Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Mark...............

Ok guys! I hope you are loving this Easter Study! This morning I got so excited just thinking about how we really could take about a million pieces of just these few chapters apart and study them for months on end. The thought occurred to me and I think it is a thought of deepest proportions (hahaha, that sounded so super smart): The more I study the Scriptures the more fascinating they become and the less I study the Scriptures the more boring I remember them to be! Let's don't let satan fool us into thinking this Book is boring. If today wasn't a knock your socks off in Mark kind of day, pick it back up tomorrow! For the danger of buying into the lie is more than we ever want to pay! Ok, where was I, Oh yes Mark, let's do a quick recap starting with Chapter 11:

Jesus comes into Jerusalem, on a donkey, with his 12 disciples.

He went into the Temple and then back to Bethany. (This was all our Palm Sunday Celebration)

Now Monday: There was an odd fig tree incident and then a scene at the Temple, then back out of the city.

Then on Tuesday we head back to Jerusalem and this is where a day of teaching begins. A post Spring Break cram session of sorts!
1. Evil Farmers
2. Taxes to Caesar
3. The Resurrection
4. First Commandment
5. David's Descendant
6. Beware of the Scribes
7. A Widow's Mite
8. Destruction of the Temple
9. Signs of the Times

And now we arrive at Chapter 14

"Two days before the Passover and the Festival of the Unleavened Bread" Wednesday

The scene is Bethany and Mary (Martha and Lazarus' sister, we know this from John 12:1-3)
She anoints Jesus with perfume in preparation for his burial. (see vs. 8&9)

Now in v.10 Judas agrees to betray Jesus.

And then in v. 12 we make it into Thursday (which is TODAY)!

As you catch up and finish Chapter 14 remember tonight was the night Jesus was in the garden working through the spiritual warfare it took for obedience. Thank Him for pushing through and sticking with the Father's plan and ask Him to give you the grace to do the same! Sure we are not being asked t0 carry the weight of the sin of the world, but you may be asked to stay in a tough marriage, not take another drink or pop another pill, or it may be as simple as not putting your Bible down even on days when it doesn't seem "to work".

I pray that everyone reading this Easter Week (including myself) will have the grace to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
Phil 3:14


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