Monday, April 19, 2010

Bullock Family UPdate......................

Hello friends and family! I am sneaking a few minutes while the movie distraction is working. I almost got poop on me about 5 minutes ago and I let my child fall off the changing table this a.m. so life here is rocking along perfectly in toddler/motherhood land! I hope you are doing well as well! In all seriousness, it is hard to believe that we really are coming out of this season and although life is not perfect (nor did I expect it to be) it does "feel" better even though not a ton has actually changed. I don't know how to explain it other than my spirit is at peace, my soul is praising Jesus for this blessing. I can just tell we are entering in to our promise land or maybe more apparent, out of our wilderness season. I know that is not a great explanations, but that is the best I can offer for now!

My man is knocking out his school like a champ! He is having to do some serious time management, studying every possible second he can while still having some rest, working full time and being a great dad and husband so keep the prayers coming. As you can see, I also tricked him into "family photos" for his new website (which I promise to share as soon as it goes live)! We have been making fun of him all weekend, calling his head shot a glamour shot. He has laughed tons and loved smiling until his face literally hurt, NOT. A dear friend did them and she obviously did an amazing job! I feel so blessed!!!!!! I have a beautiful family, a God that rocks my world every single day (regardless of whether or not I am even aware) and a future that only He could write. I love the new song out by Switchfoot "Mess of Me"! Let me tell you guys, I have made a mess of me and I know for sure the sickness was and is myself, but I BY ALL MEANS want to reverse the tragedy and spend the rest of my life alive!!!!!!!!!!

So here goes a quick Bullock Family UPdate and yes we are UP for sure!!!!!!

1. Haircut- So I did chop off my hair and yes slowly, but surely I am loving it! I bit the bullet on purpose to cut down on the dry time and this a.m. when I fixed my hair in about 5 minutes flat I was thrilled. I did feel like my neck was a bit naked for a day or two (not to mentioned incredibly white) but Jeremy gives it a 3 thumbs up so that really is all that matters in my opinion.

2. J has two more weeks of work and his goal is to knock out his licensing within those two weeks. He has finished the first 1/2 and is now working on the second half this week and then he will have a week to review and take the test. This is for sure the fast track so please pray for a ton of favor.

3. Cross, handsome, in need of a great amount of focus and training (which is NOT happening at the moment), all BOY, obsessed with mom-movers (lawn mowers), allergy infested (which is no friend to his mowing obsession but right or wrong, I personally chose living life over allergy avoidances). Along those lines, he is getting tubes in his ears this coming Monday. We went through tons of testing and that is the cause of his speech delay. They explained it as learning to talk with cotton balls in his ears so pray tons for that. The problem was a bit camouflaged because we have warded off actual ear infections but he still USUALLY has fluid on his ears. I am excited for the talking, not so excited about the ear plugs all summer.

Ok, that's all I can get in for now without totally neglecting the kid! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!



Emily Doss said...

I am loving the pic! Thanks for the update- I was just thinking about you guys this morning and wondering how things were moving along!


Anonymous said...

Awwww....Bubby is getting tubes! Give him hugs and kisses from Aunt PP. So proud of Jeremy and will pray for school/test/success! Love you and the haircut--love the pictures! So much to talk to you about. I'll call soon.
Miss you tons.