Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pediatrician's Office

Today Cross and I ventured into germ territory to check out our 453rd rash to make sure there was no chance of infection! Usually, I don't even bother with a doctor's appointment as we have become accustomed to a rash, but evidently in the night Cross had clawed his little bottom to death and he awoke looking like a child who had been self mutilated. I went through the horrible mom-guilt emotion and took him in just to make sure we were doing everything right. This was one of those moments where DCS could have been called had the wrong person taken a look at his rear! For us, a "normal" bottom is being clear about one week out of the month. Trust me, I have tried all kinds of diapers, creams, wipes, you name it, I have tried it! HOWEVER, I wrote today to share with you more than Cross' "private" problem. Today at the pediatrician's office my people watching skills got greatly fulfilled and I had to share with you guys some funny, some that will make you want to cry your eyeballs out, experiences that we encountered.

The first of which I will call the "Angry Mom"! I see this everytime I go into that office and today it really hit me how blessed we are. You know the angry mom look and I pray, pray, that none of you live in the angry mom state. It is the mom who always looks like she is ready to kill someone at any moment. She mainly looks like she wants to kill her own kids, she models nothing of the southern hospitality polite talk that is mandatory here in good ol' Tennessee. You are afraid for her to dare see you look her way; she might come out and smack you across the face as well! Well, today we saw an angry mom and it made me sad, sad for her, certainly sad for her sweet daughter that may or may not be the culprit of her ill mood, just plain ol sad for the entire situation. I wanted her to know Jesus, to know His love, to know His hope, to know His grace! So, I know this may sound silly, but please pray with me today for all the angry moms out there! Life put them in that foul mood and there is only one way out! Pray they open that door as I know He is in fact knocking!

The second encounter I had made me call Jeremy crying like a blubbering idiot when we left. I am sure he finds that oh so odd. How a woman can not even know a person and cry their heads off on their behalf. He was polite, but got off quickly. I took the hint but knew you guys would be a captive audience for sure. So as I walked in the door this a.m. for an 8:00 appointment, there was a doctor there who greeted me and opened the door. As we all know, doctors do NOT usually stand in as door greeters. They are a mysterious being, they come in and out of your exam room in two point two seconds, disappear, reappear, and then disappear for good. So naturally, seeing the doctor at the front door caught my attention, maybe it was just a nice day and he wanted all the fresh air he could get before the hours behind walls began. Well...........then the reality hit. He walked in with a lady and her child and I instantly knew something was wrong. She had the 8:00 appointment as well, but for a much bigger reason than myself. She had panic and terror written all over her face! I hate to say much else just in case, by some random chance, I could be breaking some kind of Hippa law. But I instantly knew, we had to go to war and pray for that sweet momma. I saw her in the back and I stopped and told her I was praying for her and the look on her face (half thank you, half I may fall out in the floor from fear) will be embedded in my head forever!

You see, today we walked out with a rash that needed triple antibiotic ointment and a onesie at bed time. I think her life as she knew it may have changed today! The good news is, we know the Healer and He knows the one who needs the healing and we are going to ask IN JESUS' NAME on her behalf! You guys come into agreement with me and pray boldly, pray for a miracle of all miracles! Pray on that baby's behalf as if it were your own!

In addition, many of you have asked about Shawnna, she is doing so much better. We have a daily phone conversation that has been on hold for months, yet has returned and I couldn't be more thrilled. She is in fact who I called after I got the Jeremy diss this a.m. and we cried together. She is experiencing her own family member childhood drama. Her nephew who is not yet one, has cancer, a tumor on his kidney. He has been in surgery all day today so by all means let's pray for him to be t-totally healed as well! Good gravy, life has a lot to bear!

Finally, fall..............I know this is a random ending to this post, but good golly gee, I love fall! The air already smells delicious, outside already feels divine and it has just begun (not even technically). So happy fall! Happy healthy kids day and big prayers out there for the others! I love you guys like crazy!


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