Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obvious calling..........

Hello friends and family! I sit here at another hotel, finally getting to catch up with everyone. After an awesome and crazzzzzzzzzzy trip home, I am now enjoying some much needed family time with my mom and nephew at Virgina Beach with the oh so glorious wireless internet. I wanted to share with you guys an amazing event that took place over the weekend. My husband performed his first wedding. To be honest, I really hadn't given it much thought until the event was approaching and Jeremy had asked me to seriously pray for him. Of course he was nervous, but he reminded me that this wasn't just a random speaking event, this was someone's wedding. Not exactly what you want to mess up. Once he put it like that my nerves got involved. I asked everyone I knew to pray. I tried to be a sweet wife and do everything in my power to build him up and have grace for him (a/k/a not nagging the crap out of him) as the day and hour approached. I sat in the back just in case I had to rush sleeping Cross out the back door. Jeremy's parents had so graciously offered to take Cross out but I was so nervous he would distract his daddy I just couldn't walk away. I had to sit on my feet because I am so short I could hardly see. I smiled intently to let him know his wife was there and proud of her man. And then it happened, my husband opened his mouth and made me (and his momma) the proudest woman in the whole entire world. My husband officated that wedding like it was an every weekend occasion. You would have NEVER known it was his first, that he was nervous, that he hasn't been a "preacher" for years. It was like being married to someone who was an Olompic swimmer yet never having seen them swim, heck, them never have swam, period. That is how it works with Jesus. People we have GOT to find our God given calling because when we do, those who love you most will stand in amazement as you do what you were LITERALLY born/created to do. Jeremy would humbly say "it went good" but I can say IT WENT AWESOME. Our pastor said you can never "brag" too much on your husband, but I know he would boast in Jesus and in Jesus alone. I know it is not Jeremy's stregth, I know it was Jesus, but I can say Jeremy has been obedient, he has gotten in the Word for years and searched God's call for his life. He has gotten SO far out of his comfort zone it isn't even funny. He wants to do WHATEVER God calls him to do and God is showing me that He equips the call! Are you doing something with your life that is outside of yourself, yet plainly your "success" is coming from the Lord. If not, start searching. You could be missing an equipping that will blow even you away! I think if even half of Christians really did what God wants them to do with their lives we could change the world. Don't settle for safe, don't settle for "it pays the bills", don't settle for comfort and security. Settle only for the radical call God has on your life and women, don't let your man settle either. I may not have "stuff", a fancy house and a fat daddy retirement account but I just watched my man do what he was born to do and that is truly priceless!!! Love you all!

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