Monday, March 30, 2009

That wasn't me.....................

Ok, I saw this on my friend's blog and thought it was hilarious and wouldn't you know it, just this morning alone I have lots of good material to share!!!

That wasn't me...........who went and stuffed Easter Eggs at Grace just to take advantage of their childcare (a/k/a to get rid of Cross).

That wasn't me...........who looked at the back of the Motrin bottle this morning to time when exactly I could give him his next dose. I am hoping this crankiness is from teething, thus has a cure!

That wasn't me...........who stuffed lots of pizza down my throat just a few weeks before I go to the beach. (All the while thinking I just won't eat much for dinner and man was it worth every bite).

That wasn't me...........who asked Cross to come into the room before I had to close the door to use the iron and when he refused I just closed the door and thought to myself "good, I didn't want you to come in anyway".

That wasn't me............who wonders how on earth we are going to make it through a MOUTH full of teeth, we are only on #4.........

That for sure wasn't me............who really did manage to somehow take her mind off of herself long enough to make her husband's lunch before he walked out the door! THAT MY FRIENDS WAS GOD!!!!!!!!

Love you all, pray for a weary mom, I think I just need a nap myself!

Prayer Request...................

Hey guys, if you have already read this post, thank you so much for your prayers, but my Dad's surgery has been postponed for at least a week. Right before he went back for surgery they determined that his throat was too swollen (I am assuming from just a cold/soar throat/sinus/allergy grud) so they sent him home for a week of anti-biotics. I'll promise to keep you updated!

Ok, good Monday morning everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!!!! I just wanted to jot you guys a quick note and ask for prayer.

First, at 9 this morning my father is going into surgery to have an aneurysm removed. It is a 3 hour surgery and obviously very dangerous. When he comes out of surgery he will have to spend 2 nights in the ICU and then the rest of the week in the hospital at Vanderbilt. Please pray that the surgery goes well and that my entire family, especially his wife my step-mom, will have total peace that he is in the hands of the great Physician. Also, please pray with me that the Lord will super naturally take away his addition to cigarettes. As smokers knows, a week in the hospital without a cigarette can be the scariest part. He needs a miracle in this department. Jesus I ask that just as people came to You while you were on this earth to heal their family members, that you will answer my prayer to release my father of this life gripping addiction and teach him how to walk in a healthy lifestyle that is pleasing to You. He can NOT do this without your power!!!!

Second, one of my dearest friends lost her mother this past weekend. She and her family are experiencing a huge loss and need our prayers to see them through. Although her mother was sick no one saw this in sight as she took a turn for the worse after an infection. Please pray as they lay her to rest this week and begin to move on daily without her in their lives!

Love you guys! Praying for all of you, especially the ones that have crazy life changes taking place! I am praying God will rock your world with His goodness in each and every detail!!!!!!


One last thing, had to add this: *Watch Daily Bread
"A great storm brings much needed rain to dry people!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing this side of Heaven.......

Hey guys, the coolest thing hit me today and I just had to share it! I have SEVERAL friends right now who I am watching God move in amazing ways in their lives. He is calling them to move, go, giving them adventures and callings. is where a "butt" is a good thing, but they are STILL having to practice lots of faith. They are still having to trust God with every single detail from their house selling to where their kids are going to go to school and today quiet frankly I don't even have the energy to think of all of that! It is like God is showing me that even when He opens an awesome door there are still trails to be had! So......with that, the only open door that is going to be carefree for those of us who are believers in our glorious Christ Jesus is the one to Heaven, everything else on this side is rubbish, even on the best of days! Ok, love ya, miss the ones I don't get to see often, and I cherish all that take the time to read!!!!!!!!!!

Can't Sleep?

Me neither............It is almost 4 a.m. and I have been up for at least 2 hours now. I tossed and turned forever and then finally got up figuring I should go ahead and get some good blog reading in if I was awake anyway. This sleep thing is driving me crazy. I was going to type, "I pride myself in getting a good nights sleep" and it hit me, that is probably the problem. God is probably humbling me into having great grace for those out there who struggle staying asleep or getting to sleep at night. I just think every problem in life has an answer and it is that mind set that certainly gets this gal into trouble. I don't have the gift of mercy, I have the gift of FIX IT! Well.........what happens when you can't fix it. What happens when you are just wide awake at 4 a.m., when you haven't had caffeine all week, when you are trying not to stress and worry or even better when you don't even think you are stressing and worrying. What happens when there is nothing else to pull from in your bag of "fix it" tricks and you are still wide awake. I think there may be things I am worrying about, even subconsciously, but I certainly am giving myself grace that these can't totally be avoided even with the strongest of faiths this side of heaven. I sometimes don't voice all of my fears because the Lord has given me an awesome verse for this season "For it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord, it is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young." Lam 3:26,27 but I think this sleep thing is giving a voice to them regardless. I DO want to move on in our calling and in our life. I want to dream again, I want to see the FULL deliverance of our God in this situation. I am so tired of the word "wait" that I never, ever want to hear it again! I want this mountain to move and I don't mean eventually, I MEAN TOMORROW, well technically TODAY! I want this cup to pass, this season to change, this test to end. I am weary of this broken road however I know it leads to YOU! I love you Lord, I am honored you would refine this highly stained heart, but please, please move soon even if it is just so I know that You are there!!!!!!! A few lines above in Lamentations (that is a fun word to say over and over by the way) are some cool verses that begin with an awesome word:
"Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope. Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed for his compassion's never fail. They are new EVERY MORNING; great is thy faithfulness. I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him." The Lord is GOOD to those whose hope is in him, to the ones who seek him." Lam 3:21-25
So even in this morning hour of knowing NOTHING of what He is going to do next I am going to have a big YET party! Not so I can appear to have it all together, (I think we skipped that when I started blogging at 4 a.m. don't you) but because deep down in the core of my being I really do believe every word of that scripture. I am just battling the spiritual verses the physical, my spiritual says "no worries, He is going to move and man is it going to rock my world when He does" the physical says "panic panic, wheels TURN".
Ok, love you guys, thanks for hanging with this crazy lady and her crazy life and most thankfully her crazy posts!!! Trying to go to bed again now!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey Gang............

