Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Thoughts...........

Hello everyone! I wanted to write one last time before we leave town to attend Big Stuf in Daytona Beach, Florida, with 15 High School Students and 5 Hungry Adults. I am so thankful for all of your prayers and please, please keep them up. I want to share with you how much I have been overwhelmed by God these past two week. A few weeks back a dear friend kept telling me that the Lord was just blowing her away, that He was showing her things daily, that she was seeing prayers answered and hearing His will for her life and even her day. I, personally, wasn’t so much feeling that same presence. I was in the middle of a super busy season, traveling lots and just trying to stay afloat. I even caught myself wanting to talk to her just to “feel” God’s presence, knowing that I had that same Holy Spirit living in me, but just desiring so much to feel its realness. One night I cried out to the Lord, “I can’t feel You” and I heard Him so softly speak to my heart and say, “This is just a small season, you will get back, get still, get in the Word and I will be right there waiting.” WOW, was He ever right. I have been home now almost nonstop for 2 weeks and I can feel the presence of the Lord so thick that I can hardly get enough. I have purposely said, no, no, no to play dates, trips to the beach, TV, scrap booking, all kinds of fun things, initially to give Cross some normalcy before the next “storm” of travel but through that setting myself up for the greatest alone time with my Savior that I have experienced in some time. I don’t know what next week holds. I can hardly wait to see my sweet baby boy strapped to his Daddy’s chest while my husband raises his hands in worship. I hope Cross mimics him and that I see Jesus dancing in Cross’ eyes. I can’t wait to see these teenagers come alive in their faith to the point that they couldn’t care LESS who was watching. I can’t wait for sins to be left in Daytona, not daring to return to this town. I pray that I personally hear God louder and more clear than I have ever experienced in my entire life. Throughout these past few weeks, there has been one reoccurring theme in my Bible Study, on my IPod, in my spirit and in my songs………. MORE! I want more of Him. I want more of His Spirit. I want to know more of His will, hear more of His voice, and to understand more of my calling. For once, the annoying, more, more, more is 110% fully acceptable, heck, even encouraged! As I type I know many of you on the other side of cyberspace are in a yucky season of life. I know husbands are gone, I know hearts are broken, I know marriages are rocky, I know sin is prevalent, I know children are astray, I know life is overwhelming, I know diapers are multiplying, I know addictions are lingering, I know jobs are up in the air, I know salvation seems to be the only part of Jesus you are feeling. Well, please allow me to encourage you to set aside a few weeks and say no to a lot of “stuff”. Sure there are some things you HAVE to do. I had to change many diapers, feed many bottles and even cook a few meals but the other stuff really is a choice. Get still day in and day out and ask God for MORE. He wants to fill you to the point that all else is truly a loss. I love you guys and I couldn’t think of a better sacrifice for us to make to our Savior than our sweet, precious time! Fight hard friends, fight for that time with God, fight to get those kids down, fight to turn that television OFF, fight to say no to the ever so popular extracurricular and say YES to the one who really will make life worth living! I covet your prayers for the upcoming week and please know that by name, if I know you are reading, I am praying for YOU!

HB (Heaven Bound has become my new nickname from some friends who are worried with my lingering obsession, I love you guys, just would rather go),

P.S. Please check out the hubby's blog for some specific prayer requests for next week! He makes me so proud to say the LEAST! Also, I promise cute pictures to come from the trip!

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