Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heart check for us all............

My desire is to have one goal in life, to reach others with the life changing, eternity securing message of Jesus Christ. Any discipleship that the Lord has allowed me to serve you through this blog is only to make your life more victorious and inviting enough so that you can go out and win others to Christ. I must confess that so often I desire for you to have an awesome life that I lose focus on an "others centered" a/k/a Christ centered calling that the Bible mandates. I have been challenged this week by the Holy Spirit to stop encouraging you to follow Jesus for your own good, rather so that you can rush to win people to Christ. I am going to walk away from this blog for while for you and for me. I need to have a heart check and stop loving you all by desiring you to have an "awesome" life with no trials, dysfunction, sadness, bitterness, brokenness, and the blessing of financial security. NO, my desire for you really needs to be one thing, to stop buying into a meaningless life of comfort and to quickly win others to Christ because the days really are numbered. I am attaching another Pod Cast and any day that a thought crosses your mind to "check the Bullocks blog", my prayer is that you will ask yourself have I even finished the last assignment. Start here and then infiltrate yourself with anything this guy says because he gets it and then let's all put our faces on the ground and cry out in repentance for making life all about us and ask God what He would have us change.

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Christ Centered Relationships Part 1

Thinking Differently,

**I feel I need to add this, I try to write every single blog as God leads, even the fun ones, but this is by far the most Spirit led one I have posted. I was writing furiously on a scratch paper in church on Sunday so if you have ever wanted a word from the Lord, here it is and please don't shoot the messenger!

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Beverly said...

After reading my darling daughter-in-law's message, if you want to add to your "assignment," read Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by our relentless God... BB