Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spiritual Legacy.........................

Hey guys, I wrote this a few weeks back and have never hit "Publish Post" so I think today's the day! Hope you enjoy and thanks for your prayers yesterday, I am feeling MUCH more in order now! K

This post will hopefully be a fresh breath for all of my toddler mom friends and please let me say this on the front end. If you read this story and satan tells you that you are a loser because you have an adult child that is not walking with the Lord, tell him he is a punk and please know, this sweet lady does have other children and I know enough to know that she is still looking forward to Heaven where they will ALL be whole!

Ok, so, a little back ground. Toddler moms specifically, do you ever feel like, well, especially before your child really starts talking lots and saying super cool God things in the back seat which I have heard wonderful stories about, but not yet experienced. Have you ever wondered, will my child ever love Jesus or even think something spiritual?? Well, sometimes I do, I am just being honest here. I want to be a godly mother with a spiritual legacy, but sometimes the poopy diapers and the overwhelming work ahead just doesn't give me a lot of hope.

Well, this week, in my small group, in walks this sweet lady who has been in the group from day one with this very pretty young lady, who I later find out is her 23 year old daughter. The daughter didn't have to work that night so she joined her mother at small group. Ok, so nothing crazy awesome there, but LATER, during discussion, that sweet young girl opens her mouth and my jaw just dropped to the floor, not only did that young lady LOVE HER SOME JESUS, but she knew the Word, she was super humble, I could literally go on and on. The statement that just about got me was something about "the oxen in the Old Testament were a representation of intercessory prayer"!!!!!!! I wanted to raise my hand and ask her if she could teach a lesson on that next week just to ME! She was so excited about the Word, so humble about her TONS of knowledge and not ONE BIT boring theology (I just want to sound smart and hear myself talk), no, she was just amazed at Jesus!

That night I went home and said, ok Jesus, I don't know how on Your green earth to get there, but that's what I want and if your willing, I'll even ask for more! I know one of the main and maybe only ways to get Cross there will most certainly be for me to get there first and stay there forever (by God's grace)! I received a sweet little bookmark recently and it said all kinds of great things like "If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn." Well today my desire is this, "If Cross lives with two crazy, sold out, on fire for Christ parents, he will learn to be a crazy, sold out follower of Christ!

Jesus this is so my prayer! Not that he is socially acceptable or a "good kid", no I don't want him to be a "productive member of society" and maybe least of all "a good church goin boy", no..........I am asking for a MAN of GOD who takes this earth by a storm for the gospel and I am betting, just betting, You might want me to be just that as well! I can't be without Your grace, your Spirit's power, wisdom and might, but I know you can do this in me!

And fellow moms, in the pile of laundry and diaper jeanies that must for certain resemble the smell of hell, let's never forget who we are raising! Warriors for Christ!!!!!!!!! Socially acceptable productive members of society is too darn boring and too small of a goal! Let's be bold enough to pray for our children to surpass our spiritual maturity at a VERY young age and then let's just be faith filled enough to believe that He just might answer! Especially you adult children moms, don't stop asking now, and don't stop asking for big. I didn't fall in love with Jesus until I was 23 and I am almost certain no one was even asking Him these kinds of things on my behalf, just think what a persistent widow could accomplish. This is NOT the time to stop pleading! But may we never forget, as we are on our knees praying, may we also be on the pursuit of the same!

Love you guys lots and no worries, if I get the lesson on the oxen and intercessory prayer, I promise to share! Hahahaha Everyone have a great day chasing Him for yourself!!


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