Just like I promised.............The pictures are here! A slight explanation may be due...

Ok, so the first picture we will call "Rock Star Hair". Every morning when Cross wakes up his hair looks so hilarious and it hit me one morning, "this is how rocks stars do their hair". They wake, gel, and go........ So that is the key any guys out there looking to rock the rock star hair. You must shower at night and wake, gel, and go!

The next picture is Cross assisting Daddy with "around the house" duties at my mom's this weekend. Jeremy was so sweet to help mom do all kinds of miscellanious "honey do's". Cross was never far behind with his very own hammer assisting his Daddy! This picture caught a perfect moment of Jeremy moving two pictures he had hung a few months back 4 inches closer together! I am sure he was thinking "women" but he was a fabulous son-in-law and he got his handy fix fixed as well! Great weekend for a million reasons! Friday night we got to go to an amazing church in Hendersonville and join their Celebrate Recovery to see our friends give their AMAZING God glorifying testimony! I looked around that room and was in awe of all that some people in this world are trying to fight (not for one second forgetting that I have been in their seat) and thank goodness each of them has a Savior to make it possible to come out on the other end victorious! Thank you Jesus!!

Finally, "Chocolate Explosion" This OCD mom feels no need for Cross to have sugar or chocolate when I control what goes in his mouth and he has no clue either of those exist, not counting the horrible mess they both can offer! I promise I let grandparents and friends feed him as they wish, but I have yet to let loose! So the other night Cross was a bit fussy, I was a bit tired, and I was tempted to eat an entire chocolate reindeer (don't ask) all by myself so I resisted and put Cross up on my lap and let him have the shock of his life. You should have seen the look on his face! He didn't make a peep for 20 minutes! It was a win, win and we needed a bath regardless! I am sure by the 3rd I won't even notice but for now, that will do us for a bit!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey everyone, first and foremost I promise that pictures of Cross are to come. We honestly just haven't done anything all that exciting lately so our camera hasn't hit the scene, but I promise even if it is just his sweet smile, I will come up with something this week. I also wanted to thank you guys so dearly for your prayers for this past weekend. I was well enough to make the conference and as I went back and read our prayers in the previous blog, tears rolled down my face as each and every one of them were answered! It was one of the most amazing moves of God I have seen in a while and it changed my soul forever! I remembered this weekend that church doesn't change people, good speakers, or even an awesome worship leader, they don't change people, no, only the Holy Spirit sweeping through our hearts and doing a work that only HE can do changes people and watching that reminded me why this Jesus thing is the real deal! THANK GOODNESS! Finally, I am feeling better, but still not 100%. My throat is still killing me, but Jeremy is finally out of the woods with the same weird virus. Cross is cutting his third tooth and in rare form as a seriously confident little toddler! His nose is like a never ending faucet which makes his open mouth kisses just to die for! :) I wish I could send each of you one just so you could share my joy! In all seriousness, when he kisses me and I haven't even asked, it makes me forget the 2 million moments of rebellion in just one short afternoon! My break has made a huge difference in my attitude for certain! Ok, that is a little update on our crew and again I promise pictures are to come. I also wanted to share with you guys some awesome sermons I have listened to this week. My mentor told me that I am going to need a LOT of Jesus during this season of our life and that has been my goal and I must share the goods, because they have been just that, good to say the least!!!!!! "My Best Friend, Jesus: The Carpenter" "The Dip" "Living Eternally"


Friday, March 13, 2009

Beth Moore, even better than Santa, is coming to town.........

Hello sweet friends! It is super late again and I am thinking that either my chest cold is keeping me up or I am letting the stress I am saying I don't have affect me and it is coming out in my lack of sleep. This gal has consistently hit the pillow before 10p.m. for years and years and now I feel like a crazy person. I do think this cold has something to do with it because it gets so much worse at night.

