Tuesday, March 23, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things (part 2, see below).........

Hello readers! I am certain the world will be less excited about my favorite things, that is why I put Cross' below, in hopes of tricking you into reading mine. Maybe I just want to have them documented to remind myself that I have interests too (you know)! hahhaha Ok, so I will need a list to keep from staying on here for hours. I have MISSED you guys and could ramble forever, but will try to refrain.

1. Naps! Mine, Cross', well mainly just mine and/or Cross'! That is a side note really because for some odd reason Cross is WIDE awake right now and all who know us well can agree, we are a sleepin family so I am hoping he will stay put as I say hello.

2. Africa-Ok, here is where I will have to resist camping for 2 solid hours straight, but I AM GOING TO ETHIOPIA this summer! I haven't even told my family yet so I promise more details will come! I am so excited and am going to journal everything on another blog that will hopefully be up and running in the next few weeks. I want to remember and share every single God story detail, but for now, just pray for me to get my funds raised and my Passport paperwork in ASAP!

3. Cross Fit! Ok, favorite may be a tad bit of an exaggeration, but after years of baby fat, unfortunately I mean mine (not Cross') and back problems that could be prevented with strength training, I am thrilled to be back on a workout band wagon. We have a dear friend who trains in Cross Fit and she is doing a mighty fabulous job of kicking mine and the hub's BUTT! I love this story, on our first day when we were both about to die after like oh, 5 MINUTES, she said (in the sweetest and most sincere voice ever) "oh do I need to open the garage door again in case you guys need to THROW UP". That's when I knew God had sent an angel into our lives to officially kick our rears back into shape. J and I both used to love working out but with life in the way it kept getting shoved to the side. We have also never worked out together and that has been so fun! I know it may sound silly but this really is a total God send. We both "wanted" to get in shape, but really had no clue where to even begin. Now I have to begin running on a treadmill for my warm up before the 20 minutes of _ _ _ _, that is where I begin! But afterwards I really do feel like an Olympic champion!!!!! I am giving you the link in case you would like to join the fun! And please pray we STICK WITH IT!!!!!!

4. Sunshine!!!! Ok, if any of my northern gals are reading and the sun has not come poking through where you live, just know that it is coming and that it is GLORIOUS!!!!!! These last few weeks I have had a new skip in my step!

5. Cleaning out projects. Ok, I know I am a super big dork and most normal people don't find cleaning out a storage shed to be the thrill of a life time, but I DO! I have been waiting for a pretty and free Saturday for months to go tackle our storage shed and this past weekend it was here! Jeremy didn't begin as enthusiastic as myself, but when it was all said and done he was thrilled. I did not take pictures (before and after) I am sad to say, but the most glorious part of it all was catching glimpses of our stored decorations and dreaming of one day again having a "home". I know "home is where the heart is" but for me, home is where I get to paint my own walls, hang all my stuff, and put down some roots with no intent of leaving anytime soon. I am trying everyday to live fully in this wonderful rental, but I still long for the day to hang my pictures and stay awhile!

Ok, I think 5 is enough for today! Hope everyone out there in blog world is having a great week so far and by all means, share with me a few of YOUR favorite things!

Because of Him,

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