Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knocked off my throne yet again

Hello everyone, it's Princess Kelly. I wish I could some how record Cross screaming right now so that as you read you could hear the same lovely background noise as I have while I am typing. I keep getting up and giving him his passy and grabbing a bite size Dark Chocolate Milky Way on the way back to the bed. I figure that is better than a BudLight or a Marlboro Light. I am sure you are wondering why I am blogging, well it is honestly an attempt at staying sane. It all started, well technically the day I was born and the world refused to revolve around me, but in this instance it started with an awesome week at the beach with my mom and nephew. There was only one tiny piece missing. My husband. He is 110% necessary for these adventures because 1. he has muscles that are much needed for loading and unloading and 2. he is an awesome daddy so I need his help with Cross. DUH Ok, so after I have loaded and unloaded 200 tons of baby supplies, the weather isn't even good. We keep getting rained on when we go to the beach. Then the passy ordeal started. First we got drenched by a huge wave that came way up on the shore and took green passy to the fishies. No worry, we had a blue back up which also got lost as we rushed out of the rain. SO, I took Cross who was starting to melt (a hotel room did not need to be his first nap without a passy) and we went to the store where I ran into a stack of drinks that were in the middle of the isle because I can't see over the cart with his seat. I get to the passy section and wouldn't you know it, they didn't have our kind. (and no, a passy is not a passy, we needed our brand) I took what they had and right there in the store took it out of the package and without not so much as a swipe on my shirt popped it right in his mouth. Then I had to ask a lady in the parking lot to move her car so I could actually get Cross back in the car. In the hallway right outside our room Cross drops the passy on the YUCKY floor (my standards have now risen) so I carry him in to the pack-n-play for his much needed nap, walk back out into the hall, wash the passy and by the time I get back to the bed he is SOUND ASLEEP with no passy. I literally shoved it in his mouth as if to say (in my most mature mom voice) you are taking this stinking passy. SO, we are good, right. NOPE 30 minutes later we are screaming. I am eating chips and Milky Ways like they are Valium (I wish) and asking God why on earth He hasn't gotten the memo that I AM A PRINCESS who doesn't do all of these exhausting tasks called life!

Searching for her throne,

P.S. I totally forgot to mention the flat tire on the luggage cart, our tent flying away by the ocean and Cross plunging face first in the sand, and then the straw that broke the camel's back, I found blue passy later that evening in his bottle holder! Starving kids in Africa, friend waiting on results that could possibly end in incureable cancer, I plainly have it rough! YUCK

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Susan Wyatt said...

I love it. Isn't it funny how you wake up with no reason to think it will be one of those days and low and behold it is!

Freddy T. has been out of town and Monday Jack was out of control. It's almost like Daddy is gone lets give Mommy a run for her money, anyway, later that night I was talking to Freddy and he was saying how much he missed Jack. I asked if Jack was to young to fly alone because I'd book a flight from Nashville to Chattanooga and have him there in no time! Of course I was just kidding. All this to say I understand. Hopefully tonight Mr. Cross will sleep like a rock and you'll get to go in and see how precious he really is laying there so peacefully in the bed. Even after a hard day, it melts my heart to see him sleeping in his bed.

It's always good to hear from you guys. Just discovered your blog the other day.