Wednesday, March 31, 2010

M and Ms......................

Hello everyone! I promise we are not done in Mark, but I just had a total "mature mom moment" so I HAD to share! You will have to use your imagination for a bit, but I am sure most of you, especially moms, won't have a hard time. So you know when you get on the phone your children go insane. I often don't have to worry about chatting all day on the phone with my friends because Cross rarely gives me a good 5 minutes or seconds for that matter before life starts to fall apart. How I didn't understand that concept pre-kid or even pre-toddler, forgive me friends for I knew not what you were going through! So this afternoon (we are all tired, hot (yes HOT), hungry, etc) and I am TRYING to leave a message for this sweet lady at church about a meal I was making for her so use your imagination:

The phone ringing a voice mail message beginning,

Cross walking around touching anything and everything he is not supposed to touch and me trying to just move him away from thing to thing without speaking because I am about to have to leave a message.

Me losing my cool and in the meanest mom voice you have ever heard IN YOUR entire life I say STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then: Hey Sherrie, this is Kelly (the sweet Christian) from small group. Just calling you about a meal I made for you (since I am just so stinkin sweet) and wanted to see when I could drop it by (before or after I talk to my child like a total demon possessed monster). Whatever works best for you is great with me (because I love to love on other people just not my FAMILY)!

Oh JEEZ! Thank GOODNESS for the cross and resurrection reminder this week! I for sure need me some GRACE!!!! Can I get a big AMEN!!



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Emily said...

Hahaha... as a child it always perplexed me how my mother could go from yelling at us, and then answer the phone as sweet as can be. I think it's a skill that only mothers have!

Kelly said...

Yep...been there, done that 18000 times...this week!!! HA.