Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Mommy, Ranch Dressing, and Happy Birthday Daddy!

So, these topics really have nothing in common, but that is our life really! Today my incredibly handsome husband is having a birthday so we wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday with some adorable photos of his clone. Also, I rarely feel this way, but when I was letting Cross run through those puddles at the glorious Coy Lacy Park, I knew I was being a good momma. I was lettin the boy be a boy and not worrying about the mess! Thank you Jesus! Finally, just for laughs and to totally make fun of myself. At snack I gave Cross some leftover fries and chicken from our Chick fil a treat and I put some ranch dressing on the plate to kind of spice it up a bit (just for the record I swore I was never going to create a dipper, but daddy's sometimes trump you and then you realize it really works great and throw all of your "I would nevers" out the door, this happened too with the passy now that I recollect). Ok, sorry for the rabbit trail! So, in an effort to help Cross learn a few words I am trying to "name" everything so I said, "look Cross, that is rANch". I really wish I would of had a recorder, because every ounce of redneck that is in me was revealed in that very moment. I want you to try to say it for yourself, just to get a good laugh.........rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnch! try it again! raaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnch! Yes, despite my attempts, I still sound like I am from the mountains of Tennessee, which isn't a bad place to be! Ok, love you guys! Hope you enjoyed the photos and Daddy, Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the good genes!


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