Friday, April 23, 2010

Say booooooooooooooooo

Good Morning Everyone! This a.m. as I was having a full out Jesus party in my car, I thought to myself, if I go home at 7 a.m. and wake my husband with my super peppy God story he is certain to think "my wife is a bit much"! So, I decided instead I would share with you who are already fully aware that "I AM A BIT MUCH"! Sometimes God gives you great Jesus days, but not always. Sometimes you have to put one foot in front of the other and keep truckin and then out of no where comes a full on Jesus party that brings more joy to your life than all of your desired circumstances being fulfilled combined. I promise to get online this weekend and share a bit more about some personal issues we have been dealing with regarding getting pregnant again. It is a super long story so for now I am just going to share with you the awesome God morning and save the rest for later.

Ok, so last year a friend of mine and I started biking in the mornings, like super early in the mornings. I hated it at first (as with all exercise I am sure) but I grew to love it. I loved the sun beaming down, the wind blowing on my face as I went down hill, even the feeling of accomplishment when you couldn't walk because you had worked your legs so hard. Well, winter came so that party was over and even though the weather has gotten much warmer here, I don't have a bike of my own and my friend was doing something else to workout so we hadn't gotten back together for our early a.m. fun. BUT THIS MORNING, God knew exactly what I would need. This morning marked another month that I am for sure not pregnant but when we got back on those bikes, God gave me more joy than I could hardly bare. So much joy that once again, I am a bit much but I am so thankful HE IS ALWAYS a bit more!!

Ok, so on with the story: I always get back in the car after riding bikes and open the sunroof. It is like I become addicted to the outdoors and I can't go back. Then I blaired the music because that is a requirement if your sunroof is open. Remember that song that I told you I loved from Switchfoot, "A Mess of Me" SURE ENOUGH it came on the second I pulled out of her driveway. Then I went and got gas (I had to turn the radio down at that point because it was 6:35 a.m. and as I pulled into Kroger I realized I was the only human on earth that was wide awake and happy). Then I started recalling a dream the Lord put in my heart years and years ago about being a soccer mom and hauling all the neighborhood kids around in my suburban (then, minivan now) and rolling down all the windows and singing to the top of our lungs. During this current season we have a toddler, so I decided I would just go ahead and practice. I popped in none other than my ALL TIME FAVORITE, Veggie Tales. Now as if you need a reason to go to Chick-fil-a (EVER) they are currently putting CDs of Veggie Tales songs in their kid's meals. People, does it really get any better than that, amazing food, super clean play area, someone who walks around refilling your drink and taking your tray AND Veggie Tales?? Ok, where was I? Oh yes, there is a song on one of those CDs that is for certain a poetic masterpiece of this day so I just had to get on and share. I haven't even checked yet, but something tells me youtube will deliver!
But my prayer (and my point thank goodness I am sure some of your are screaming) is this, that somehow in my miscellaneous rambling you will see that the joy of the Lord is not always evident in my life nor in my reality, but that when it is, it is because He is real and alive and active in my everyday going and coming. He didn't give me a baby this a.m., but He did give me a bike ride and a Switchfoot song and if you even dare say the word coincidence in my presence over this you better for sure expect a swift smack. No, He didn't dump a home in my lap or a million dollars in my savings, but He did give someone the words to that "Say Boo" song that almost made me laugh so hard that I could have wrecked the car. No, He didn't speak to me in a booming voice or even a small whisper this a.m., but He did give me hope of a future that I am certain I am not even going to believe He had written just for me. So where ever you are this April weekend in life, "say boooooo"! Dance a bit in your car! Act very immature in front of your children (in a good way, not in an M and M moment kind of way) and open that sunroof or sing that ridiculous song so loud that Kroger and everyone else watching or not thinks you may have lost your ever loving mind! He is going to reign in your circumstances, but as for now, just allow Him to reign in your day!

I love you JESUS!

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