Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Mommy, Ranch Dressing, and Happy Birthday Daddy!

So, these topics really have nothing in common, but that is our life really! Today my incredibly handsome husband is having a birthday so we wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday with some adorable photos of his clone. Also, I rarely feel this way, but when I was letting Cross run through those puddles at the glorious Coy Lacy Park, I knew I was being a good momma. I was lettin the boy be a boy and not worrying about the mess! Thank you Jesus! Finally, just for laughs and to totally make fun of myself. At snack I gave Cross some leftover fries and chicken from our Chick fil a treat and I put some ranch dressing on the plate to kind of spice it up a bit (just for the record I swore I was never going to create a dipper, but daddy's sometimes trump you and then you realize it really works great and throw all of your "I would nevers" out the door, this happened too with the passy now that I recollect). Ok, sorry for the rabbit trail! So, in an effort to help Cross learn a few words I am trying to "name" everything so I said, "look Cross, that is rANch". I really wish I would of had a recorder, because every ounce of redneck that is in me was revealed in that very moment. I want you to try to say it for yourself, just to get a good laugh.........rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnch! try it again! raaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnch! Yes, despite my attempts, I still sound like I am from the mountains of Tennessee, which isn't a bad place to be! Ok, love you guys! Hope you enjoyed the photos and Daddy, Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the good genes!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you ever heard a such?

Hello everyone! I really have nothing to write about (that in itself could make the post title valid) but I wanted to say hello and that just sounded like a catchy title! I was inspired to write as I was surfing some blogs by some friends who have not felt the need to update in forever (HINT HINT). I most certainly did not want to be at fault of the same crime so I figured I would say hello so that all of my friends would have a brand new post to catch up on the Bullock Crew! I am also thrilled to have a group picture from Gatlinburg to show off this year's crew! Have you ever seen a more beautiful group of women? I think NOT! My heart smiles when I see this picture because I know most of their stories, most of their babies (at least by name) and most of their desires and I promise at the top of every single one of their lists' is Jesus! He is the apple of their eye and it is cool that they (we) too are the apple of His! How amazing is that? As I have started this post I have thought of several good things to share so I will list it again if you don't mind. You guys have a wonderful weekend! Love on your hubbies if you have one, pray for one if you don't and spend some qt with Jesus this weekend! He wants a date with you so bad He can hardly stand it! By all means, don't stand Him up!

1. A friend of mine told her daughter this at the park yesterday: This gets mom of the year award along with convict the fire out of Kelly award!
Mom: "Kylie, why do we share?"
Daughter: "Because God wants us to share."
Mom: "Your right baby and remember everything is God's, it is not ours so of course we share with our friends!"
Alrighty.....................may need to remember that one personally!

2. I am rereading "For Women Only" in our small group and I read this portion yesterday! This whole book rocks if you haven't read it! It is a love/hate book for sure! You will love its wisdom, but hate it when the rubber meets the road and you actually have to move on to application! So ladies if you have a husband, go buy this book and let's put being Christian wives at the top of our list along with Christian women! TALKING TO MYSELF TODAY, TRUST ME, JUST ASK MY HUBS, BEEN A LITTLE NAGGY THIS WEEK!

"I wish that my wife understood that making a priority of meeting my intimacy needs is the loudest and clearest way she can say, "You are more important to me than anything else in the world." It is a form of communication that speaks more forcefully, with less room for misinterpretation, than any other."

Alrighty then again!

3. I want to move on with life; I am working lots on being patient and content! Your selfishness shines like the sun when you aren't getting your way. That is for certain! YUCK!

4. And that does it, back to the real world, love you guys!


P.S. It was brought to my attention this week that I may have a slight problem with the overuse of !!!!!!!!!!!! so know that I am working on that problem! Please don't start counting! hahahhahhaha

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning Blog World............

Thank you Hunter for the trains!

Our next favorite, the tractor!

This is our frist day of school and yes I totally cried!

Cross with a friend of his, how cute can you get?

We are still wondering if he is J's...............NOT

I feel so bad for not updating on life in general so that is for sure what this post will be! I also knew that if I didn't come bearing pictures that I may get deleted from bookmarks and favorites so in hopes that you will continue to come back for more I am gave you several great photos for your viewing pleasure! I am going to list again as that seems to be the only way my poor brain will function these days! Shawnna can say it faster than I can get it out of my mouth, the answer to all of life's problems, Jesus first, then make a list! So here goes.............

