Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There has GOT to be more.............

That was the feeling deep embedded in my heart just a few short years ago. I couldn't explain to anyone how I felt, other than the fact that I felt as if there had to be more, more to this whole Jesus thing, more than anyone had articulated to me personally. I read the Scriptures and felt even more discouraged. It didn't seem to add up. Sure we don't walk through deserts in America or herd sheep, but God, He seemed different as well and Scriptures promised that wasn't the case. Then one day it happened, the Lord started to do a work (well, I guess really He continued because He put that stirring in me to begin with) in my life that I am praying will change me forever. He sent a man into my home, via the internet, named Francis Chan. I will never forget the first words to the message series Jeremy brought home to me, Francis said "I just keep feeling like there has GOT to be more." A pastor begging for more, I can't explain the excitement I had, it was like I had been raising my hand (secretly of course) for months asking the question and God had sent a teacher to give me the answer. I blogged about that sermon series then, Cross was a little guy, just a baby, and I am certain that my journey has just begun! Do you ever get that feeling, a disconnect between the Bible and today, just something in the depths of your soul that assures you that there must be more?

Well, as God would ordain it, I eventually got to hear Francis in person, continued to listen to his teachings online, even had the privilege of "watching" him begin his calling as an author. Then I heard him say these words in a message and I knew God had even bigger plans to rock my world, He said, "my second book will be coming out this fall, it is on the Holy Spirit". I am certain I almost did a cartwheel in the room where I sat listening. A whole entire book about the God I had so come to love. See all along that was what I had been asking for, curious about, reading about in Scriputre yet rarely hearing His name, The Forgotten God! That's the name of the book and that was the focus of that sermon series God plopped in my lap a year or so back, The Holy Spirit. Some of you may have been "raised" in a church where you were taught often on the Holy Spirit, the first lesson I received told me that He was nothing like the One mentioned in the Bible and that didn't sit well with me then (even as a brand new student of the Word) and it most certainly does not sit well with me now! I do want more, I do think there is a vast disconnect between the power accounted for in the Bible and the power we are experiencing today, but I don't think for one second that it is God who has changed. I think it is satan who has been very crafty to cause us to "simmer down" the greatest gift God gave to the post Jesus believers! We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit yet many of us shun His name altogether! Many have abused Him most certainly, but by all means, let's don't let their unbiblical approach cause us to form another unbiblical approach to counteract it!

I finally got a copy of the book in my hands last night and I awoke more alive today than I have in months. So refreshed to be reminded HE LIVES INSIDE OF ME, HE WAS SENT TO COMFORT ME, HE HOLDS THE POWER TO USE ME TO CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR JESUS! Now that is for certain better than even the biggest and best cup of coffee Starbucks could offer! I love you guys and I want you to have more. No matter where you are in your walk, if you have been feeling the same stirring, go today and pick up a copy of the "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan and ask God to please rock your world. This is a prayer He promises to say yes to, He wants you to know Him more, no worries that one could fail!

I would never (nor would he want me to I am certain) want you to think that I am putting Francis Chan on some kind of pedestal. He is simply a man seeking God, nothing bigger. I am just so thankful that the Holy Spirit has used him to personally encourage me in such a major way, so many miles away! I am thankful that he was brave enough to write this book, brave enough to admit that he does NOT know all the answers and brave enough to try to start a revival that will assure more will enter the Kingdom of Heaven by the One who holds the key!

Have a great day!

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