Monday, April 26, 2010

Newest of News...............

Good Morning Blog World! I am attempting a quick post before I head to the shower and begin to prepare for Cross' surgery to get tubes in his ears. If I think about it too much my mind can begin to wonder so I am staying busy, trusting God, and putting one front in front of the other until we get there. Once he has gone back, I have done my part and the Lord and the doctor will just have to do theirs.

J has one week to go in his studies. Please pray for him as several ducks must line up nicely in a row this week and you know how ducks can sometimes be. He is shooting to take his test on Saturday and I am going out of town Friday and Saturday for a conference (that I promise to tell you all about once I return). This timing doesn't seem great, but I know the Lord is calling me to go and thus He will work out all of the Cross/studying details. So just pray that we are all diligent this week with our time. J in the area of studying and me in the area of setting my man up for success and taking care of Cross!

The new blog header verse is the real topic at hand this a.m. I took a huge leap (of faith hahaha) and changed the blog header. It was so hard. The Lord gave me the previous verse [Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10] 2 years back when I started this blog. He gave it to me as a declaration to claim over our family. It wasn't just some verse I stuck up there to sound like I love Jesus. No, it was my heart's cry that I would (our entire family would) have a clean heart and most clearly, a steadfast spirit. Meaning that we would learn to walk steadfastly (24/7) in the Spirit. I know that we have by no means arrived, but as a dear friend told me last night, we may not be where we want to be, but we are a long way from where we were! I do feel like the Lord has given us so much grace to walk in the spirit more fervently. Jeremy even said the other night, "I can tell when I am working on real estate and God is doing it and when I am trying to do it." He could sense the flow! That may sound weird and super spiritual, but think about it like this, he could sense when God was anointing it and when He was giving him the grace in the timing. But J could just as easily sense when he was trying to do something in his own power because it felt very similar to banging his head into the wall. Having a steadfast spirit is so much more than doing the big things God is calling you to do, it is about obeying little promptings like "help that person" or "get away from that person" or even "you forgot to put your blinker on dummy" (in the most playful dummy sort of way).

So anyway, the new theme verse started back in January when I gallivanted to Texas to see my good friend Beth with my good friend Emily. Emily texted me like 5 words and said "pick one". I was staring at a decorative piece in some friends' house at the time that said "faith" so I text back, faith........... It turned out that word wasn't just the word that would cover my fun new journal for the weekend. No, it was what God would speak over me and attempt to drill into my mind for the months (and I am certain) years to come. FOR IT IS IMPOSSIBLE...................... That was/is so powerful! If I don't believe that He IS (which is as nailed down in my life as my two big toes) and that He REWARDS those who earnestly seek Him then I can NOT please Him, it is impossible. So I personally am choosing to believe. I am choosing to look forward with great anticipation for the rewards that will come with my seeking. I am choosing to get excited about my/our future as a family. I am choosing to BELIEVE that He has things out there for us that you and I will look back at Winter 2007 when this blog began and think to ourselves, "never in a million years could I have dreamed of what He had in store for this everyday average family".

So how about you this morning? Are you plainly NOT pleasing God? Not because you are a crappy mom at times or because you didn't get your booty up and out to church yesterday morning. No, not because your children are running a muck or because you haven't had a quiet time in a year. The question at stake is do you believe that He is? And then secondly, do you believe with all of your heart that if you spend your entire life seeking Him that there is a very great reward? If not then the Scriptures (not me) say that you are not pleasing God! Please Him this Monday morning dear friend! Please Him and believe that He is first and foremost! That one has got to be nailed down. But then please Him and look past the junk and skunk in your life today and know down in the marrow of your bones that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. And then by golly be the exception to the Christian rule and EARNESTLY SEEK HIM! Don't be some casual church attender or everyday business man, no be some radical sold out seeker of Christ. Be someone who gets up early or stays up late and actually reads His Words and expects Him to speak. Don't be Susie nice Christian or Jimmy who goes to church a lot, no be someone who would just assume life come crashing down than for His presence to not be near.

I tell you the truth, God has opened my spiritual eyes over these last few weeks and I feel like I am watching a movie (that just happens to be my own) on the very edge of my seat. You see, when I first began seeking God, He rewarded me and that is the understatement of the year. See my fine man up there at the top of the page and then that smaller version, those guys are a huge part of my very great reward. But even more important than that, His presence is my greatest reward. Often people look at me like I am one cake short of a cup, but I hear my God speak. He makes me laugh and shows me insight and calls me friend. And please know that I am not saying that to brag, but I am saying that so someone out there will get a little Holy jealousy and want what I have. I want you to want it and then by His grace go and get it! Not my man you do understand, hahhahaha, your own!

In all seriousness, I prayed the other day, Lord I really want every single person I know to have what I have and we all know I am NOT meaning stuff. I want you to have peace that passes all understanding, breakthroughs, bondage's broken, addictions kicked, habits changed, anger manged (or at least better). I want you to have joy that is unspeakable and a life that matters. I want us all to get every single morsel of our earthly and our eternal reward. Sure the Bullocks have just gone through a wilderness season, but I know, know, know that it was just that, A SEASON!!!!!!!!!! My days and my life will be marked by His reward and that season I know will be used to make me mature enough to handle whatever greatness He has to come. So I leave you with this loved one, don't get overwhelmed with the life long task at hand, just have Him today.................and then the reward will come. I dare you!


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