1. Cross, the cutest darn kid on planet earth! I have been blessed with a season of more wanting to kiss his cheeks clear off of his face that wanting to rip them off (PRAISE THE LORD)! An awesome mom told me recently that the hard labor of establishing who is boss has much fruit to bear and I feel like we are seeing that for sure! DON'T hear me for one second saying that I think we are in the clear as I know we have about 16+ years to go in that department. There was just a time when I was wondering if his heart was ever going to get shepherded and now when he does obey (especially in public, thank you Jesus for those rare occasions) it makes me feel like the hard work at home, the work no one sees or gives you a raise or a promotion for, really is paying off! He is for sure full throttle boy and I for sure wouldn't have it any other way! I know I have a great amount of wisdom gapage in raising children so I have been praying lately for the Lord to empower me to raise up a mighty MAN of God! I had to take a moment to capture the snapshots of Cross running anything with wheels along the couches! That is where you can find him most days and it thrills my soul! Most days previously you could find him in the toilet or sneaking into something he knew was a NO NO, but the moments where he is quiet and just playing, ah the joy! Words on the other hand, well keep praying that the mommy saying "one day it will just click and they will talk, talk, talk" is true. You would THINK he would get some of that a little more naturally from yours truly???

2. Snick, well, sweet Snick has no clue that she is supposed to be a prissy lap dog, instead she is a vicious hunter who looks for any escape route out the door to chase whatever the heck is hidden in the woods next to our house. She some how managed to talk Cross into letting her out the other day, but thankfully that time my mommy radar ears kicked in and they were both busted! She came in the other day completely covered in mud, the kind where she not only had to have a bath right away, but a two shampoo bath. Ok, sorry, if you aren't an animal lover, I promise, there are really friends out there who do care about these details, and yes, we know we are weird!

3. J, my super sweet husband won me over for life the other night on a hot date to WalMart when he bought me a vacuum to do the hardwood and tile in our house. I am sure he was shocked at my response. He probably thought, who knew diamonds were not needed, this gal is for sure a cheap date! God is using him lots, I will leave it at that, he is for sure ready for the next season, but God is using him in a mighty way here and now so I personally am a super proud wife to say the least!

4. Me..........well, God is rocking my world, that is for certain! I am going to make a list within a list to show you what He is teaching me, I'll limit it to 4 so you can actually get on with life!
a. He doesn't want me to get it all together! WEW, thank goodness! The other day I told Jeremy, "I just wish I could get it together, for even a month, I wish that I could not have a breakdown, a pitty party, a whining fest, or a sinful bought of wanting to kill someone for an entire month!" God spoke so clearly to my heart after that, He said, "Kelly, I don't want you to get it all together, I just want you to constantly turn to me." Oh thank goodness, I can't tell you how freeing that was to hear! The fact is I obviously can't get it all together and the thought that God knows that and isn't at all annoyed with my grabling for help just put a skip in my step! He actually wants that intimacy, that need for Him to constantly come to the rescue! Totally lighbulb for me!
b. Gatlinburg was awesome! Yes, life changing for sure! Thank you so much for your prayers. I saw such a miracle in the fact that I had peace, even up unto the moment that I taught! I wrote down one hundred notes from Christy's message on how to receive love from God, specifically intimate love, so that may have to be another post all together! I wished all of you could have heard her message, she is totally an anointed teacher to say the least! She shared out of how He had been romancing her personally. To sum it up in one line for now she said "Jesus would rather die than to be without you!" Every women in that room I think got the picture that we really are the princess in the love story and He really is the Prince!
c. Still, love, love, loving "Forgotten God", here is the one central theme God is showing me personally: learning how to walk in step with the Spirit! Such a freeing concept, not carrying a heavy burden, just walking through life with an awesome Friend. Francis said this "Because the fact is that if you were in step with the Holy Spirit, listening to and obeying Him, you wouldn't sin (Gal 5:16)". For me that means, if I stay close to the Holy Spirit, I won't eat too much, exercise too little, scream too much, love too little, spell or say cuss words too much, think of others too little! I don't have to keep a rule book I just have to take nudges from my best friend! I could write about a million other things on this subject but am refraining, again, another post, but this book is a must, did I already mention that?
d. Being Spirit led in scheduling your week is life changing. A week with God's anointing on it has about a million less frustrations than the alternative. I need to do a better job of this, when I do, I don't end up backing out of things, feeling overwhelmed, letting my house go to pot and wondering when on earth was the last time I actually played on the floor with my kid!

