Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey everyone, first and foremost I promise that pictures of Cross are to come. We honestly just haven't done anything all that exciting lately so our camera hasn't hit the scene, but I promise even if it is just his sweet smile, I will come up with something this week. I also wanted to thank you guys so dearly for your prayers for this past weekend. I was well enough to make the conference and as I went back and read our prayers in the previous blog, tears rolled down my face as each and every one of them were answered! It was one of the most amazing moves of God I have seen in a while and it changed my soul forever! I remembered this weekend that church doesn't change people, good speakers, or even an awesome worship leader, they don't change people, no, only the Holy Spirit sweeping through our hearts and doing a work that only HE can do changes people and watching that reminded me why this Jesus thing is the real deal! THANK GOODNESS! Finally, I am feeling better, but still not 100%. My throat is still killing me, but Jeremy is finally out of the woods with the same weird virus. Cross is cutting his third tooth and in rare form as a seriously confident little toddler! His nose is like a never ending faucet which makes his open mouth kisses just to die for! :) I wish I could send each of you one just so you could share my joy! In all seriousness, when he kisses me and I haven't even asked, it makes me forget the 2 million moments of rebellion in just one short afternoon! My break has made a huge difference in my attitude for certain! Ok, that is a little update on our crew and again I promise pictures are to come. I also wanted to share with you guys some awesome sermons I have listened to this week. My mentor told me that I am going to need a LOT of Jesus during this season of our life and that has been my goal and I must share the goods, because they have been just that, good to say the least!!!!!!

www.gatewaypeople.com "My Best Friend, Jesus: The Carpenter"
www.elevationchurch.org "The Dip"
www.cornerstonesimi.com "Living Eternally"


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