Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Idols, no thank you......................

Hello everyone! I am writing from my oh so glorious home on a stormy Tuesday. I rarely do these days well, but today is an at home day that so far is going great! I have been cleaning and cooking, actually my favorite mommy jobs when they don't get shoved down the priority list! Cross is now napping! I am blogging! What more could a girl want out of life?? Well...................THAT honestly is what seems to be the problem. God spoke to me today and said, "Kelly, everything that you are discontent about or that you think would make you happy is actually an idol." WOW! Whether it is a job or financial security, a cute house or even a few extra clothes, that feeling, that huffy, puffy, eight year old kind of feeling, can usually always be linked back to an idol. Me thinking that "thing", whatever it is, will really make me happy. You see today, I can make a choice to spend time with God, to rest in His presence, to relax and read His Word and to be encouraged OR I can focus on the "I wants, I deserves, or the I should haves". The sad truth is, none of those things I desire will even bring happiness, at least not happiness that will last longer than a day or so!

Last Tuesday I had a Jesus day and honestly, as far back as I can remember, that day ranked up there with like wedding and baby day. It was an ordinary day, I drove to see Shawnna, I had downloaded a sermon series that made God super dooper big and I had the windows down, desiring to feel His presence like never before. And WHAT DO YA KNOW, it was a great day! One that did not include a job, the green late for another baby, my dream home or even Cross minding his manners, it just included Jesus. So I am logging off and trying again, trying to seek Him, spend time with Him, be filled UP by Him and let Him be my true source of joy! As for Kelly Bullock, and as for today, idols..............no thank you, they don't work anyways!


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