Ok, the sun is up now (yes I know I am weird), that is my hint! Love you guys to death!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you madly in love....................

That was the question posed to me a few short years ago by an almost total stranger at lunch! I had gone to lunch with a lady who I had only met "through a friend of a friend" and I met with her because I knew one simple truth, she was madly in love with Jesus. If there is one thing I have done right while walking with the Lord it has been making a point of spending time with women who were totally sold out and this lady was no different. I can't even remember what the "reason" for the lunch was at the time, but I know for me it was simply to be near a Jesus lady. Well, I can say for certain she caught me totally off guard with her question. Are you madly in love with your man? the time, deep down, the answer honestly was no. For those of you who know my husband, he is awesome, but like all women, I probably took him for granted, I knew ALL of his flaws and life was just so darn busy that the puppy love she was insinuating was very low on my priority list! That day as I sat at lunch and listened to a women share about the gift, better yet the choice, of being madly in love with your mate, I caught a vision that I pray never fades. I wanted what she was sharing and I wanted it at any cost. The cost was high and it has been several years, but I am thrilled today to share with you that I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH JEREMY! I don't have to pretend to be or talk myself into it, when I see that man I can hardly keep my hands off of him and if anyone on this earth tried to bad mouth him I would come as unglued as this 5'2" gal could and sucker punch them right in the nose.

So here is my question for you today...............Are you madly in love with your man? This concept came to my mind when I was talking on the phone to a dear friend who is almost old enough to be my momma. She is worried about her child and their marriage. I told her the only thing she could do was to go home and take good care of her own man! I could tell by her response that she too had bought into the lie that those "googly eyed" days were over! I could tell she KNEW her man's faults (probably almost 30 years of them) and I could tell she maybe just maybe had been guilty of taking her man for granted! I don't know why but I couldn't help but think that maybe some of you (like me) could be guilty of the same! Maybe your man doesn't pick up his underwear or isn't as chatty cathy as you wished he would be! Maybe he isn't "spiritual" enough, maybe his breath stinks or his lack of table manners have almost sent you over the edge! Maybe he watches WAY too much football or listens to way too little Christian music! Maybe just maybe your man was like my man and just wasn't perfect! Well ladies, I have news for you, there is a love relationship that you were designed to have with your spouse that you could be missing out on because you are unwilling to pay the high price it costs to get there! Humility and intentionality come with a price tag that took every amount of the Holy Spirit's power for me to pay! I got so excited thinking about how much better my friend's home would look is she would just go home and pinch her husband's butt (and a few other unmentionables), make him a dinner that would cause him to want to smack his momma and then rub his back while he watched the game! So many of us are so worried about our spouse's flaws that we forget our long laundry list of imperfections! We are too focused on their lack of romance to notice our lack of affection! We are too stubborn to go get our fairy tale ending, we want it served up on a silver platter as if we were the Queen of Egypt!

So yes I promise I will fill you in on Gatlinburg soon, but this message just seemed to have a Monday kind of urgency in my soul! I am so thankful for that random conversation I had with that sweet women that day! I honestly don't think I have seen her since, but God used her to change my marriage and to bless my life and I am so thankful He did! Our men need us to believe in them, to respect them unconditionally, heck, just to give them a break for not being perfect! Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you need to do TONIGHT to start the pursuit of being madly in love with your man!

Still chasing

Single ladies who are reading, so sorry to spend a whole post on the marrieds, but let me tell ya, print this one out and trust me, if it is God's will for you to have a hubby, you will need it! What we dream of for so many years, we so quickly take for granted!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Morning Blog World............

