Friday, March 26, 2010

You may need a break if.......................

Hey guys, I have about 10 blogs rolling around in my head at the moment so I am just going to start typing and see at the end where I be! Sorry grammar junkies, I just thought that had the nicest ring! Ok, You may need a break if..............

1. You hear of friends doing fun social things and you find yourself being resentful (basically that they have a life and you don't).

2. You start not enjoying your child and wishing that they would just "go away". This is totally normal, just a cue you need a break!

3. You think to yourself, "I HATE SPRING BREAK!" I mean I'm just saying, you MIGHT need a break!

4. You are mad at your husband for not reading your mind and planning a romantic get away (which would darn near make him a girl and I won't go there).

5. And finally, if you skip down the steps of your in-laws after dropping off your son and then later stare at the picture of him on your cell phone like you are totally in love!

I, my friends, NEEDED A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

Kelly said... DO know me perfectly well! HA...for a second I was thinking, did I write this blog?!? I mean really, do toddlers NEED a spring break???