Friday, March 13, 2009

Beth Moore, even better than Santa, is coming to town.........

Hello sweet friends! It is super late again and I am thinking that either my chest cold is keeping me up or I am letting the stress I am saying I don't have affect me and it is coming out in my lack of sleep. This gal has consistently hit the pillow before 10p.m. for years and years and now I feel like a crazy person. I do think this cold has something to do with it because it gets so much worse at night.

Ok, so on to Beth........ In less than 24 hours I am, Lord willing, going to sit my hind end in a seat, possibly a pew, and open my spiritual cup and ask Beth Moore to fill me full of the Word of God until I OVERFLOW!!!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. What is God going to do there? What is He going to show me? How will He speak to me? How cool will it be when I have that moment of "this message is JUST for me". I know all of these things are going to happen because the Lord has specifically instructed me to attend this conference, sent the money for the ticket, and told me that He would have a word for me there! Oh, the thrill of following a PERSONAL Jesus! I cringe at anything less.

In addition, I can feel myself needing a break from Cross. I am starting to detect that feeling, it sounds a little like "kid, everything you are doing is getting on my last nerve". Obviously not his fault when you consider, but it is reality all the same! This mom just needs a little time away and then, at least for a bit, the one that thinks anything and everything the kid does is SO adorable will return!!!!!

Ok, so I would love for you guys to pray for me, but more importantly, pray for Beth as she ministers to Pastor's Wives, sometimes the most beaten down crowd. Pray that the Holy Spirit falls on that room full of women and that chains be broken and lives be healed! Please pray that our group has an awesome time as we all need this desperately for one reason or another. Finally, pray because behind every good man is a good woman and this gal wants to fulfill her God given calling completely!!!!!!!

Finally, I love you guys to death! I pray you have a getaway planned for yourself! I pray there is a conference on your horizon and on your schedule! Whatever it is that you need, I pray God provides every detail of your "something to look forward to". This week Jeremy and I sought some very wise council regarding our situation and one thing our pastor suggested was that we not stop dreaming! I can promise this dreaming thing comes very natural for this gal. I was even instructed that I had to tone it down a little when dreaming with my practical man because I scare him a bit. How odd, but I guess he thinks the same of me! The point is, without hope, the people will perish. So even if it is nothing more than a dream of what color you want to paint the walls one day, or a conference you have been needing, but too stubborn to plan, dream on sweet friend, your soul needs a little something to look forward to I promise!!!!!!!


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