It is a not so bright and shiny 4 a.m. and I am writing for prayer! In a few short hours a slew of us from all across the state (not counting our 2 Ohio friends) will be heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for our girls trip, the one I have mentioned several times in recent posts. I am unsure totally of why God has me up at 4 a.m. but I know He does and I am betting a large portion has to do with me praying and asking for your prayers for this entire trip! Saying that satan has and is putting up a full war zone in regards to this trip is nothing but a vast understatement. Almost every person that has committed to going has either backed out or been super tempted. For me personally, I have had to grip life by my teeth this week just to avoid insanity. I know God is going to do great miracles in our lives while we are there, but we are for certain having to fight tooth and nail just to make that step happen!

I also considered not sharing another detail with you guys because of a desire to not sound "braggy" but my heart is so far in the realm of desperation that I must have your prayers. I am teaching Saturday night, a session on Love at 8 p.m. and I have yet to feel like God has totally given me my message! So prayer warriors, as always, you are my number one pick! I need people interceding for me and I never, ever want to be too proud to ask! I received the sweetest email from a gal yesterday from what seems like a million miles away saying that she is a reader friend. You have no idea how God used that to rock my world. So if you are in "ear distance" of this blog and you would be willing to pray us up whether you and I have been the dearest of friends since the first grade of have never laid eyes on one another, please know that I am so very grateful for your friendship!

I am asking you to pray specifically for two things:
1. My message.
1 Corinthians 2:3-5
"I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power."
That is my greatest desire, that God would give a great demonstration of the Spirit's power because I am for sure going in weakness and fear and with much trembling!
2. For the women coming, that they would get there! The verse that keeps coming to my mind is in Daniel when the angel was trying to get him, but had to first fight a war in the heavenlies. Man has there been a war this week and please pray that each person who is supposed to be there will be fought for and that the war will be won!
Daniel 10:12
"Then he continued, "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them."
Our group has prayed and fasted and tried to be faithful in asking for a great miracle! I pray that our words were heard!

Ok..............that does it, I feel better already! I love you guys to death! I will for sure send you a post next week totally bragging on all that God did and promise some pics as well! Have an awesome weekend wherever you are and a big GOD BLESS!


p.s. excuse typos, it is 4 a.m.
p.s.s. (how 5th grade, but it made me laugh) Here is a link about our group with a pic from last year if you want a visual for your prayers!
p.s.s.s. Christy is the other girl that will be teaching and I am CERTAIN she would covet your prayers as well! She is Saturday a.m.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There has GOT to be more.............

That was the feeling deep embedded in my heart just a few short years ago. I couldn't explain to anyone how I felt, other than the fact that I felt as if there had to be more, more to this whole Jesus thing, more than anyone had articulated to me personally. I read the Scriptures and felt even more discouraged. It didn't seem to add up. Sure we don't walk through deserts in America or herd sheep, but God, He seemed different as well and Scriptures promised that wasn't the case. Then one day it happened, the Lord started to do a work (well, I guess really He continued because He put that stirring in me to begin with) in my life that I am praying will change me forever. He sent a man into my home, via the internet, named Francis Chan. I will never forget the first words to the message series Jeremy brought home to me, Francis said "I just keep feeling like there has GOT to be more." A pastor begging for more, I can't explain the excitement I had, it was like I had been raising my hand (secretly of course) for months asking the question and God had sent a teacher to give me the answer. I blogged about that sermon series then, Cross was a little guy, just a baby, and I am certain that my journey has just begun! Do you ever get that feeling, a disconnect between the Bible and today, just something in the depths of your soul that assures you that there must be more?

Well, as God would ordain it, I eventually got to hear Francis in person, continued to listen to his teachings online, even had the privilege of "watching" him begin his calling as an author. Then I heard him say these words in a message and I knew God had even bigger plans to rock my world, He said, "my second book will be coming out this fall, it is on the Holy Spirit". I am certain I almost did a cartwheel in the room where I sat listening. A whole entire book about the God I had so come to love. See all along that was what I had been asking for, curious about, reading about in Scriputre yet rarely hearing His name, The Forgotten God! That's the name of the book and that was the focus of that sermon series God plopped in my lap a year or so back, The Holy Spirit. Some of you may have been "raised" in a church where you were taught often on the Holy Spirit, the first lesson I received told me that He was nothing like the One mentioned in the Bible and that didn't sit well with me then (even as a brand new student of the Word) and it most certainly does not sit well with me now! I do want more, I do think there is a vast disconnect between the power accounted for in the Bible and the power we are experiencing today, but I don't think for one second that it is God who has changed. I think it is satan who has been very crafty to cause us to "simmer down" the greatest gift God gave to the post Jesus believers! We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit yet many of us shun His name altogether! Many have abused Him most certainly, but by all means, let's don't let their unbiblical approach cause us to form another unbiblical approach to counteract it!

