Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning Blog World............

Thank you Hunter for the trains!

Our next favorite, the tractor!

This is our frist day of school and yes I totally cried!

Cross with a friend of his, how cute can you get?

We are still wondering if he is J's...............NOT

I feel so bad for not updating on life in general so that is for sure what this post will be! I also knew that if I didn't come bearing pictures that I may get deleted from bookmarks and favorites so in hopes that you will continue to come back for more I am gave you several great photos for your viewing pleasure! I am going to list again as that seems to be the only way my poor brain will function these days! Shawnna can say it faster than I can get it out of my mouth, the answer to all of life's problems, Jesus first, then make a list! So here goes.............

1. Cross, the cutest darn kid on planet earth! I have been blessed with a season of more wanting to kiss his cheeks clear off of his face that wanting to rip them off (PRAISE THE LORD)! An awesome mom told me recently that the hard labor of establishing who is boss has much fruit to bear and I feel like we are seeing that for sure! DON'T hear me for one second saying that I think we are in the clear as I know we have about 16+ years to go in that department. There was just a time when I was wondering if his heart was ever going to get shepherded and now when he does obey (especially in public, thank you Jesus for those rare occasions) it makes me feel like the hard work at home, the work no one sees or gives you a raise or a promotion for, really is paying off! He is for sure full throttle boy and I for sure wouldn't have it any other way! I know I have a great amount of wisdom gapage in raising children so I have been praying lately for the Lord to empower me to raise up a mighty MAN of God! I had to take a moment to capture the snapshots of Cross running anything with wheels along the couches! That is where you can find him most days and it thrills my soul! Most days previously you could find him in the toilet or sneaking into something he knew was a NO NO, but the moments where he is quiet and just playing, ah the joy! Words on the other hand, well keep praying that the mommy saying "one day it will just click and they will talk, talk, talk" is true. You would THINK he would get some of that a little more naturally from yours truly???

2. Snick, well, sweet Snick has no clue that she is supposed to be a prissy lap dog, instead she is a vicious hunter who looks for any escape route out the door to chase whatever the heck is hidden in the woods next to our house. She some how managed to talk Cross into letting her out the other day, but thankfully that time my mommy radar ears kicked in and they were both busted! She came in the other day completely covered in mud, the kind where she not only had to have a bath right away, but a two shampoo bath. Ok, sorry, if you aren't an animal lover, I promise, there are really friends out there who do care about these details, and yes, we know we are weird!

3. J, my super sweet husband won me over for life the other night on a hot date to WalMart when he bought me a vacuum to do the hardwood and tile in our house. I am sure he was shocked at my response. He probably thought, who knew diamonds were not needed, this gal is for sure a cheap date! God is using him lots, I will leave it at that, he is for sure ready for the next season, but God is using him in a mighty way here and now so I personally am a super proud wife to say the least!

4. Me..........well, God is rocking my world, that is for certain! I am going to make a list within a list to show you what He is teaching me, I'll limit it to 4 so you can actually get on with life!
a. He doesn't want me to get it all together! WEW, thank goodness! The other day I told Jeremy, "I just wish I could get it together, for even a month, I wish that I could not have a breakdown, a pitty party, a whining fest, or a sinful bought of wanting to kill someone for an entire month!" God spoke so clearly to my heart after that, He said, "Kelly, I don't want you to get it all together, I just want you to constantly turn to me." Oh thank goodness, I can't tell you how freeing that was to hear! The fact is I obviously can't get it all together and the thought that God knows that and isn't at all annoyed with my grabling for help just put a skip in my step! He actually wants that intimacy, that need for Him to constantly come to the rescue! Totally lighbulb for me!
b. Gatlinburg was awesome! Yes, life changing for sure! Thank you so much for your prayers. I saw such a miracle in the fact that I had peace, even up unto the moment that I taught! I wrote down one hundred notes from Christy's message on how to receive love from God, specifically intimate love, so that may have to be another post all together! I wished all of you could have heard her message, she is totally an anointed teacher to say the least! She shared out of how He had been romancing her personally. To sum it up in one line for now she said "Jesus would rather die than to be without you!" Every women in that room I think got the picture that we really are the princess in the love story and He really is the Prince!
c. Still, love, love, loving "Forgotten God", here is the one central theme God is showing me personally: learning how to walk in step with the Spirit! Such a freeing concept, not carrying a heavy burden, just walking through life with an awesome Friend. Francis said this "Because the fact is that if you were in step with the Holy Spirit, listening to and obeying Him, you wouldn't sin (Gal 5:16)". For me that means, if I stay close to the Holy Spirit, I won't eat too much, exercise too little, scream too much, love too little, spell or say cuss words too much, think of others too little! I don't have to keep a rule book I just have to take nudges from my best friend! I could write about a million other things on this subject but am refraining, again, another post, but this book is a must, did I already mention that?
d. Being Spirit led in scheduling your week is life changing. A week with God's anointing on it has about a million less frustrations than the alternative. I need to do a better job of this, when I do, I don't end up backing out of things, feeling overwhelmed, letting my house go to pot and wondering when on earth was the last time I actually played on the floor with my kid!

Ok, the sun is up now (yes I know I am weird), that is my hint! Love you guys to death!

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