Tuesday, March 23, 2010

These are a few our of favorite things..........

I first wanted to start with a few of Cross' favorite things. I think this theme will for sure take two posts! We have many obsessions or super favorite things right now, but here are the top 3! Play-doh, which he calls "swarks" for "sharks" because there is shark cut out. I am so serious this kid could play play-doh for HOURS on end. He does much better if you will sit and roll it out for him over and over and over and over.......you get the point. But he is starting to slowly get the hang of that part as well! So sweet!!!! The next is "wa wa". In our house this means I want to pull my chair up to the sink (kitchen or bath, no preference) and play with the water. It is a great pouring tool and as a type-A mommy, I go ahead and wrap my mind around a small mess and just try to look at it as an extra mopping! He has the best time and learns fine motor skills and drinks about a gallon of water along the way. And finally, cars and trucks and trains. Our living room blankets have been transformed into tracks and now serve as a combination of race track/train track and give for hours and hours of imagination! It is so sweet now when he is "too quiet" and I go in the living room and he is just moving his trucks all over the blanket as patiently as can be! Those moments make for mommy bliss. You must also pay close attention to the concentration tongue. It is always slightly out when there is a need to focus!

So here you go readers!!!! Tons of Cross pics for the pickin! Love you guys!

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