I finally got a copy of the book in my hands last night and I awoke more alive today than I have in months. So refreshed to be reminded HE LIVES INSIDE OF ME, HE WAS SENT TO COMFORT ME, HE HOLDS THE POWER TO USE ME TO CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR JESUS! Now that is for certain better than even the biggest and best cup of coffee Starbucks could offer! I love you guys and I want you to have more. No matter where you are in your walk, if you have been feeling the same stirring, go today and pick up a copy of the "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan and ask God to please rock your world. This is a prayer He promises to say yes to, He wants you to know Him more, no worries that one could fail!

I would never (nor would he want me to I am certain) want you to think that I am putting Francis Chan on some kind of pedestal. He is simply a man seeking God, nothing bigger. I am just so thankful that the Holy Spirit has used him to personally encourage me in such a major way, so many miles away! I am thankful that he was brave enough to write this book, brave enough to admit that he does NOT know all the answers and brave enough to try to start a revival that will assure more will enter the Kingdom of Heaven by the One who holds the key!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grocery Store..................

Ok, so I didn't mean for their to be a mommy errand theme, but I think this could be fun! The Pediatricians Office and now the Grocery Store, how much more excitement could a girl ask for! Here is the adventure play by play!

Find a parking spot by the carts for easy Cross access! Dog-gone-it, forgot his diapers and sippy cup, must turn the cart around and go back to the car! Check

Went to Sango Walmart even though I live closer to exit 4's cause I was over there having lunch with J, shopped there for years when we lived here before. I put my list in "row" order, but figured I could wing it from being remodeled...............enough said! A ZOO before Labor Day! Check

Have a plan to go potty and change Cross when we walk in the door, giving myself a pep talk, "just get it done before you get started and it will be easier, don't rush". Bathroom being cleaned, be ready in 10 minutes............... Check (10 minutes is a life time with a kid in the cart, I can hold it, his diaper can hold his)

Run into one of my BFF's. The kind you could talk to for hours with lots of yummy coffee, yep, the kind you have already talked to on the phone 2 hours before yet you have to stand obnoxiously in the middle of an isle and catch up on what has progressed in the last 2 hours, now we are really behind, the list is long and Cross is barking loudly up and down the isle..........Check

Sweet Jesus, we have to hit it, Cross is melting, focus Kelly, focus on your list! Stop and get Cross chocolate milk (yes I opened the little blessed 50 cent bottle and put it in his sippy cup on site, no shame, this is practical) AND goldfish and we are set! CHECK

The total is adding up way too quickly, narrowing it down..........gotta go, been in here way too long, where on earth is anything in this new layout! Check

FINALLY make it to the check out lane, a little boy in front of us entertains Cross (a blessing from God), a lady opens up a new lane and comes and gets me and doesn't turn on her light until I am in line (another blessing from God). Only $7 over my budget and considering that I am doing math with an almost 2 year old hurling my pen across the store (another blessing from God, the total part, not the pen)! CHECK

Get out to the car........cold stuff in the back seat, other in the trunk, literally about to pee my pants, but have no options now other than to hold it! Milk and yogurt are certain to spoil! Check

Get home, unload and put up like a crazy women (after I pee), if I ever sit I won't stand again so take my second wind to knock it all out, oh crap, the dog is frantically looking for a treat, I say to her, "Snick, mommy is so sorry, she totally forgot to get you a treat. She will put it on her list right now so she won't forget next time". If anyone heard me they would for sure know I am crazy! CHECK

And finally, finding two goldfish in my back pocket that had hit the floor in Walmart (I do have my germ limits) and offering them to the dog as an ever so exciting treat and she snubs her nose at them.................check!

