Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you ever heard a such?

Hello everyone! I really have nothing to write about (that in itself could make the post title valid) but I wanted to say hello and that just sounded like a catchy title! I was inspired to write as I was surfing some blogs by some friends who have not felt the need to update in forever (HINT HINT). I most certainly did not want to be at fault of the same crime so I figured I would say hello so that all of my friends would have a brand new post to catch up on the Bullock Crew! I am also thrilled to have a group picture from Gatlinburg to show off this year's crew! Have you ever seen a more beautiful group of women? I think NOT! My heart smiles when I see this picture because I know most of their stories, most of their babies (at least by name) and most of their desires and I promise at the top of every single one of their lists' is Jesus! He is the apple of their eye and it is cool that they (we) too are the apple of His! How amazing is that? As I have started this post I have thought of several good things to share so I will list it again if you don't mind. You guys have a wonderful weekend! Love on your hubbies if you have one, pray for one if you don't and spend some qt with Jesus this weekend! He wants a date with you so bad He can hardly stand it! By all means, don't stand Him up!

1. A friend of mine told her daughter this at the park yesterday: This gets mom of the year award along with convict the fire out of Kelly award!
Mom: "Kylie, why do we share?"
Daughter: "Because God wants us to share."
Mom: "Your right baby and remember everything is God's, it is not ours so of course we share with our friends!"
Alrighty.....................may need to remember that one personally!

2. I am rereading "For Women Only" in our small group and I read this portion yesterday! This whole book rocks if you haven't read it! It is a love/hate book for sure! You will love its wisdom, but hate it when the rubber meets the road and you actually have to move on to application! So ladies if you have a husband, go buy this book and let's put being Christian wives at the top of our list along with Christian women! TALKING TO MYSELF TODAY, TRUST ME, JUST ASK MY HUBS, BEEN A LITTLE NAGGY THIS WEEK!

"I wish that my wife understood that making a priority of meeting my intimacy needs is the loudest and clearest way she can say, "You are more important to me than anything else in the world." It is a form of communication that speaks more forcefully, with less room for misinterpretation, than any other."

Alrighty then again!

3. I want to move on with life; I am working lots on being patient and content! Your selfishness shines like the sun when you aren't getting your way. That is for certain! YUCK!

4. And that does it, back to the real world, love you guys!


P.S. It was brought to my attention this week that I may have a slight problem with the overuse of !!!!!!!!!!!! so know that I am working on that problem! Please don't start counting! hahahhahhaha

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