance tell us! May we know that He is risen, He is risen indeed!!!!!!


Just a little FYI, Mark is short of details in Chapter 16 so flip on over to Matthew 28 for a better read in my personal opinion! Love you guys and I am thinking if I can keep my ducks in a row, we will have more timeline reminders in the months to come! We still have an accession and the glorious day of Pentecost on the way!

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