Life rocks, the few things I left out, some dude smiling at me like he was flirting and me thinking to myself, are you kidddddinnnggggggggg me, people all over the store complaining about the new layout and me cracking up at how we do NOT like change that's for darn sure, me pointing out a million things in the store to keep Cross happy, only a few of which he actually knows exist. And after it is all said and done, me putting Cross down for a nap and vegging makes life totally okay!

You guys rock! Avoid Sango Walmart for a few weeks if at all possible!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pediatrician's Office

Today Cross and I ventured into germ territory to check out our 453rd rash to make sure there was no chance of infection! Usually, I don't even bother with a doctor's appointment as we have become accustomed to a rash, but evidently in the night Cross had clawed his little bottom to death and he awoke looking like a child who had been self mutilated. I went through the horrible mom-guilt emotion and took him in just to make sure we were doing everything right. This was one of those moments where DCS could have been called had the wrong person taken a look at his rear! For us, a "normal" bottom is being clear about one week out of the month. Trust me, I have tried all kinds of diapers, creams, wipes, you name it, I have tried it! HOWEVER, I wrote today to share with you more than Cross' "private" problem. Today at the pediatrician's office my people watching skills got greatly fulfilled and I had to share with you guys some funny, some that will make you want to cry your eyeballs out, experiences that we encountered.

The first of which I will call the "Angry Mom"! I see this everytime I go into that office and today it really hit me how blessed we are. You know the angry mom look and I pray, pray, that none of you live in the angry mom state. It is the mom who always looks like she is ready to kill someone at any moment. She mainly looks like she wants to kill her own kids, she models nothing of the southern hospitality polite talk that is mandatory here in good ol' Tennessee. You are afraid for her to dare see you look her way; she might come out and smack you across the face as well! Well, today we saw an angry mom and it made me sad, sad for her, certainly sad for her sweet daughter that may or may not be the culprit of her ill mood, just plain ol sad for the entire situation. I wanted her to know Jesus, to know His love, to know His hope, to know His grace! So, I know this may sound silly, but please pray with me today for all the angry moms out there! Life put them in that foul mood and there is only one way out! Pray they open that door as I know He is in fact knocking!

The second encounter I had made me call Jeremy crying like a blubbering idiot when we left. I am sure he finds that oh so odd. How a woman can not even know a person and cry their heads off on their behalf. He was polite, but got off quickly. I took the hint but knew you guys would be a captive audience for sure. So as I walked in the door this a.m. for an 8:00 appointment, there was a doctor there who greeted me and opened the door. As we all know, doctors do NOT usually stand in as door greeters. They are a mysterious being, they come in and out of your exam room in two point two seconds, disappear, reappear, and then disappear for good. So naturally, seeing the doctor at the front door caught my attention, maybe it was just a nice day and he wanted all the fresh air he could get before the hours behind walls began. Well...........then the reality hit. He walked in with a lady and her child and I instantly knew something was wrong. She had the 8:00 appointment as well, but for a much bigger reason than myself. She had panic and terror written all over her face! I hate to say much else just in case, by some random chance, I could be breaking some kind of Hippa law. But I instantly knew, we had to go to war and pray for that sweet momma. I saw her in the back and I stopped and told her I was praying for her and the look on her face (half thank you, half I may fall out in the floor from fear) will be embedded in my head forever!

You see, today we walked out with a rash that needed triple antibiotic ointment and a onesie at bed time. I think her life as she knew it may have changed today! The good news is, we know the Healer and He knows the one who needs the healing and we are going to ask IN JESUS' NAME on her behalf! You guys come into agreement with me and pray boldly, pray for a miracle of all miracles! Pray on that baby's behalf as if it were your own!

In addition, many of you have asked about Shawnna, she is doing so much better. We have a daily phone conversation that has been on hold for months, yet has returned and I couldn't be more thrilled. She is in fact who I called after I got the Jeremy diss this a.m. and we cried together. She is experiencing her own family member childhood drama. Her nephew who is not yet one, has cancer, a tumor on his kidney. He has been in surgery all day today so by all means let's pray for him to be t-totally healed as well! Good gravy, life has a lot to bear!

Finally, fall..............I know this is a random ending to this post, but good golly gee, I love fall! The air already smells delicious, outside already feels divine and it has just begun (not even technically). So happy fall! Happy healthy kids day and big prayers out there for the others! I love you guys like crazy!