Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's almost here.......

Good Morning Blog World,

I write to you this early Tuesday morning accompanied by my sweet dog who may just have a complete and utter nervous breakdown before these summer storms are over. I am getting picky these days and being up in the middle of the night, often, WITH A DOG, is not my cup of tea, a newborn maybe, a newly adopted toddler maybe, but a dog, not so much. I have medicine to give her but often times I don't know the storm is coming and by the time the medicine takes affect (or is it effect) the storm has come and gone and we are all WIDE AWAKE to prove it.

There is a life lesson tied in there for certain but this is certainly not why I was getting on to write; I was writing to chat about the blog's fancy overnight makeover. I, by no means, can take a lick of credit. Almost 100% of the time if I have something going on in the design world that is the least bit impressive it is because God has graced me with amazingly talented friends and nothing could be truer in this situation.

We are gearing up for the launch of Minivan Mayhem and certainly had to bring the blog along for the ride. I am dying to give you guys 101 details, but until everything gets ironed out I want to leave you with a video that ever so perfectly depicts exactly what we desire to do with this crazy discipleship group for women that is starting this fall called Minivan Mayhem. Just watch the video and envision the very girly version but overall what we desire to be. Basically, if you want to know Jesus more, and you live anywhere near Clarksville, TN, this may just be a group for you. I am one big combination of honored, excited, and scared half to death, so if you are a reader and you are far from here and unable to participate I would just about go as far as to beg for some prayers in the months to come. But if you are a local and thinking this may sound like something you are interested in know that we will have sign ups and more details ready to rock and roll in just a few weeks.


Well, now that everyone is nice and CALM I guess I sould try to crawl back in bed and catch a few more hours of sleep before my very own personal minivan mayhem begins again. I love you guys and thank you beyond words for reading the writings of this poor, saved by the blood of Jesus, kind of gal!

Because of Him,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I had it in my head...............

Good Morning Blog World! I have had a little thought swirling around in this mommy brain for a week or so now and that usually means I need to make time and get on and share. I personally love a revelation from the Lord, even sometimes when it is convicting, because it still helps all of this crazy life seem to make a bit more sense and to me that is never a loss. I was also remined a few days ago from the various texts I got throughout the day from a dear friend just how UP and down life can be and how much we need all the revelation we can possibly get.

Ok, so on to the topic at hand, a week or so ago I had the glorious privilege of taking a road trip to the big city of Louisville, KY with some dear friends. I got to have one of my most favorite treats on earth and that is road-trip girl-talk. To me there is really nothing better (well I do enjoy road trip hubby talk as well). You have hours and hours to hear every one's entire life story. If you don't have kids with you it is like a 3 hour uninterrupted phone conversation and any mom out there (or pour soul trying to chat on the phone with a mom) knows that NEVER happens. You can tell the whole story, details and all, not just the shortened version. You can focus because there is nothing else pulling at your attention, other than an occasional GPS mishap that is. To me it really is the best.

One of the sweet girls on our journey was telling a story of how she had experienced something so many of us know full well, life, our idea of what it would be verses the sometimes sobering reality of what it in fact really is. Along the way she coined a term that I just cannot get out of my thoughts. She said, "I had it in my head...". Nothing deep to the average Joe, but to me that day God made that the most profound phrase ever. It was like God had shined a spotlight, used a heavenly highlighter, and said to me "this is your problem with a lot of things in life Kelly, you had it in your head".

I don't know about you guys but I am problem solving junky. I am really NOT the gal to come to just to vent, I wanna HELP. I wanna solve your problem, find a solution, fix it quickly and move on with life. I usually run as if every trail in life is one good solution away from disappearing. I have a doctor or a book for just about anything and my (not so) glorious advise on life very often carries over into my relationship with the Lord. I GET IT IN MY HEAD all the time what He should do, how He should fix it, how He could make everything all better. And with this very annoying tendancy I am frequently let down because God didn't react how I thought He should, He didn't perform how I thought would be best, He didn't do the miracle I had it in my head that He should do.

So as I sat down to type this a.m. the Lord instantly gave me a verse and so I had to also share with you because SURELY I am not the only one out there with this need to fix everything ailment. It's one we hear all the time, one we see written on wall hangings and such, one we probably know by heart but God is showing me not by head. Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING (whatever you had in your head) and in all your ways acknowledge Him (the maker of the Heavens and the earth) and HE will make your path straight. (Emphasis mine, hahhaha)

I felt like God was saying to me, every time you have something in my head, even when you think you prayed and I led you that way, when things don't work out like that in your reality, lean not. Lean not on your own understanding, remember I am BIG, my ways are not your ways. I do have a plan, a solution, and quiet honestly it is much better than yours, thank you very much. Just TRUST IN ME!

