Friday, September 4, 2009

Grocery Store..................

Ok, so I didn't mean for their to be a mommy errand theme, but I think this could be fun! The Pediatricians Office and now the Grocery Store, how much more excitement could a girl ask for! Here is the adventure play by play!

Find a parking spot by the carts for easy Cross access! Dog-gone-it, forgot his diapers and sippy cup, must turn the cart around and go back to the car! Check

Went to Sango Walmart even though I live closer to exit 4's cause I was over there having lunch with J, shopped there for years when we lived here before. I put my list in "row" order, but figured I could wing it from being remodeled...............enough said! A ZOO before Labor Day! Check

Have a plan to go potty and change Cross when we walk in the door, giving myself a pep talk, "just get it done before you get started and it will be easier, don't rush". Bathroom being cleaned, be ready in 10 minutes............... Check (10 minutes is a life time with a kid in the cart, I can hold it, his diaper can hold his)

Run into one of my BFF's. The kind you could talk to for hours with lots of yummy coffee, yep, the kind you have already talked to on the phone 2 hours before yet you have to stand obnoxiously in the middle of an isle and catch up on what has progressed in the last 2 hours, now we are really behind, the list is long and Cross is barking loudly up and down the isle..........Check

Sweet Jesus, we have to hit it, Cross is melting, focus Kelly, focus on your list! Stop and get Cross chocolate milk (yes I opened the little blessed 50 cent bottle and put it in his sippy cup on site, no shame, this is practical) AND goldfish and we are set! CHECK

The total is adding up way too quickly, narrowing it down..........gotta go, been in here way too long, where on earth is anything in this new layout! Check

FINALLY make it to the check out lane, a little boy in front of us entertains Cross (a blessing from God), a lady opens up a new lane and comes and gets me and doesn't turn on her light until I am in line (another blessing from God). Only $7 over my budget and considering that I am doing math with an almost 2 year old hurling my pen across the store (another blessing from God, the total part, not the pen)! CHECK

Get out to the car........cold stuff in the back seat, other in the trunk, literally about to pee my pants, but have no options now other than to hold it! Milk and yogurt are certain to spoil! Check

Get home, unload and put up like a crazy women (after I pee), if I ever sit I won't stand again so take my second wind to knock it all out, oh crap, the dog is frantically looking for a treat, I say to her, "Snick, mommy is so sorry, she totally forgot to get you a treat. She will put it on her list right now so she won't forget next time". If anyone heard me they would for sure know I am crazy! CHECK

And finally, finding two goldfish in my back pocket that had hit the floor in Walmart (I do have my germ limits) and offering them to the dog as an ever so exciting treat and she snubs her nose at them.................check!

Life rocks, the few things I left out, some dude smiling at me like he was flirting and me thinking to myself, are you kidddddinnnggggggggg me, people all over the store complaining about the new layout and me cracking up at how we do NOT like change that's for darn sure, me pointing out a million things in the store to keep Cross happy, only a few of which he actually knows exist. And after it is all said and done, me putting Cross down for a nap and vegging makes life totally okay!

You guys rock! Avoid Sango Walmart for a few weeks if at all possible!

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The Feicht Family said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh gal, i am so glad to know that it's the same for all of us! i feel like that is a typical day in my life, especially the part about the goldfish in my pocket! thanks for the sanity check!!! :)