Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's almost here.......

Good Morning Blog World,

I write to you this early Tuesday morning accompanied by my sweet dog who may just have a complete and utter nervous breakdown before these summer storms are over. I am getting picky these days and being up in the middle of the night, often, WITH A DOG, is not my cup of tea, a newborn maybe, a newly adopted toddler maybe, but a dog, not so much. I have medicine to give her but often times I don't know the storm is coming and by the time the medicine takes affect (or is it effect) the storm has come and gone and we are all WIDE AWAKE to prove it.

There is a life lesson tied in there for certain but this is certainly not why I was getting on to write; I was writing to chat about the blog's fancy overnight makeover. I, by no means, can take a lick of credit. Almost 100% of the time if I have something going on in the design world that is the least bit impressive it is because God has graced me with amazingly talented friends and nothing could be truer in this situation.

We are gearing up for the launch of Minivan Mayhem and certainly had to bring the blog along for the ride. I am dying to give you guys 101 details, but until everything gets ironed out I want to leave you with a video that ever so perfectly depicts exactly what we desire to do with this crazy discipleship group for women that is starting this fall called Minivan Mayhem. Just watch the video and envision the very girly version but overall what we desire to be. Basically, if you want to know Jesus more, and you live anywhere near Clarksville, TN, this may just be a group for you. I am one big combination of honored, excited, and scared half to death, so if you are a reader and you are far from here and unable to participate I would just about go as far as to beg for some prayers in the months to come. But if you are a local and thinking this may sound like something you are interested in know that we will have sign ups and more details ready to rock and roll in just a few weeks.


Well, now that everyone is nice and CALM I guess I sould try to crawl back in bed and catch a few more hours of sleep before my very own personal minivan mayhem begins again. I love you guys and thank you beyond words for reading the writings of this poor, saved by the blood of Jesus, kind of gal!

Because of Him,

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