Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello Friends!

Have I mentioned lately that I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS! I have been a bit under the weather, just trying to get by so I haven't stopped to say hello. Right now, my house is a wreck, my hubs will be home in an hour, dinner is not in the making (but it is at least in the brain) and my son is banging on his train table and could use a pep talk, but INSTEAD I am saying hello to YOU! How fun to walk away from the "shoulds" every now and again. Ok, I have several thoughts running through my mind, but a smart thing to do would be to keep it short and sweet and assume that I am not going to be able to chat for long.

1. I went to the most amazing class today. All week I have been calling it "a coupon class". What a dumb understatement that turned out to be! I got Jesus empowered and encouraged and I loved the lady who taught, did I say loved, because I mean LOVED! She was such a godly, fun, "cool", smart, loving her home and fam, lady who has an awesome ministry. Below is their blog and if you are in this area and can get to a training by all means and if not go to "getting started" and take an hour and read up and change your entire financial situation! I am so excited about one day having an extra few hundred dollars a month. As for now I am on a huge learning curve. I have never stockpiled or clipped a coupon in my life so I have lots of planning ahead!

2. The pics above: The other day as I scooted the boat over to get to the coffee and saw the letters in the water dispenser on the frig, I thought of you guys, smiled, and ran and got my camera. This is the glorious world of motherhood. Some days I am digging in my purse for some lipstick and find a low rider car or a fruit snack and those are the sweetest, most wonderful, mom moments. I love my little guy.

3. This a.m. as Snick (our puppy dog in case you haven't had the privilege of meeting) leaped from the bed to join me for my quiet time (she doesn't like to miss ANYTHING), I thought how sweet she is these days. I thought, "just the shortest time of training and then so many years of enjoyment". MAN is that a word for parenting a toddler. I got excited about Cross and I b-bopping around town one day WITHOUT "Mr. Spoon" having to be in my purse (or my hand for that matter) and all the hard work paying off! Oh what a glorious day that will be!!!!!!!!!! I have heard several moms lately with 4 year olds talking about their "buddies".

4. Jesus, have I mentioned lately that Jesus is it? He is EVERYTHING! Several, not so enjoyable, life circumstances have happened this week and I have NO idea how on earth I would have gotten through had it not been for His grace being so timely that I knew it was HIM! Even the lady's testimony today in the class made me want to bawl my eye balls out right there in the front row. I refrained so she wouldn't come up and hug me and say "honey it is only grocery shopping". I am sure I would have proceeded to tell her my whole life story and she would have thought/known that I was CRAZY. Ok, that is a rabbit trail. Regardless, sometimes Jesus does not allow us to avoid the troubles of life, but HE ALWAYS gives us the grace, love, mercy, and support needed to daily walk through them! Thank you Jesus for giving me all of those things today. It was much needed (as You knew) to say the least.

Better go now. There are some hands that are meddling cause mommy is in la-la! Love you!


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