So with that said this average everyday a.m., what do you have in your head? What do you have in your head to the point that you would be darn right annoyed with God if He didn't cause it to be in your reality? I usually keep a pocket of several but I would love nothing more this morning than to just lay them ALL down. I would love it if I could get to the point that I didn't demand God to perform how I had in mind, over the big as well as the little. When someone gets a cold and my day doesn't go as planned or when 4 years of my life seem to be an insane roller coaster I never ever saw coming, may I lean not and trust in. He is BIG, we are little, He is really smart and all knowing, we only pretend to be, He HAS OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART, we have our selfish interest in mind. I would love to look back in 5 years and have actually been more trusting in Him and less trusting in me. I would love to not always need to know why or have a great solution ready to share. I would love to watch HIM work out the details and see the glorious benefits of staying out of the way. How about you guys? Pray for me and I'll pray for you!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Minivan Mayhem...A Discipleship Group for Women

HELLO Blog World along with something I don't say very often around here, Good Afternoon! I am usually always a morning gal, but today as I write from a cozy spot preparing to work on something God is nudging me towards I somehow just cannot begin before saying hello to you. I have not thought once about when I would share with you guys this calling God has placed on my heart, maybe I thought whenever the heck I got time enough to sit down and chat!?!? Honestly, for so long it has felt so very far off that there was no need to mention, but now as I type it is truly sinking in that it is THREE short months away and kind of really TWO but we won't dwell too much on that fact or I will have to exit the blog and get to work.

So...in a nut shell, God has been showing me a very specific calling He has for me as well as a place where the body of Christ just really struggles and that area is in discipleship. We "love" on people, we "mentor" people, but do we really ever intentionally disciple them??? I have never been intentionally on the receiving or the giving end of that and as I sat and thought I honestly did not know very many people who had. So through that realization came something I believe God has called me to start in the Fall of 2011 and that is "Minivan Mayhem, A Discipleship Group for Women".

In M&M we are going to learn how to intentionally disciple women and be intentionally discipled all at the same time and in the mean time attempt to "teach the older and the younger women" as Paul charges in the 2nd chapter of Titus AND THEN somewhere along the way I am praying we will laugh our heads off, build life long relationships, and for Pete's sake do real life together with a few women instead of just saying hello on Facebook Chat-guilty-. People are messy and so we avoid them, the Bible is complex so we avoid it, but Christ esteems them both very highly and so I think it is time we all start digging in and I include myself first and foremost in that challenge.

So here I am, tucked away for a 24 hour work day for Minivan Mayhem. My own personal mayhem makes it a bit difficult to hone in and focus so this fine (kid free) space is doing wonders to put everything at ease. Please pray for me that God would speak to me this weekend and direct this path. It is all His, all at His feet, He will receive all the honor and glory because Lord knows if the thing gets pulled off it will certainly all be Him and nothing of me. I want to be His tool. I want women to be victorious, to know the Word, to know how the heck to make a grocery list and most of all to know the intensely intimate relationship of their Savior. He is everything and we are sitting in a community while drawing closed our garage doors, and all the while we are right beside hundreds of thousands of hurting women, needy women, and women who are dying to do this thing called life with victory but don't have a clue where to begin.

I have so been (and am really) one of these women, in the area of parenting especially. Many of us grew up in the anit-home economics era and I most days haven't the foggiest of even where to begin with two toddlers. I had big plans in banking you know, but God had others and it will take some "older women" even if just by a year or two to show me the ropes. We are going to dive into the Word and figure out how the heck to avoid a poppy diaper disaster all sometimes in the same day.

So with that, there will certainly be more to come, opportunities to sign up, the ol' who-what-when-where-why and how are in the works. I've certainly gotta get to work just in case someone actually decides to show up! I know I am in a constant state on this blog begging for prayer and sadly I am not going to stop now. Pray I don't get even my pinkie toe in the way of this thing. Pray if it is not Jesus that it flops flat in front of my face. Pray that if it is Him that it will be a great ministry to our wonderful city of Clarksville. Pray it will reach military wives as well as the good ol boys of Clarksville's significant others (that's where I would be I guess so not at all knockin) and everyone else in between. WE ALL NEED JESUS, either way! I love you guys and so long, there are details to be done!

Because of Him,
Kelly Bullock