Friday, March 26, 2010

An eye opener....................

Hey guys, I read something this morning that has totally made my jaw drop and my eyes begin to open. I am seeing so much about how at my first encounter with the Word and with Christ in 2003, I had this in me. I even had it in me at my very earliest memories of salvation as a young girl. But now my STUPID "socially acceptable" Christianity has managed to snuff out that spark! Let's pray that we (who call ourselves Christians) will get back to the missionaries we were born-again to be!

Spirit-inspired evangelism

"As you read Acts, put yourself in the place of the disciples: Identify with them as they are filled with the Holy Spirit, and experience the thrill of seeing thousands respond to the gospel message. Sense their commitment as they give every ounce of talent and treasure to Christ. And as you read, watch the Spirit-led boldness of these first-century believers, who through suffering and in the face of death take every opportunity to tell of their crucified and risen Lord. THEN decide to be a twenty-first century version of those men and women of God."
(Life Application Study Bible page 1812)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may only pertain to me, you may be rocking in this calling, but as for me personally, I need to start staying way more focused on this awesome calling from the Lord!

Love you guys!

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