Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At a loss for words............

Hey guys, I think for once in my life this lady may be at a loss for words and that personally scares me a bit! I thought I would at least give a little family update so I could make a post, but this gal of many words has arrived at only a few. So how are the Bullocks? We are here! Some days that is good enough! I recently heard Joyce Meyer say that a victorious woman is simply one that doesn't give up so I at least feel like I have fit that bill and not given up. I have wanted to give up, but then I laugh (or cry depending on the mood) when I stare at the reality of what that even has to offer. Sure if you give up on a diet you get to eat a cookie or if you give up on a job you get to have a day off, but what happens when you want to give up on life, or even more scary, give up on God...... I know, it is even hard for me to write, but that is the decision I face daily. Giving up on life means I will buy back into bondage, NO FUN, trust me, been there done that. It means drinking beer or getting lost in the deception of "stuffness", it means doing what feels good at the moment to mask the pain of reality, but does that really sound all that appealing? Same with giving up on God (they really are one in the same I guess). satan getting what he wants, me falling back into another pit, turning my back on my husband and my son, nope, that doesn't seem to be a better option either. Ok, so stick it out, keep truckin through, get up, get dressed, and get going somewhere (even if it is to the free park for a walk) has become my new motto. I don't have a clue what God is up to, but I am certain that because His Word promises so, He is for certain up to something. Secondly, there are bigger fish to fry when spending some time talking to friends. I mean, J and I aren't the ONLY ones with unknowns or rough times (we whine and pretend we are, but we are not). I told a girlfriend today that I have given the same advice 10 times this week to 10 different women, don't give up! How deep, how full of insight, not really, but that is all I know to say! So, wherever you are in life, whatever lie satan is telling you or mess things seem to be, don't give up! A victorious day may mean getting out of bed, making coffee and crawling to your quite time with Jesus, but I am CERTAIN there are angels in Heaven cheering you to your seat! God knows this life is hard! He sees your attempts and many days it is the smallest win that pleases Him most! So today, take your kid to the park or better yet, just don't kill them. Today, build your husband up, and if that seems impossible just hold your tongue and try your hardest not to tear him down. Today, just try to do everything in your power (better yet God's power through you) not to sin! These things are all wins! They may not seem earth shattering, but on the Kingdom Calendar they are great victories all the same. So, how are the Bullocks, yes we are better than we deserve (thanks for the reminder Kelly :)) Our sweet baby boy is finally working on his 3rd tooth and has some kind of never ending cold so he is cranky a lot! J is being one of the most godly men I have ever witnessed as he patiently waits on the Lord to reveal what is next. Snick is doing great at our friend Shawnna's. She is being bossed by a little girl who is thrilled to have someone lower than her in the pecking order. And this gal, well, let's just say that the only time of the day my mind is right is when it is in a Bible or listening to a sermon so I am attempting to make that the norm instead of the exception! So, all in all, the Bullocks are great and want you look a there, this gal of few words is now one of many!

You guys just cheer me up!

Ignore errors, I all of the sudden can't sleep well either and it is 11:00, blurry, very blurry!!!!!!!!


Anita said...

Kel - All I can say is "I know"!! Love you!!

Anita said...

Kel - All I can say is "I know" and I'm with YOU!! Love you!!

Beverly said...

About 4:00 yesterday afternoon, I was coming back to my school after day-long meetings. I went to the nearest-to-my-car door on the chance that someone would be nearby and let me in (as you know, we sadly must keep the school doors locked nowadays). Just as I looked inside, a 5th grader (from the afterschool program) was walking down the hallway and opened the door for me. I thanked her profusely and reminded her that she kept me from having to walk ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BUILDING (which would NOT have hurt me!). She looked up with a sweet smile and said, "God just takes care of us in millions of ways, doesn't He?"
So -- this "give-up queen" decided that maybe God was sending her a reminder. He DOES know about all of the garbage! He DOES care about all the garbage! He IS working on the garbage! (and me at the same time) I've just got to remember to keep my eyes/mind/heart focused on Him and not that stinking can!
BB (aka "Queen Give Up")
Jeremiah 32:26-27
P.S. - Don't I have the cutest grandkids you've ever seen?

Kelly said...

Oh girl, you have no idea just how much I needed to read this. Thank you so much for being real and honest! Love you and praying for you!

Missy said...

Hey Kelly! Call me sometime when you are going to the park to walk, I would love to go with you for the exercise! Don't give up, keep your faith! I know it is hard and sometimes I feel just like you and want to give up!

Anonymous said...

been going through the same thing as you. satan is the one that came to steal kill and destroy. Jesus came to give us live and live more abundantly. If we can hold on to that, we will be ok. I love what your friend wrote about the garbage. I needed that too. I think that sometimes we get "caught" up in this "life" and forget what is really important sometimes. Someone told me onetime that we are "too blessed to be stressed" How true that is. I pray you have a great day today and receive what you need from the service. God is good. We sometimes dont allow him to work in our lives like he wants. thank you for your continued blog!! It is very encouraging and uplifing.
Sherrie in decherd