Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Minute Miracle..................

Hello Friends! Our pastor gave us a great idea yesterday a.m. of a way to follow Jesus this Easter season through His journey from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. I thought that would be so much fun to do this week on the blog, but I wanted to begin by sharing my personal two minute miracle. For those of you who I know personally, I may have shared my journey with the Lord already, but for any new readers, give me two minutes to share just why I, personally, get beyond excited about this thing we call Easter and I can promise you it has absolutely nothing to do with a bunny. And I promise, two minutes or less will be all I need!

As I share in my profile, I grew up in kind of a 1/2 and 1/2 childhood. 1/2 as loving and normal as the rest and another 1/2 that was dark and as far from God's plan as one could possibly be! I actually accepted Christ as a young girl in my hometown. Even from the earliest of ages I remember needing a SAVIOR in the worst kind of way. But, unfortunately, discipleship and a knowledge of the Word was not something that followed that salvation so that was where it ended. A knowledge of a need, but no practical tools to fight the fight this life requires. Ok, then fast forward several years to a young college grad who had everything going for her on the outside, yet everything falling apart and quickly on the inside. I was a full blown alcoholic in a horribly horrific and sinful relationship and then I met JESUS! That's it! He changed my life, rocked my world, freed me from my addiction, got me out of that relationship, gave me the BEST looking husband on the face of the earth and in a nut shell, I have never been the same since!

So that my friends is why I celebrate Easter! I was a mess, and He cleaned me up! Nothing deeper than that! Easter is the reason I have or have done anything good in this life! So join me in Mark, Start with Chapter 11 and feel the journey Jesus went on just for YOU! Happy Easter week everyone! Thank goodness this week took place all those years back!



Kelly said...

Oh Kelly, I don't know why, but I teared up reading your story. I love you girl and the way you love Jesus is evident. Playdate, coffee, and Jesus stories this week please!!!

Anonymous said...

I look so forward to reading your blog! What an inspiration!! I love the way you encourage us to get in the word and stay. To read a book and grow in the Lord. Thank you for taking us all on this journey with you.
See you this weekend!!
Love ya sis!