Monday, April 12, 2010


Well HELLO everyone! I would like to ask all of you to pull up a chair and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee (your choice, I am not THAT bossy) and spend a few minutes rejoicing with me and giving the Lord every ounce of praise! He has seen the Bullocks through a season I would prefer never enter again! If I can say one thing about this season it would be that Heaven has certainly become my goal! I can't wait and I know that it is real because the Lord has shown me over and over that it really is our great reward! So, where to begin, well, let's just start with MY HUSBAND HAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man did that feel good to type! Now please know on the front end that he has never not worked. In addition, where he has been working for the last year has been a huge blessing that no words could express. They basically created as large of a position and I am sure salary as they could just to do everything in their power to bless and support our family. I would never want anyone to think for a second that he has not worked or that God has not provided for our each and every need. But finally, the words "exceedingly, abundantly more than we could imagine" were spoken over us on Easter Saturday and on Monday, the phone call came. I have always kind of known (or wondered at least) that it would all happen overnight. That is really how life in the wilderness usually works I guess. You have no control over the end date, but I have seen God all around move in an instant and I prayed He would do the same in our case and He did. I have not mentioned this to really anyone because a) it all basically happened over night and b) when you have gone through as many imaginary careers as we have it begins to become embarrassing at best and confusing at worst so for this one I just kept my mouth shut. I know some parts were rooted in fear and unbelief as well (I'm sure this isn't it, nothing else has worked-kind of thinking) and then just like that, my husband calls, says its a done deal, puts in a 3 weeks at the current job and off he goes.

Ok, so are you just dying to know what he is going to be doing, what on earth God had planned all along, well, let me begin by saying, a) this is an all around dream come true and b) this is as random and risky as one may think but we know it is Jesus and for once in our lives, we aint got a lot to lose. Jeremy is going to sell real estate. Let me give you a bit of background before you start asking questions like, ok, that's odd, and isn't the market crappy, and insurance, oh for goodness sake, you and my mother j/k! Jeremy has a great friend that he has known since High School who has an impeccable reputation in town in the real estate market. He loves Jesus, his wife and I love each other to death, they sold our house (that was a total duh and they sold it with flying colors as to be expected) and we trust them like family. So when the connection was made, it was a total yes for us and a moment of sitting back and saying, God you are too good, just too darn good. Christian (that's his friends' name) knows our situation inside and out and as a business man he would never put our family in danger. Ok, another huge thing to realize, especially to all of you non-Clarksvillians, our market here is still great! I am not sure of the current numbers, but even as of February Clarksville had a balanced market which means it was neither a sellers nor a buyers market, so obviously that is a huge blessing considering the current economy. With Ft. Campbell and a new ginormous plant coming to town things here are not normal. And finally, when God has not opened one single door in a YEAR and you have applied for 1.1 millions jobs all over TN and beyond and then overnight a job lands in your lap, you take it!!!!

So with that being said, rejoice, scream, throw your hands up in the air and say "Jesus, you are SO faithful, thank you for blessing the Bullocks exceedingly and abundantly"! I promise there will be more details to come over the next few months. I will HAVE to take pictures of J by his first sign and he will hate it, but that is what proud wives do. I am also most certain he would not mind a single prayer for him as he tries to kick out his licensing in 3 short weeks. And finally, I am all for shameless plugs, do you need a home or do you need to sell a home? If so, I know just the man for you! Just shoot him an email to or give him a call at 931-302-1350! We are for sure aware that Jeremy will have a huge learning curve, but know that he is under the best of the best teachers who will play a major role in his listings as he gets going this next year so don't let his "newness" hold you back. You will really be getting the expertise of Christian Black and the friendly, anal, type A perfectionism of Jeremy Bullock!

And finally, friends and family, thank you seems like the smallest way to say what I truly mean. You have no idea how much your prayers have carried our family. You have encouraged, prayed, listened, written, loved, provided, the list could go on and on and we are forever grateful for your support during this season. But it is time to celebrate a God who is faithful above all else!

Because of HIM and HIM alone!


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Kelly said...

I'm totally singing, rejoicing, shouting etc...praises to Jesus on this one. Yippee!!! And when we decide to sell in a few years, we will make sure Jeremy gets the listing.
By the way, I listned to a John Piper sermon this morning titled...get this..."Can God Spread a Table in the Wilderness?" I need to send the link to you. It was a whole new way to look at the wilderness as it is not the real test. Nope, the real test is when we get to the Promised Land to remain as trusting, faithful, humble, and dependent on God as we were in the wilderness. LOVED IT!!! Really spoke volumes to me.