Ok, so on to Beth........ In less than 24 hours I am, Lord willing, going to sit my hind end in a seat, possibly a pew, and open my spiritual cup and ask Beth Moore to fill me full of the Word of God until I OVERFLOW!!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. What is God going to do there? What is He going to show me? How will He speak to me? How cool will it be when I have that moment of "this message is JUST for me". I know all of these things are going to happen because the Lord has specifically instructed me to attend this conference, sent the money for the ticket, and told me that He would have a word for me there! Oh, the thrill of following a PERSONAL Jesus! I cringe at anything less.

In addition, I can feel myself needing a break from Cross. I am starting to detect that feeling, it sounds a little like "kid, everything you are doing is getting on my last nerve". Obviously not his fault when you consider, but it is reality all the same! This mom just needs a little time away and then, at least for a bit, the one that thinks anything and everything the kid does is SO adorable will return!!!!!

Ok, so I would love for you guys to pray for me, but more importantly, pray for Beth as she ministers to Pastor's Wives, sometimes the most beaten down crowd. Pray that the Holy Spirit falls on that room full of women and that chains be broken and lives be healed! Please pray that our group has an awesome time as we all need this desperately for one reason or another. Finally, pray because behind every good man is a good woman and this gal wants to fulfill her God given calling completely!!!!!!!

Finally, I love you guys to death! I pray you have a getaway planned for yourself! I pray there is a conference on your horizon and on your schedule! Whatever it is that you need, I pray God provides every detail of your "something to look forward to". This week Jeremy and I sought some very wise council regarding our situation and one thing our pastor suggested was that we not stop dreaming! I can promise this dreaming thing comes very natural for this gal. I was even instructed that I had to tone it down a little when dreaming with my practical man because I scare him a bit. How odd, but I guess he thinks the same of me! The point is, without hope, the people will perish. So even if it is nothing more than a dream of what color you want to paint the walls one day, or a conference you have been needing, but too stubborn to plan, dream on sweet friend, your soul needs a little something to look forward to I promise!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At a loss for words............

Hey guys, I think for once in my life this lady may be at a loss for words and that personally scares me a bit! I thought I would at least give a little family update so I could make a post, but this gal of many words has arrived at only a few. So how are the Bullocks? We are here! Some days that is good enough! I recently heard Joyce Meyer say that a victorious woman is simply one that doesn't give up so I at least feel like I have fit that bill and not given up. I have wanted to give up, but then I laugh (or cry depending on the mood) when I stare at the reality of what that even has to offer. Sure if you give up on a diet you get to eat a cookie or if you give up on a job you get to have a day off, but what happens when you want to give up on life, or even more scary, give up on God...... I know, it is even hard for me to write, but that is the decision I face daily. Giving up on life means I will buy back into bondage, NO FUN, trust me, been there done that. It means drinking beer or getting lost in the deception of "stuffness", it means doing what feels good at the moment to mask the pain of reality, but does that really sound all that appealing? Same with giving up on God (they really are one in the same I guess). satan getting what he wants, me falling back into another pit, turning my back on my husband and my son, nope, that doesn't seem to be a better option either. Ok, so stick it out, keep truckin through, get up, get dressed, and get going somewhere (even if it is to the free park for a walk) has become my new motto. I don't have a clue what God is up to, but I am certain that because His Word promises so, He is for certain up to something. Secondly, there are bigger fish to fry when spending some time talking to friends. I mean, J and I aren't the ONLY ones with unknowns or rough times (we whine and pretend we are, but we are not). I told a girlfriend today that I have given the same advice 10 times this week to 10 different women, don't give up! How deep, how full of insight, not really, but that is all I know to say! So, wherever you are in life, whatever lie satan is telling you or mess things seem to be, don't give up! A victorious day may mean getting out of bed, making coffee and crawling to your quite time with Jesus, but I am CERTAIN there are angels in Heaven cheering you to your seat! God knows this life is hard! He sees your attempts and many days it is the smallest win that pleases Him most! So today, take your kid to the park or better yet, just don't kill them. Today, build your husband up, and if that seems impossible just hold your tongue and try your hardest not to tear him down. Today, just try to do everything in your power (better yet God's power through you) not to sin! These things are all wins! They may not seem earth shattering, but on the Kingdom Calendar they are great victories all the same. So, how are the Bullocks, yes we are better than we deserve (thanks for the reminder Kelly :)) Our sweet baby boy is finally working on his 3rd tooth and has some kind of never ending cold so he is cranky a lot! J is being one of the most godly men I have ever witnessed as he patiently waits on the Lord to reveal what is next. Snick is doing great at our friend Shawnna's. She is being bossed by a little girl who is thrilled to have someone lower than her in the pecking order. And this gal, well, let's just say that the only time of the day my mind is right is when it is in a Bible or listening to a sermon so I am attempting to make that the norm instead of the exception! So, all in all, the Bullocks are great and want you look a there, this gal of few words is now one of many!

You guys just cheer me up!

Ignore errors, I all of the sudden can't sleep well either and it is 11:00, blurry, very blurry!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I meant to post this last week, but if you are a mother of a preschooler and live in the Clarksville area AND are interested in a Bible Study on Thursday mornings, please email me at If you don't live here I promise we are doing nothing fun at all, you are missing nothing, no fun here! hahahahaha