Saturday, August 2, 2008

I saw Jesus.......

Ok readers, I have been dying to write you all week. I was unplugged which was really a blessing because my focus remained pure not counting the fact that I had plenty to look after, but I desperately wanted you guys to share what I was experiencing. As I begin this blog I am forcing myself to only tell you the major highlights because I could literally type for hours and although you guys have hung with me through some rather long posts, this could potentially put you over the edge so here goes. Do know ahead of time our main prayer was 110% answered; we didn’t come back the same by any stretch of the imagination. I think the coolest part was the fact that we aren’t the same because of some spiritual high we had at “camp” but rather the fact that we came face to face with the Savior of our Universe and He did emergency surgery on all of our souls that can never, ever be reversed! I love you all and I am perfectly humbled by all of your prayers that were beyond answered by our Savior with an ever so incredible YES!!!!!!!!!

I saw Jesus………..

This week I experienced Jesus like I have never before experienced Him and here are just a few of the ways….(I just realized these were all from the last night, I think He did save the best for last!)

1. A teen boy who was so handsome and well dressed had snuck to the back of the arena. (My assumption was to get away from his friends to truly worship, sometimes even our Christian friends can be a huge distraction.) I watched that boy sing to his Savior for hours. Sometimes his hand reached up so high in the air that he was on his tip toes to reach higher. Other times he was flat on his face in reverence and awe of the One he loved. Still other times he literally danced all over the back as he shouted for joy! There were 3,000 kids there worshipping, but this guy I do believe made God (and certainly me) smile the most.

2. I watched as our teens each individually had convictions, had encounters, and had face to face realities with something they had mostly only “heard” about all of their lives. I am certain they will never be the same. One of the girls ran over and threw her arms around me at the end of the night and said, “thank you so much for bringing us here”. Do you know how many times satan told me this was so too much trouble for a camp. SHUT UP SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

3. I listened as the speakers brought the most amazing messages I do believe I have ever heard and fashioned them in a way that these students could totally relate. My favorite (and everyone else’s) was one where Francis Chan came on stage and said that he didn’t know what he was going to speak on until the Spirit had just revealed it to him. Then he brought THE MOST AMAZING message ever on Matthew 25 and stopped at the very end and asked us to hold on as he walked to the back of the stage and prayed about how to close it and then he brought THE MOST AMAZING landing that I have ever heard. Those 5 minutes were one’s that challenged us all to think totally different. I just saw so much fruit from the Holy Spirit.

4. Finally, and I have no idea how I can write this to the point that you will get the full mental picture but I am determined to try. I had enjoyed the experience of worshiping in the back almost the entire time because of Cross which was a huge blessing and freedom. At the very end a sweet student of ours had volunteered to hold Cross to allow me to go up and worship with Jeremy. They had been sitting so close that I felt like I could almost touch the stage, especially after being so far back. There came a part of this one song when they blacked out the stage except for this one light that made a shadow and the music stopped except for one guitar and the audience kept singing but it was still a VERY intense moment in the song, like the climax of the song and I watched the drummer shoooooot up out of his seat like a rocket and throw his hands up in the air to praise his Savior. It was like he had been contained for hours by his “call” and he couldn’t take it any more, he had to worship his King! That picture will be forever imprinted into my mind as pure worship………….

So, we are home, it is noon and Cross literally JUST woke up. He was the greatest trooper of all but I am certain he may need to sleep nonstop for the next few days. At one point I noticed my ears were ringing and I thought, oh no, I hope Cross’ ears are okay and then I decided if that was the last noise he heard he may just be better for it. My final wow moment (and then I promise to close) was when God did something just for me. I am sure others felt the same but I knew it was as personal of a gift as any one romantic Being could orchestrate. It only compared to one other time in my life as a huge gift just for little ol’ me. It was the last night and they had just done like an hour of worship before the speaker came on and the band was walking off and I know we were all begging for more in our Spirits but I sat ready to soak in some teaching. At that second I heard a few strokes of the keys to a song I had just recently fallen in love with and I knew that God was saying not that He had read my mind, but that He had written my mind. They played my absolute favorite worship song and they played it loud, full of power and thankfully even a few repeat choruses that were icing on my overflowing cake. I felt like we were all flip top heads that had opened up and been filled to the point that we would over flow for years to come by that Spirit filling power. It was the furthest thing from “church” and was it ever so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! So this is the new me………..only by His ginormous grace because stuff like this just could never happen in my power, I have had irreversible heart surgery and can never go back. I only thought I wanted more……….now I am on a maddening pursuit for it! Below is a little taste of the last song. Many of you have seen it before. If there has ever been a song written by the Holy Spirit, this my friends is it, I love you all, please come with me to this place, there is nothing on earth that can compare!


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