Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Mania Con't.................................

So, Pumpkin Mania Has Continued! Now instead of calling a pumpkin, a ball, he calls it a "Bi-Boo", it is SOOOOOOO cute! It kinda sounds like "Bible" which made me a little sad that we have no clue what that word is but we are focused in on a pumpkin. BUT I will try to refrain my legalism and be certain that we will in fact show him Jesus. His sweet little words today are making my heart smile instead of my brain panic. It is so cute when they say words weird, so darn cute!

This is our first pumpkin carving as a family and with J and I being the two most creatively/artistically challenged humans on earth I thought it turned out quiet well. We both laughed when it came to the carving time, we looked at each other like "what on earth are we supposed to do". Obviously, we figured it out and Cross smiles and tells it "hi" every time he walks by the front door. Today I turned it towards the door instead of towards the road. This bi-boo is for him anyways! Another funny moment was when Cross, the not so neatest kid on earth, would have no part in touching the yucky pumpkin guts. He turned into Mr. Neatfreak, what odd timing!

C has actually been sick for the past few days, thankfully it is NOT the flu, but we have still been home bound so far this week. This is random and off subject, but I feel like I am getting more and more in the groove of being a mommy everyday. Not to say that I don't have horrible moments (you can most certainly have J confirm those) but I am at least enjoying this calling more often than feeling lost and defeated! It is for sure the largest transition of my life, greatest gift, largest transition! Well, you guys have a great rest of the week! Thanks so much for sharing life with us!

The Bullocks and Mr. Bi-Boo

Oh and P.S. The Hope Pregnancy Center's Banquet ROCKED! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I love nothing more than kicking satan in the B-O-O-T-Y!!!!!!!!! If God is calling you to do something BIG, SCARY, or HARD, press on sweet sister, it is so worth it in the end! So worth seeing Jesus lifted HIGH and something else getting a good taste of his own medicine!


Emily Doss said...

Too funny- I told Daniel just the other day that we needed to practice pumpkin carving for when Jeremiah gets here!

Amy said...

Have you heard of "The Pumpkin Patch Parable" by Liz Curtis Higgs? We just got this book, and it's perfect to go along with pumpkin carving. He may get more out of it next year, but I love it even for me. And the pumpkin turned out adorable!!!

Nickname unavailable said...

HEY Kelly, Jeremy, and Cross! Miss you guys---love the pictures!!!! Hope to talk to you soon. Much love,
Peri (Aunt pp)