Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello Blog World! I am writing on an early a.m. because I so badly would like to say hello yet I know when the day officially begins there will be zero time for a chat! I hate the word busy, but unfortunately after a weekend of being out of town and a trampoline jump back into the swing of things, busy is exactly how I feel. The house needs to be cleaned, our winter clothes need to be put away (I did Cross' yet somehow forgot the hubs and myself), Ethiopia needs to be planned and fund raised, when are we going to the beach with my mom (??), and FOCUS on training our child so that we do not have another WalMart experience like the one we had on Saturday, WEW! Ok, that for me constitutes busy, did I mention dentist, work, Walk for Life going on at work, and the cook has been fired so that leaves me! Ok, sorry for the public pity party, just pray I get on it and knock things off one by one!

So where was I? Oh yes, hello! First let me say that I did not want us to focus on our kids Easter outfits, yet I did want you to post pictures of them. Some of you have done a great job and others, well, one in particular still has a snowman and may I remind you that it is now APRIL! So I thought I should post some pictures as well and practice what I preach. Cross was so darn cute and this year during the Easter Egg Hunt that his sweet BB put on, he sang the clean-up song and I gleamed with pride, a true child of ours! Some other random tidbits that deserve an entire post, but will not happen for certain was a wonderful weekend trip to my hometown that included a fabulous time with my mom and Cross got some major q.t. with his only boy cousin and BOY was he enamored. I know that is an odd choice of words, but he was just glued to my nephew's side. It is so funny to watch a little boy try to mimic a big boy! It made me smile from ear to ear when James would jump out from behind a wall and scare him (and me) half to death and then Cross would laugh so hard that he would almost fall down. It was a sweet moment for this first time mom of a growing boy! We also celebrated my Dad and Step-Mom's 25th wedding anniversary! An awesome feat all of us married folk can attest to, 25 years doesn't just happen! And finally, an awesome Easter Sunday back with my man who I missed like crazy and we even got the nap to boot! So here we arrive on this Wednesday a.m. that for me calls for a walk just as soon as that sun rises and I promise friends I will keep in touch as best as I can!

Love you all like crazy!!!!!!!!!


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