Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness, Crackberries and a New Way of Life

Hello all! I was dying to get on and say hello, but I had no clue what I would share. Then as my completely ADORABLE hubs kept yelling at the television, I at least knew how I could get started. Even Snick got a harsh word (which never happens) because she was whining for her ball during a VERY important overtime. My man pays NO attention (or at least none that I am aware of) to basketball until March Madness and then I catch him chasing a television everywhere we go. Today I awoke from the mandatory Sunday nap to a husband who was trying to quietly cheer. Now he is making comments about going after some one's mama. It really is an odd phenomenon this March Madness thing! I mean HOW MANY PLAYOFF GAMES DO YOU REALLY NEED? Even though it drives me a bit crazy, it is still attractive and manly all the same!

Ok, on to Crackberries. We are the new and very proud owners of two fine Blackberry Curves (I think). I have ALWAYS made fun of stay-at-home moms with a "smart phone". My biggest thing on the books this week is a Birthday Party at Chick-fil-a which I can promise you I will NOT be forgetting, but now I have a fancy phone to remind me all the same. Jeremy has taught me all that I know, but I still haven't managed to let go of my paper calendar. I told him it was just too much change all at once. I need to take it slow. But now, if I need to get ahold of you, I don't have to wait until I am at home with my WIRELESS, I can email you (instead of texting you) from my car. Again, makes no sense what-so-ever, but J sold me when he told me that mine would be purple (not to mention that it wouldn't cost us any more per month). Actually, that my friend is the weird part! Men watch March Madness, women buy phones because they are purple!

And moving right along, finally, to something that may resemble a point. A new way of life. This may be a bit dramatic and a total contradiction to my last paragraph, but I have had to organize my life a little more. I love the entire concept of time management, but because of my mostly home, mostly free time schedule, I am finding that I am not being a good steward of my time. So the new way of life consists of small things, but big to me. It first began with the whole couponing thing. I kept saying I didn't have time to do that, but I DO! It IS going to save our family money, but it does take time and planning. I have had to set up a little more of a weekly schedule (doing a few certain things each day) just so I don't wake up on Wednesday when I have to work and need to clean the house, plan the meals, clip the coupons, go to work and the grocery all in one day. I get super pumped when I know I am operating at an optimum level and yes, although I still make jokes, I do not take lightly my job to run this household like a well oiled machine. I always think about it like my man is the boss and I am the manager and I always have liked to be the best I could be at whatever role I was assigned. is coupon cutting, meal planning, bill organizing, and maybe even an hour of at home work after Cross hits the hay!

I guess with all that said I should actually exit blog world and get to work. I like starting the week off right! You guys have an awesome week as well. I pray you got filled up with some great Jesus this a.m. and are ready to go out and conquer this hard life until the day listed below is revealed! We are servants on earth and I want to serve well, how bout you? And if your man is following a basketball everywhere he goes, know that you are in good company and at least in theory, it is half way OVER!!!


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Rob and Delilah said...

Can't a wife be the one yelling at the television over basketball too? ;) Maybe this makes my life doubly hard to prioritize, having to watch all these games, get all riled up and still coupon cut, plan meals, clean house, etc. Whew! :)